Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Simple Woman's Daybook~

Today, May 31st 2012

Outside my window...
Pictures are worth a 1000 words so they say. Note that there are three workers watching other workers. This project is going to take a very long time at this rate.
I am thinking...that my day was planned out until my husband decided to take the day off; which is awesome. My plans were changed in the twinkling of an eye.
I am thankful...that we were not injured last night in an car accident. We were stopped at a red light and as it turned green we started forward and a little white car decided to make a left hand turn through the green light. We stopped to avoid a collision and were rear ended. It totaled our car. The other driver was cited for negligence driving. Luckily, it was the car my husband drives which is old. We had just put about $1000.00 into it and now it is wrecked. and worth nothing. We will get some money from the insurance; I guess to go towards another car. The car still drives OK.
In the sweet husband is making turkey sandwiches for lunch. I made popcorn earlier so I have made several trips back and forth into the kitchen today. It was a craving kind of moment.
I am wearing...I am wearing blue jeans, a white and blue shirt and blue sandals. Light blue is my favorite color.
I am creating...I have been working on my Pintrest site. It will take me a while to figure it all out.
I am going...probably nowhere. We are kind of stuck due to the construction outside. No one informed us that we needed to park on a side street; so now I can't get my car out.
I am wondering...about my children today. It seems they are all having some sort of a struggle. My oldest son has been out of work for 1 1/2 years. He has a few outsourcing jobs that are keeping them going. My next son may be losing his job. Always a mother and always concerned.
I am reading..."Finding Peace Happiness Joy" by Richard J. Scott. This book is very inspirational and helps me recognize more fully how to find peace, happiness and joy in our lives. It is an everyday thing and I know what to do to find it. Having a Christ-centered life is all part of the plan of happiness. Also, I believe I can choose each day to be Happy.
I am I won't have a headache.  I either cough a lot or I have headaches. I have not been coughing much so now it is a daily headache to endure. At least they are not migraine level.
I am looking forward to...the weekend. I always love my shift at the temple and I have been working with some awesome sisters. Being the instructor is really wonderful assignment. It is giving me an opportunity to get to know all of the sisters that work on that shift.

I am be more patient with myself. I always have such a big list of to-do's that I can't seem to get through. I am discovering that I need to choose only a couple of things to accomplish each day; instead of a list of 10 that I don't come close to getting done.
Around the house...I am feeling much better about my house. I recently hired the a teenage girl that lives next door to vacuum and dust for me. Since I hurt my back last year; I am very cautions about what I do. I do not want to feel that pain again. Whenever I try to vaccumn I get a lower backache and sciatic pain down my leg.
I am pondering...on what I have been learning about my husband's parents. I have been typing a history of their missionary experiences in Nigeria and Ghana. This is a oral history taken by the Historical Department of the Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. My father in law, LaMar Williams was set apart by President David O. McKay to be the Presiding Elder of Nigeria. This occurred in 1959 and over the next couple of years he could only visit the country for short periods of time. Their stories are so inspirational. One day while typing this history I became very emotional. The spirit was so strong and the stories so poignant. I hope someday that their history can  be made into a book.
A favorite quote for today..."Resolve to be tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving, and tolerant with the weak and the wrong. Sometime in life you will have been all of these." ~Lloyd Shearer
One of my favorite to sit in my recliner and read my novel. Right now I am continuing with the pioneer series of "Light and Truth" by Darryl Harris. The last few chapters have been about the trial and martyrdom of the Prophet Joseph Smith and his Brother Hyrum Smith. They gave their lives for the gospel of Jesus Christ. This was a highly emotional part of the book.
A few plans for the rest of the week.....Hopefully, my husband will relax a little today. He has a headache; I am sure from the accident last night. On Friday, I need to visit my Aunt Della and take her out some bottled water. Saturday will be filled with the morning Temple shift and then planting some flowers which would be a want and need to do. Sunday of course will be filled with our block of meetings and other Inner City Mission visits.
A peek into my day...I think I want to be like our dog Sammy and just take a rest for the day.

