Wednesday, March 31, 2010


???? This is the question! Recently, I find that I am becoming more and more forgetful. Am I heading for the genetic Alzheimer or is it just another  increasing senior moment. Oops am I a senior? I haven't come to terms with that thought because I just can't bring myself to park in the senior parking or request the senior discount at the movies and restaurants.  In my children's eyes I can't be a senior; they still think that I have nothing more important to do than just drop what I am doing. Hey, wait they don't think I have anything to drop. My calendar is totally empty and I do nothing but sit around watching Soaps and throwing chocolate kisses into my mouth and waiting for them to call and talk to me. Well, I must admit that I do pop chocolate kisses in my mouth while I wait for them to call me. I can just picture myself in a old folks home looking out the window waiting for someone to come and visit me; maybe that is coming sooner than I think.
I always look so forward to having our children come to see us and it is so awesome to have great children and even greater grandchildren. In fact if I had to vote between children and grandchildren as a favorite; the grandchildren would win hands down. The truth is raising adult children is the hardest work that I think we will ever do. I can't wait until they are at this stage and hopefully if I am a live and 90 by then; I can smile when they tell me about all of their adult children struggles. It should make for some interesting and thought provoking moments on what life is really like in the life of a senior.
I do often wish that my children and grandchildren lived closer to me and actually feel extreme envy that many of my friends have that blessing. This is the truth!!!! I love them all and wish that they could live next door. Wow, did I really just write that?? Is this another senior moment?
Today, I was looking at my over scheduled calendar and discovered that on March 24th I actually put in a note "Shop for Nothing"; where did that come from? I looked to see if I actually spelled nothing or did it mean something else. I ask my daughter Amber if she could decipher and she just laughed.
Now for the prime example of the thought; am I losing it? Monday, I got up at my usual time to fix my husband his breakfast and lunch. Breakfast consists of a bowl of cereal taken into him while he gets dressed.I went back into the kitchen to complete his lunch and on reentering our bedroom; he asked me if I thought he could eat his breakfast with?? OMG! I had served his cold cereal with a butter knife. I know I slept good; so what's with that. How long can I get away with the thought that my life is so busy that I don't have time to find the thought I was thinking.

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Barb said...

Oh, how funny is this post! I feel exactly the same way - sometimes I think that I just need to check myself into a retirement center and let someone else take care of me! I'm sure a few of those people do eat their cereal with a butter knife! It's so nice to know that I'm not alone.

When will we ever get our children raised? When will we ever not worry about them, even when they are wonderful and doing fine? When will we ever not want to be the "mommy", even to our grandchildren? I hope that day never comes, but I hope that it gets easier . . . thank you for posting, I think it was intended just for me!

Have fun with our sweet children and grandchildren this week . . . give them extra kisses and hugs from me. Have a wonderful and blessed Easter.



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