Wednesday, March 31, 2010


???? This is the question! Recently, I find that I am becoming more and more forgetful. Am I heading for the genetic Alzheimer or is it just another  increasing senior moment. Oops am I a senior? I haven't come to terms with that thought because I just can't bring myself to park in the senior parking or request the senior discount at the movies and restaurants.  In my children's eyes I can't be a senior; they still think that I have nothing more important to do than just drop what I am doing. Hey, wait they don't think I have anything to drop. My calendar is totally empty and I do nothing but sit around watching Soaps and throwing chocolate kisses into my mouth and waiting for them to call and talk to me. Well, I must admit that I do pop chocolate kisses in my mouth while I wait for them to call me. I can just picture myself in a old folks home looking out the window waiting for someone to come and visit me; maybe that is coming sooner than I think.
I always look so forward to having our children come to see us and it is so awesome to have great children and even greater grandchildren. In fact if I had to vote between children and grandchildren as a favorite; the grandchildren would win hands down. The truth is raising adult children is the hardest work that I think we will ever do. I can't wait until they are at this stage and hopefully if I am a live and 90 by then; I can smile when they tell me about all of their adult children struggles. It should make for some interesting and thought provoking moments on what life is really like in the life of a senior.
I do often wish that my children and grandchildren lived closer to me and actually feel extreme envy that many of my friends have that blessing. This is the truth!!!! I love them all and wish that they could live next door. Wow, did I really just write that?? Is this another senior moment?
Today, I was looking at my over scheduled calendar and discovered that on March 24th I actually put in a note "Shop for Nothing"; where did that come from? I looked to see if I actually spelled nothing or did it mean something else. I ask my daughter Amber if she could decipher and she just laughed.
Now for the prime example of the thought; am I losing it? Monday, I got up at my usual time to fix my husband his breakfast and lunch. Breakfast consists of a bowl of cereal taken into him while he gets dressed.I went back into the kitchen to complete his lunch and on reentering our bedroom; he asked me if I thought he could eat his breakfast with?? OMG! I had served his cold cereal with a butter knife. I know I slept good; so what's with that. How long can I get away with the thought that my life is so busy that I don't have time to find the thought I was thinking.

Monday, March 29, 2010


Many years ago I read a book called Sidetracked Home Executives - from Pig Pen to Paradise. This book was a how to clean your home using a system that would keep it clean all of the time by dividing up the chores and spreading them over the day, week, month, 3 month, six month and year. It also had a system for Christmas shopping in mini shopping moments through the year starting right after the holidays. The system worked beautifully and I was able to assign my children various jobs which helped a lot. It was a fun system and it did work well when used. I enjoyed it so much that I taught a variation of it in different wards in the area we lived in. One day my home was in disarray because I hadn't completed any of the chores I needed to do for the day due to putting the lesson together. As I was leaving the home; my dear hubby said; "Oh, so you are going out again to teach the sisters how to be just as disorganized as you are." He said it in jest; but it was true. 
Being a side tracked home executive really describes how I function on a daily basis. I do love the title it does sounds so professional. Friday, was a sidetracked day. I planned to clean my house but as I started in one room; I would go to another room to get something and then I would stop and start another project in that room. The best was when I went into the piano room and decided to practise the piano that I had not touched for a few months. By the end of the day I hadn't accomplished very much of what I really needed to get done. When my husband came home I told him that I had a sidetracked day; his comment back was it looked more like I had become derailed; oh, so true again.
If I listed all of the projects that I have to complete; I need to live to be a hundred to accomplish it all. It will take 200 years if I continue to be sidetracked. I keep wanting to be more organized; but the truth is that I think I am getting worse with the sidetracked side of my personality. I also used to be able to mulitask a little bit better. There were times when I could actually listen to my dear hubby telling me some experience that he had during the day and at the same time be reading something and actually remember what he had said and what I had read. I am finding this is impossible now.
So the question is how do I organize myself when I am a true Sidetracked Home Executive?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Roger and I had a very wonderful Sabbath Day on Sunday, March 21, 2010. The Sacrament meeting messages were inspiring. Since General Conference is on Easter; the talks were directed to the Atonement and Ressurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ.
 One of the Brethren gave an emotional discription of the final hours of the Savior written by Elder Bruce R. McConkie. Although we can't fatham what our dear Savior did for us in the Garden of Gethesemane when he shed his blood for us with the weight of a world and worlds full of sin upon his shoulders. No one there to comfort him. Even our Father and Heaven withdrew during some of those final moments. Finally, an angel sent from the Heavenly Courts; perhaps even Michael (Adam) sent to give him the strength needed to finish the course. Following that transident experience he then went forward into the experience of the trial, beatings, crown of thrones, carrying of the cross to Calvery, the riducule and abuse by those he loved and then the nailing to the cross; first the nail in his hands and then the more secure nail in his wrists. His body placed in an painful postion with his feet nailed to the cross. What anguish he experienced just for us. What pure love he has for all of his brothers and sisters; for each of us who have been born into this world. Our Heavenly Father and Brother Jesus Christ want us to return to them; if we but accept the gospel and live the principles that we are taught through scriptures, and the prophets through the ages. Repent, endure, and run the course with his help we can do this.
The next message was on the Ressurection and what a blessing that will be for all who have lived in this world. We will live again because of the love and devotion of our Savior, Jesus Christ.
Later in the afternoon I had a wonderful visit with my two aunts. Aunt Della is 96 years old. I have been visiting her frequently and am currently working on her life history. She is so delightful. She is almost totally blind; but lives alone in a Condo and is able to take care of herself. She goes to the Senior Citizen Center everyday during the week. She is a member of the church; but has not been active for many years. She smoked until she was 89 years old. She listens to novel tapes when she is home to pass the time. Her husband and her were in the Mason organization. We have had many gospel discussions. I believe that she knows the church is true and she has given me permission to do her temple work. As I child I really did not know her very well. Since losing my own mother she has taken that place in my heart in a way. She is always so happy and is a very good listener when I need one.
Aunt Alene is my other aunt who will be turning 90 this year. She too is a jewel. I grew up being around her and her family. I have so many fond memories of visits to her home and playing with her children. I felt very close to her and have always enjoyed being around her. She has always been active in the church; even though her husband was not. My Uncle Kirtley finally changed and became active and  took her to the temple when they were in their 70's. A few years after he passed a way she remarried and lives in Richfield, Utah. It was so fun to visit with them on Sunday and to hear more  stories from their lives. I love the different perspectives that they share about how they viewed their lives growing up. I completed my mother's history before she died; so it is even more fun to hear the different views. These two aunts are so precious to me and have enriched my life more than I can even express. They have lived good lives and learned much and I appreciate their wisdom and advice.