Sammy hanging out in the study~
Sammy sleeping with his bear ~
Sammy watching the workers across the street ~

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Friday, May 25, 2012

The Far Away Kingdoms of Glory by Divine Design~

Far far away in another kingdom dwelled a young spirit daughter of our beloved  Heavenly Father. It was her turn to come to earth. She had heard so much about the beautiful world that Heavenly Father had provided for His spirit children. She was excited to join with other spirit brothers and sisters to come to earth. At this time these spirits would dwell on earth through the winding up scenes of the earth's temporal existence.
She was taught in the courts of the kingdom the true Plan of Happiness. She knew the plan well. She would be coming to earth to gain a body and learn from her life experiences. She had prepared herself to be strong through life's storms that she knew would surely come.
She had already lived amongst those whom she would be with on earth. She already knew who her earthly parents and siblings would be. She already loved a wonderful  spirit son of our Heavenly Father.They had promised to find one another on earth.  She knew that somehow she would meet him again and she would know him.  She would also have her own family while on earth. She had mingled with those spirits that would one day be her posterity.
She was fully aware that a way was provided for her to return to live with her Heavenly Parents again someday. She knew her Elder brother, Jesus Christ had already paved the way for all of her Heavenly Parent's spirit children to return again.
 Her day to be born was coming when she would no longer remember this far away kingdom. She was scared but she felt confident that she could find and follow her Heavenly Father's  plan of salvation; the true plan of happiness.
It was finally her turn on earth. She received counsel and a blessing from her Heavenly Father before she left this realm. Down to earth she went.

She was deeply blessed with wonderful parents who loved and nurtured her.  Her siblings were a struggle at times but they protected and loved her as she loved them. As her journey began and through the years she met many other relatives, loved ones, and friends. She didn't recognize them; but sometimes she could feel that she knew them from some place before. She eventually met her knight in shinning armor. He was all she had dreamed of. They started their future together by being married and sealed in the Temple for Eternity. Wonderful children soon blessed their lives. She and her eternal companion continued on with their time on earth. Life was basically good because she had been taught the Plan of Happiness while on earth. She knew the plan was not going to be easy; she needed to learn so much and she had her agency to make choices. There seemed to be so many decisions to make. She appreciated agency as a wondrous gift from God. She learned about her Savior, Jesus Christ and his life and purpose and she believed and followed him.  
There were many moments of despair; but she learned early to kneel before her Heavenly Father in prayer. There she found  the peace she was seeking. Comfort came from the spirit of the Holy Ghost another priceless gift given to her for this life's  journey. She would often receive warnings by the Spirit that she must make a different choice. Sometime, she made poor choices or didn't listen to the spirit and so she had to repent; these were painful times. She tried very hard to walk with the Savior and do as he would have her do.
She learned that after this life she would go into the Spirit World. She started to lose through the gate of death those she loved so dearly. First her parents and then others followed. She knew the plan and that they were in another dimension on earth called the spirit world. At times she could feel them near; especially her parents.
Wickedness upon the earth increased dramatically. Even some of her beloved family were caught up in wrong choices that left her sad. The signs of Savior's coming were ever present. She had learned that the Redeemer of the world would come to rule and reign on the earth for a thousand years of peace.  Life was very hard during those final days. She prayed to endure to the end and remain true to her covenants of the Temple so that  she could receive exaltation; which was the greatest of all the gifts given. Through this gift  she would be blessed to be in the Celestial Kingdom with all of her posterity that had endured their earth life experiences and remained true to their testimonies of faith in Christ.
She understood that there was three different kingdoms that the people's of the earth would be assigned too. She wanted with all of her heart and soul to make it to the highest of these kingdoms to live forever eternally with those she loved. Their motto on earth was to have "No Empty Chairs". No family members missing were her and her dearest companion's goal.
She learned in 1 Corinthians 15: 40-41; "There are also celestial bodies, and bodies terrestrial: but the glory of the celestial is one and the glory of the terrestrial is another. There is one glory of the sun, and another glory of the moon, and another glory of the stars: for one star differeth from another star in glory."
While Jesus was on the earth he had taught us that there are "many mansions" in heaven:
"In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. (John 14:2) 
There are Three Heavenly Kingdoms -
This plan of Salvation as taught in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is as follows. "There are three heavenly kingdoms or three degrees of glory: "the Celestial, the Terrestrial, and the Telestial. "These kingdoms are for all the people of this earth except for the Sons of Perdition who will go to Outer Darkness or Hell..... Entrance to each kingdom depends on a person's worthiness and his adherence to the commandments of God and the ordinances He has prescribed. Since God is the ultimate judge, all people will be judged fairly and aware of the kingdom where they will be most happy and comfortable." (As found in Mormon Wiki under Celestial, Terrestrial, and Telestial Kingdoms) 

