Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Roger and I had a very wonderful Sabbath Day on Sunday, March 21, 2010. The Sacrament meeting messages were inspiring. Since General Conference is on Easter; the talks were directed to the Atonement and Ressurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ.
 One of the Brethren gave an emotional discription of the final hours of the Savior written by Elder Bruce R. McConkie. Although we can't fatham what our dear Savior did for us in the Garden of Gethesemane when he shed his blood for us with the weight of a world and worlds full of sin upon his shoulders. No one there to comfort him. Even our Father and Heaven withdrew during some of those final moments. Finally, an angel sent from the Heavenly Courts; perhaps even Michael (Adam) sent to give him the strength needed to finish the course. Following that transident experience he then went forward into the experience of the trial, beatings, crown of thrones, carrying of the cross to Calvery, the riducule and abuse by those he loved and then the nailing to the cross; first the nail in his hands and then the more secure nail in his wrists. His body placed in an painful postion with his feet nailed to the cross. What anguish he experienced just for us. What pure love he has for all of his brothers and sisters; for each of us who have been born into this world. Our Heavenly Father and Brother Jesus Christ want us to return to them; if we but accept the gospel and live the principles that we are taught through scriptures, and the prophets through the ages. Repent, endure, and run the course with his help we can do this.
The next message was on the Ressurection and what a blessing that will be for all who have lived in this world. We will live again because of the love and devotion of our Savior, Jesus Christ.
Later in the afternoon I had a wonderful visit with my two aunts. Aunt Della is 96 years old. I have been visiting her frequently and am currently working on her life history. She is so delightful. She is almost totally blind; but lives alone in a Condo and is able to take care of herself. She goes to the Senior Citizen Center everyday during the week. She is a member of the church; but has not been active for many years. She smoked until she was 89 years old. She listens to novel tapes when she is home to pass the time. Her husband and her were in the Mason organization. We have had many gospel discussions. I believe that she knows the church is true and she has given me permission to do her temple work. As I child I really did not know her very well. Since losing my own mother she has taken that place in my heart in a way. She is always so happy and is a very good listener when I need one.
Aunt Alene is my other aunt who will be turning 90 this year. She too is a jewel. I grew up being around her and her family. I have so many fond memories of visits to her home and playing with her children. I felt very close to her and have always enjoyed being around her. She has always been active in the church; even though her husband was not. My Uncle Kirtley finally changed and became active and  took her to the temple when they were in their 70's. A few years after he passed a way she remarried and lives in Richfield, Utah. It was so fun to visit with them on Sunday and to hear more  stories from their lives. I love the different perspectives that they share about how they viewed their lives growing up. I completed my mother's history before she died; so it is even more fun to hear the different views. These two aunts are so precious to me and have enriched my life more than I can even express. They have lived good lives and learned much and I appreciate their wisdom and advice.

Aunt Della Moorhead and Aunt Alene Tuft
In the evening Roger and I spent some time studying the scriptures and reading other good works. It was a perfect day Sabbath day.

Roger, with Suzy and Sammy enjoying a relaxing moment reading.

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Barb said...

Beautiful post LeAnn! What a wonderful and pure love the Savior has for us - I don't think any of us even comprehend it. I love Easter, it is a perfect time for remembering my commitments and promises and then trying harder each day.

What a nice picture of your aunts. I love that you are so close to them, I'm sure that they love spending time with you. Roger does look so content - so do your cute little dogs.

Have a wonderful week.



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