Monday, March 1, 2010


I feel so blessed to have an awesome family. Many of the joys of my life come through moments with my dear eternal companion and our children, grandchildren and our very first great grandchild. We love all of our posterity and feel so blessed to have them in our lives. We believe that families are forever. Our family motto is "No Empty Chairs", We want all of us to be together in the eternities ahead. As with all families we have our own challenges of mortality. There are always ups and downs in life. As I look back on all of those moments of life; we have learned great lessons and have grown in our faith. We have experienced distress and also many moments of joy. Happiness to me can be mine as I seek for it in my life. Joy is a step higher in moments of deep spiritual significance. Joy comes in brief moments of time; but the feelings linger.
Here is a few moments of time with those that I love deeply.

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Barb said...

Hi LeAnn!

Thank you for sharing the pictures of the kids - they are adorable! Last year we did the Nativity with my family and Karen's family, it was so cute, what fun memories.

I love nothing more than to sit all cozy watching a good Christmas movie, even better if there is a fire in the fireplace and snow falling outside the window....sigh...

I have not even thought about cooking this year, I guess I'm afraid of gaining back every pound I have lost! But, I will do it for posterity if nothing else... :0)

A few years ago, I made the decision to stop sending Christmas cards; I so admire those who still do, I only really send them to those who live out of the country, and I only know two or three of them. I want to just sit down one day with my Christmas list and call everyone, so don't be surprised to get a call from me!

Stay warm, happy baking!

Hugs and Love,


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