She dreamed of going to this highest kingdom. What would it be like? she couldn't even imagine how magnificent this kingdom would be. She wanted to return with her eternal companion to her Father in Heaven clean and pure. She knew that;" the Celestial Kingdom is the highest and most glorious of the degrees of glory and is symbolically represented by the sun. It is this kingdom where God Himself reigns.  Anyone who inherits any degree of glory in the Celestial Kingdom dwells in God's presence." (Mormon Wiki in the article Celestial, Terrestrial, and Telestial Kingdoms)
This is her dream to one day be in the Celestial Kingdom with all of her family.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Friends And Rainbows~

Back Row, Shannon, Judy, Ranae, LeAnn, Danelle, Sheila, Sharon, Joan, Paula, Vickie, Penny~
Front Row, Shauna, Shirley, Joy, Dian, Cicely ~              
What joy friendships bring into our lives. When we moved back to Utah seven years ago; I re-connected with several friends from my High School years. These are sweet women. Many I have known for fifty years or longer. Wow, that thought makes me feel a little old.
Each year we plan a luncheon to revisit memories and share new experiences. We talk and laugh until we can't do it any longer or the restaurant tells us it is time to leave. We update each other with the latest versions of life’s experiences – and yes, with age, there are a few memories of some that have been lost in passing and we honor them together.
What a sweet time in life it is to be with familiar friends. We speak of memories together. Some of which we probably won’t share with our children. Yes, we did a few things that were not “kosher” at that time. We can laugh about them now; and we do a lot of that. And, it’s a time for us to forge new memories as well.
I like the sayings: "Friends are the colors in the rainbow of life" and; "Friends are like rainbows, they're bright, beautiful, and you feel a smile when they appear". Anonymous. I think that’s how I feel whenever I enter a room to greet these special friends of mine.
Here are some pictures from our latest time together.
Shauna and Shannon
 Trudy and Sheila
 Shirley and Judy
 Ranae and Danelle
 Joan, Paula and Cicely
Vickie and Dian
 Sharon and LeAnn
 Joy and Vickie
Yes, new memories were added today like the thoughts below:
  "Let's become little old ladies together-we'll stay up late looking at old pictures, telling "remember when "stories, and laughing till our sides ached.
Let's become eccentric together - the kind of old ladies who take long walks, wear silly hats, and get away with acting outrageous in public places.
And if anybody should ask how long we've been friends, we'll say, "Oh, forever - since before we were born!"
Let's become old ladies together - because a friendship that's as special as ours can only grow better through the years."

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Divine Design - We Will Live Again ~

The Atonement, Crucifixion and Resurrection are the the lock and key to the Great Plan of Happiness which was  designed in the premortal life in the councils of Heaven. Christ volunteered to come to earth to live and be our example to follow. Our Redeemer suffered for all of our sins in Gethemane and on Golgotha, and gave up his life that we might live again. After our sojourn on this earth we will be judged according to our faith in Him and how we lived the principles He taught us. Someday we may return to live with him through His grace, after all we can do to immulate His examples.

Enjoy these two videos.