Aunt Della Moorhead and Aunt Alene Tuft
In the evening Roger and I spent some time studying the scriptures and reading other good works. It was a perfect day Sabbath day.

Roger, with Suzy and Sammy enjoying a relaxing moment reading.

Friday, March 19, 2010


 Jordan River Temple

Lately the temple has been such a source of comfort for me in the struggles of life. Yesterday I attended the temple with 6 sisters from our ward. We try to do this weekly; it is a  highlight in my week. During the session I tried to keep focused on the individual that I am doing the work for. I often pray that they will accept the work done that day for them. In the Celestial Room I paused for a moment or two to pray about some deep concerns that I have. There is so much peace therein. I have on more than one occasion had spiritual experiences occur while there.
My husband and I have been studying more on the symbols of the temple which are many. There is always something to learn while in that sacred environment.
Here are two favorite quotes:
" I promise you that all who faithfully attend to temple work will be blessed beyond measure. Your families will draw closer to the Lord. Unseen Angels will watch over your loved ones when Satanic forces tempt them. The veil will be thin and great spiritual experiences will distill upon the people.
- Elder Vaughan J. Featherstone
"Sometimes our minds are so beset with problems and there are so many things clamoring for attention at once that we just cannot think clearly and see clearly. At the temple the dust of distraction seems to settle out, the fog and the haze seem to lift and we can see things that we were not able to see before and find a way through our troubles that we had not previously known. 
- Pres. Gordon B. Hinckley

Sunday, March 14, 2010


"Happiness in family life is most likely to be achieved when founded upon the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ. Successful marriages and families are established and maintained on principles of faith, prayer, repentance, forgiveness, respect, love, compassion, work, and wholesome recreational activities. " - The Family: A Proclamation to the World.

I remember an address given during the Chapel meeting last year before our Stake Temple Session. During the chapel meeting our Stake President talked about our homes being an extension of the temple. I pondered on this thought and my desire through the years to have that kind of home. Our homes should indeed be a extension of the temple A favorite memory jumped into view of an experience I had many years ago in the Oakland Temple.
First, how many of you sisters out there dislike Mother's day because you go on guilt trips that you have not been the perfect mother that you thought you should be. Can you relate to a moment in time when you were impatient with the children. Perhaps, they weren't listening to you, they did not obey a request, got into something and made a mess. The list is endless and frequent at least in my memory. You have a moment where you didn't like how you acted; you actually raised your voice in the middle of the chaos and this probably happened more often than not. You had always pictured that you would enjoy every moment of motherhood and that your home would be peaceful. I know, I know; I was living in a dream world at that time.
This is the memory; "a moment at the temple." Our home was often full of chaos and didn't reflect in any way the peace found in the temple. I longed for that peace. Roger and I at this time had 5 children and the youngest was just an infant. A couple in our ward had invited us to their temple sealing at the Oakland Temple. When we arrived we had our baby with us and she needed to be fed. I went into the temple and was instructed that I could go into the nursery and when it was time for the sealing the sisters would watch the baby for me while I attended. As I peacefully nursed our baby; I observed the sisters go to and fro helping and caring tenderly for the children that were in the nursery. There was a wide range of ages. Many different activities were going on. One sister was helping an older youth choose clothing to wear at a sealing. Another sister was helping prevent a fight between two young siblings. Other children were being read too.  A couple of children were playing quietly. One of the younger children was crying and a sweet worker was trying to calm the child down. All of a sudden, I just felt at home; my home was  at least an extension of the temple nursery. I felt a warm wave of peace sweep over me when I realized that yes I was not a perfect mother; but I loved my children and wanted to serve them in patience and love. I wanted my home to be an extension of the temple and perhaps it could be at least be like the temple nursery. These thoughts brought solace to my soul and helped me feel better about my own mothering.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My Beginning Testimony of The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints~