I bare my own testimony that I know my Redeemer lives. I know he loves us all. I know that I find peace because of my testimony of him. He lives and we will live again.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Mother's Day Thoughts To My Daughters All My Dearest Friends and Loved Ones~


Jenni - Marie
Happy Mother's Day To All My Daughters, Granddaughters and all of you wonderful Mothers out there that are Aunts, Cousins, Sisters and Friends.
Whether you have children or not; women are born to be mothers that nurture and care for children within the span of their influence.
I have six wonderful daughters; three of my own and three that I inherited through marriage to my sons. Each of these lovely young women are fantastic mothers and wives. I have 31 grandchildren that have been born amongst these 6 women. I love them very much and feel so blessed that they follow the Savior and walk with him. 
Dana ( Granddaughter In Law)

Jessica ( Granddaughter In Law
I have also been blessed with two wonderful granddaughters that are married to my grandsons.I have thus added 2 more great grandchildren and three through marriage. I can say that my life has been greatly blessed by my growing posterity. I see my grandchildren as future mothers and fathers. As a Grandmother and Great Grandmother my love for them is overflowing.  
If I were to write a letter to my posterity; I would include many lovely thoughts about each of them and the reasons that I love them. Perhaps, I would take a moment to tell them a few thoughts on life challenges and experiences. Here is my short version of counsel.
First, love your Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ with every fiber of your being. Share your testimony of them often. Share your spiritual experiences that have helped to build your love for them.
Second, love your spouse with all of your heart; in doing so you will teach silently that you  are unified in your parenting. They will also know and feel the love that you have for each other and will want to emulate that love in their own eternal union.
Third, love each of your children and show it frequently by listening to them, loving them, and being patient with them.  
Fourth, hug your children often and tell them that you love them vocally everyday.
Fifth, believe in your children, support them, encourage them, and allow them to make choices so that they might exercise their agency.
Sixth, trust your children and as you do they will generally not betray that trust. I often tell my grandchildren that if they are obedient to their parents; they will have their parent's trust which equals more freedom. Sometimes, this can be a learning process that doesn't always work perfectly. Just be patient as they learn lessons from the consequences of their choices.
Seventh, love and live the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As you serve in the church give your children opportunities to provide service to others. As you serve others in love; your children will learn to be charitable and kind to one another and others. Support your children in the programs of the church. Let them know how important the church is to you and your family.
Eighth, read and study the scriptures, especially the Book of Mormon. I wish that while raising my children, I would have scoured this Book of Mormon for it has all  the answers you would ever, ever need to parent in the Lord's way.
Ninth, pray always because you will need the Lord's help to raise your children especially in these turbulent times.
Tenth, follow the Prophet and Apostles in all they counsel you to do. Always attend or watch General Conference so that your children will see and hear the general authorities. Help them to know what a privilege it is to have a Prophet and twelve Apostles on the earth today.
Eleventh, teach your children the Plan of Happiness. and the help them understand the importance of  partaking of the Sacrament each week in remembrance of our Savior's Atonement. Teach them the principles of repentance and forgiveness.
Twelve, attend the temple often so that your children will know how precious and important your temple covenants are. There is a power in temple attendance that will save your families. Teach them that your Family Is Forever.
I left the most important counsel for last because it is vital.  Find ways to help your children know how to feel, know and recognize the Spirit of the Holy Ghost in their lives. Bare testimony of moments when you have felt the guidance of the spirit. Help them to reach out for the Savior in  times of need. Guide them in this process. Pray for them to be blessed with the spirit in their lives, everyday. The Spirit of the Holy Ghost is the one thing that will help them choose Good over Evil. In the struggling times of today; they will need that guidance. Prayer is the key to open communication to our Heavenly Father, Savior and the Holy Ghost.
I know that we were not perfect in all of these areas as parents. I know that we have learned through the years many life lessons in child rearing. We have learned these lessons line upon line and precept upon precept. Children are a text book of learning for parents. I do know that we tried very hard to be good parents. Being a mother is not easy and we all fall short of our expectation.  However with the wisdom of age, I  know that parenting is  part of the Eternal  plan of our Heavenly Father. Our families are the training ground for greater things to come.In the home environment all of the qualities we want for our children can be developed