My parents were inactive in our church when I was born. When I was six years old my Dad had a spiritual experience that changed his life. I remember the circumstances of that day. My Dad had taken my older brother and I to a movie; a short time after he became very ill. He left us at the movie and instructed my brother to bring me home. He walked a couple of blocks to a  service station and couldn't go further. Someone there took him home. A Physician came to our home and he was diagnosed with what was called then Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.
My grandfather Ogden was called to come over and give my father a priesthood blessing.  During this blessing my Dad had his whole life go through his mind and he knew that he was not treating his wife and children the way he should. He became better from his illness shortly there after and he made the decision to change his life; thus blessing our lives with the Gospel. I know that this wasn't an easy change for him. He was a chain smoker and almost an alcoholic. At that time he bought one more 5th of Whiskey and then burned his liqueur license. He stopped smoking; cold turkey. Our family then started going back to church. 
A year later my two brothers and I were sealed in the Manti Utah Temple to our parents and thus became an eternal family. I felt deep feelings that day; I knew something important had just happened. Over that year the atmosphere changed in our home. I could feel the difference it was tangible.
My parents through the years became dedicated to going to the temple frequently and they always brought such a sweet spirit back to our home after going there. I felt this spirit and learned to love the temple and had a deep desire to go there someday.
My parents lost some friends over this and even some of our relatives gave him a bad time. He was such a humble, sweet man. They had made their gospel commitment and nothing could ever change that.
When I was nine years old my Dad became a Stake Missionary. He would always practice his missionary discussions by giving the lessons to my mother and me. Thus, I learned much about the church through those lessons. 
One day we took a ride up in the mountains to the old Kimberly mine to just look around. A quick storm arose and the roads became muddy. All of a sudden my Dad's car became stuck in the mud. It was starting to get dark and cold. We were truly stranded in nowhere land. I decided I would go out into the trees and say a prayer to my Heavenly Father. I prayed that we could be blessed to get our car out of the mud. I remembered that the Prophet Joseph Smith had went into a grove of trees and prayed. At that young age I believe that I had faith that I would receive an answer. When I walked back to the car; my Dad was finally able to get the car out of the mud. In my young mind; I knew Heavenly Father heard and answered my prayer that day.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Joy Filled and Tearful Sabbath Day~

Have you every had one of those Sabbath Days were you cry most of the day; because the feelings you have felt are so poignant? This has been my day. It started out by having one of the sweetest testimony meetings. 
One sweet little girl who is 9 years old bore her testimony and said the "I know the Church is True", this little girl does know that. She then proceeded to tell us that she had first felt the spirit of the Holy Ghost when she was about 6 years old; but didn't know what it meant until she was about 8 years old. How beautiful and simple her sweet testimony was. From there it just moved from one tender testimony to another. At the very end my dear husband bore his and told of having a brother come into the temple on Saturday desiring to have an initiatory completed on a family name before the Portuguese session began. It had been a very busy morning with a lot of individuals doing this work; and it seemed impossible to be able to get this completed in time. Roger went in and asked that they do this card right away. When it was completed he brought it out to the brother and with tears in his eyes he said how grateful he was that they could do this for him since this was his fathers work he was completing today. 
Ok, then the next moment was our RS President had an Visiting Teaching Seminar for all the sisters in the ward. It was so spiritual and tears were flowing and we needed more Kleenex. One of the most touching stories was from a Sister who lost her 18 month old son a little over a year ago. His Uncle who was backing his truck out of the drive way ran over him. He was killed instantly. She talked about how grateful she was for her Visiting Teachers and the impact they had on her. They visited often, took her to lunch and to movies and did other things with her along with just listening to her as she grieved over this child through the last several months. She rarely comes to church; but she was truly touched by their caring and love for her.
It didn't end there. I had a very special recommend interview with one of the members of our Stake Presidency. This was so sweet and now I face the prospect of a very big headache.
I love this quote by Sister Marjorie Pay Hinckley, " The only way to get through life is to laugh your way through it. You either have to laugh or cry. I prefer to laugh. Crying gives me a headache." The headache will be worth the moments of this day.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Moment With Daughters Of The Utah Pioneers~

I belong to an organization that meets monthly called the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers. During our meetings we have a lesson on pioneer history. The lesson for this month was on Blacksmith's during the pioneer era. It was an interesting lesson. These men always had a job and were well respected. They made the shoes for horses and oxen, made and repaired wagon wheels, made nails, and anything that required their expertise. These Blacksmith's are kind of like those who care for our automobiles; could we do with out them, of course not. However in today's world they don't have to work in a dirty and very hot environment. I gained a deep respect for them. In the lesson we learned that there was a young woman who was taught by her father to become a blacksmith. I can't understand how a woman would want to have that job especially in that day and age. Just forging the fires would require a great deal of energy and muscle power, let alone the harsh environment.
We also have a personal pioneer history given. The history for this meeting was so interesting. The history was given on Wee Granny Murdock. She was called Wee Granny because she was very short and only weighted about 90 lbs.This early pioneer lived in England and when her husband died at an early age; she was left to raise her eight children, of which two of them died at young ages. She was 67 years old when she and her son John joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter- day saints. 
Her son, his wife and two children left for Utah and came across the plains with some of the early wagon trains. They too suffered greatly and lost their two sons during the travel to Utah.
Wee Granny was finally able to leave England and traveled with her daughter in law's brother, John Steele, his wife and children. They came across the ocean on the ship called the Horizon. Once here in the U.S. they had to travel as far as Iowa City, Iowa where they became part of a group that were using the Perpetual Emigration fund to obtain their handcarts. These were the poorer pioneers that couldn't afford a wagon and oxen to travel in so they pulled the handcarts with their belongings. Wee Granny became very ill and died in Nebraska before they reached the Wyoming mountains a few weeks later. Before she passed away she asked John Steele to tell her Son John that she died with her face towards Zion.
The company that they were traveling with was the ill fated Martin Handcart Company that started to Utah late in the fall and were stranded in the Wyoming mountains due to heavy snow storms. The snow was so deep the wagons could not travel; the winds were so strong their tents would not stay up. They were left opened to the elements, along with there was very little food. Many of them lost their lives and were buried in shallow and common graves. The dirt was too frozen to bury them deep in graves. Many years later people who returned to these areas could not find any evidence of their grave sites. The thoughts are that animals got to them. There is now a memorial for them in a place called Martin Cove, Wyoming.
President David O. McKay recounted the testimony of one of the survivors of the ill-fated Martin Handcart Company who said, "We suffered beyond anything you can imagine and many died of exposure and starvation, but...[we] came through with the absolute knowledge that God lives for we became acquainted with Him in our extremities."
  Last fall my husband and I visited Martin Cove. This was a very spiritual experience for both of us. There is beyond doubt a special spirit there and we were deeply touched by this moment.
There are so many heartfelt stories of the courage and faith of the pioneers. I have many histories of my own ancestors who gave their all to the cause of Zion. Some of their stories I will share in later pages. We have such a great heritage. I too hope that I can always face towards Zion.
Here a couple of pictures that we took while visiting Martin Cove.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Welcome To The World - Jadyn Abby Williams~

Life just gets sweeter. There is nothing more miraculous than to hold your first child in your arms and then come the other miracles into your life. I was blessed with six noble spirits. On February 17th we welcomed our first great grandchild a little baby named Jadyn Abby Williams. She is indeed a gift from Heaven. We relished the few moments of holding her in our arms. She too will get to enjoy the many happy days of earth life and those incredible moments of joy. Just here with her was a moment of joy for me.
Sweet Baby Jadyn and Jessica had a couple of complications after birth. A priesthood blessing and prayers and she is doing well. The following pictures are: 

Mommy Jessica and baby Jadyn
Daddy   Jed and baby Jadyn
Great Grandpa and baby Jadyn
Great Grandma and baby Jadyn


I feel so blessed to have an awesome family. Many of the joys of my life come through moments with my dear eternal companion and our children, grandchildren and our very first great grandchild. We love all of our posterity and feel so blessed to have them in our lives. We believe that families are forever. Our family motto is "No Empty Chairs", We want all of us to be together in the eternities ahead. As with all families we have our own challenges of mortality. There are always ups and downs in life. As I look back on all of those moments of life; we have learned great lessons and have grown in our faith. We have experienced distress and also many moments of joy. Happiness to me can be mine as I seek for it in my life. Joy is a step higher in moments of deep spiritual significance. Joy comes in brief moments of time; but the feelings linger.
Here is a few moments of time with those that I love deeply.


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