May all my daughters know that we love them very much. You are always in our prayers.
On this Mother's Day I wish you to have breakfast in bed, pampering all day and of course feel loved during the Mother's Day Program at church.  Enjoy your plant, card or chocolate that will be given out in Sacrament meeting and other sentiments given to you by your children. I have kept every sweet little homemade gift that has been given to me by my children. They are cherished treasures.  Have a joy filled day to remember.
I am wishing a Happy Mother's Day to my dear mother. Thanks you mother for all you did for me. I always knew you loved me with all your heart. I miss you so much and wish I could have had more moments with you . Thanks for being the wonderful example of service and love to others that you were. Thanks you for your strong and true testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Thanks you for loving the temple and going often. I wish I had appreciated all of your wonderful qualities more
 Take A Moment to Enjoy this beautiful song " She Put the Music In Me by Calee Reed~ This is so sweet!!

Love to you all!
Mom, (Grandma,Great Grandma, Sister and Friend.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Divine Design - "Where Are We Going"~

"What Is This Thing Called Death?

Death is part of the important  Plan of Happiness designed by Our Father In Heaven. Death will come to all; and although I don't look forward to my own death I do know that it is likened unto a birth into the Spirit World. As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints I feel that we have sacred teachings of life and death. We know that it is part of an eternal plan for all.
Some ask where is the Spirit World;  here are some thoughts on this from President Brigham Young: "Where is the Spirit world? It is right here. Do the good and evil spirits go together? Yes, they do. Do they go beyond the boundaries of the organized earth? No, they do not. They are brought forth upon this earth, for the express purpose of inhabiting it to all eternity...Where is the spirit world? It is incorporated within this celestail system. Can you see it with your natural eyes? No. Can you see spirits in this room? No...if the Lord would permit it, you could see the spirits that have departed from this world as plainly as you now see bodies with your natural eyes." (Discourses of Brigham Young).
As a Hospice nurse I had the privledge to comfort those that were dying and provide support to their family members. I had many spiritual experiences that I can say without doubt that I know that at death we pass into a spirit world.
I sat at the bedside of a dear friend one night and heard her conversing with spirits in the room. She was a mother of six children and was dying at the young age of 46 years old. Although I couldn't see who she was talking too; I knew there were spirits present. She argued with them telling them she wasn't ready to come. She wanted to stay with her children. My heart broke for her. She passed a few days later. I was reasurred that night that she was being prepared to go into the Spirit world. I seriously could write a book of many such experiences that strengthened my testimony of Death as a part of the wonderous Plan of Salvation.
I held my dear father's hand as he passed quietly into the Spirit World. I cared for my sweet mother for the last few months of her life. My husband and I needed to travel out of state  to attend a family sealing. I asked my brother to come up and stay with our mom. I knew she was near death. I asked her not to go before I got home. She quietly passed away while we were on the plane flying home. I felt very sad that I wan't there; but I also knew that she wouldn't wait for me once my Dad came to get her.
On the morning of my Mother's funeral I had to give a message. I was really worried about becoming too emotional while giving my thoughts. I was praying that my parents could be there by me to support. I felt them near and that all was well. It was a very spiritual experience for me.
I love this additional thought from President Brigham Young: "We have more friends behind the veil than on this side, and they will hail us more joyfully than you were ever welcomed by your parents and friends in this world, and you will rejoice more when you meet them than you ever rejoiced to see a friend in this life".
Another great quote from President Young: "When we pass into the spirit world, we shall possess a measure of (the Almighty's ) power. Here, we are continually troubled with ills and ailments of various kinds. In the spirit world we are free from all this and enjoy life, glory, and intelligence; and we have the Father to speak to us, Jesus to speak to us, and angels to speak to us -- and we shall enjoy the society of the just and the pure who are in the spirit world until the ressurection."
The title "What Is This Thing Called Death" is a hymn written by President Gordon B. Hinckley and the music by Janice Kapp Perry. This hymn was sang by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir at President Hinckley's funeral. This may take a few moments to come on.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Celebrate Your Life ~

On Tuesday my husband and I attended the funeral of a friend. I have known his wife since 8th grade and my husband has known her since elementary school. We have known him since High School.The service was very lovely and we learned many wonderful things about this friend of ours that we hadn't know before. This funeral was indeed a celebration of his life.
This started me thinking about how we should celebrate our lives while we are alive instead of at a funeral.  I think that there are a few good ways of making our life real and present. How about spending time letting our children know more about us through the years.
I know that I have enjoyed doing family histories. My mother wrote her own life history. A few months before she passed away, I put together her history, a short history written by my father and then added talks they had given, poetry my mother had written and pictures through the years of their life. I also, added pictures and thoughts about each of my siblings and their families. I added ancestor stories from both sides that I had found among their belongings. I loved reading those stories.  As I was doing all this I was amazed at what my parents had accomplished. I lived with them and didn't know many different things about them. In fact I was shocked when I found a picture of a boyfriend of my mothers that she was very serious about. I guess I just thought my Dad was the first. As parents I think we forget to share our life and when we do; it is just little snatches here and there. My Aunts have also shared with me funny stories about my mother while she was growing up. I am so happy that I know more about my parents; but wished I had known many of these experiences before they passed away.
When putting together a history of my husbands parents we found out that they had one night when they met and visited with each other. Then on the next night they had their first real date and he asked her to marry him and she said, yes. He left the next day to go back to work out of state. He came back at Christmas and dated her for three days. Three months later he came back and they drove to Logan, Utah to be married in the Logan Temple. He stated they didn't know each other very well, but they knew the Lord wanted them to get married and they have been happy ever since. The entire family was shocked at this one. They were very strict parents on dating; so we laughed a lot when we read his journal entry and then letters that they had written back and forth to each other.
Those who have been on missions should share their experiences with their children. I am sure this would help encourage them to also want to have missionary experiences.
I know that I haven't shared very much with my children about going through nursing school and then working in the nursing profession. I wouldn't have decided to be a nurse if my own grandmother had not shared her nursing stories with me.
I dare say that my children don't know that I had nursing classes in the old Veterans Hospital in Salt Lake City. Only a couple of floors were used for the school. Here we did our physiology class and studied cadavers along with other classes. A few of my class mates and I would go exploring in this large old building. We played hide and seek in the basement where the morgue was located. It's scary just thinking about it. Yes, a couple of my friends and I dragged State Street a few times looking for some boys to chat with.  Oh my gosh; I'd better be careful I am bringing back some more memories I might not want to share.
Are we afraid that our children might find out we are not perfect; that perhaps our teenage years were rough and we struggled. We know how it feels to be dumped by a boyfriend and have a crisis with  girlfriends.  If they only knew that we have gone through similar experiences that they are having now. Do they know what you felt like as parents and wondered if you were doing a good job too?
 Why do we wait to share our lives with those we love the most. Our life experiences could be a great teaching tool for our family. We all have ups and downs in our lives. We all have tender, sweet, and spiritual moments, too. Just like we are to share our testimonies of the Gospel of Jesus Christ; perhaps we should share more about how we gained those testimonies.
Take the time to share and celebrate your life with those you love. I maintain that in celebrating our lives we will find how greatly blessed we have been. Our life experiences are just what our families may need as they go through their own life struggles and victories. 
Go a head and start celebrating your life by sharing it.
Here are a few thoughts on how to do that:
1.Write your life history. 2. Record your life on a recorder. 3.Create a video of your life.  4. Create a Blog that your children can read about your life.  5. Plan and share your stories at family reunions and other times. 6. Look for teaching moments to share your experiences. 


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