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Called To Serve~

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 I thought I would answer the question of what do the younger missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints do?? 
The best answer would be to share three letters from my three grandchildren that are now serving a mission in three different areas. They are serving in the following areas; Sacramento, California; Omaha, Nebraska, and Lubbock, Texas. 
I am sharing their latest emails of what they have been doing for the past week.

Our Granddaughter, Sister Sariah Workman last email letter: 

Our Sariah is the cute little blond on the left side in the top photos and the one in the pink shirt on the bottom images. 
Hello, my dear family and friends!! 
I hope this email finds each of you happy and well, and that you've been able to make the most of this past week. For us, this week has been absolutely incredible! I don't know if I've ever enjoyed missionary work more. We have seen so many miracles in our area, and most of it just seems to fall right into our laps. We do our best to work hard and be obedient, and Heavenly Father is pouring out the blessings. I'll tell y'all about just a few...

The biggest miracle of the week is obviously Nichol, and getting her ready for baptism. Wednesday we met with her for the second time, and we knew we couldn't wait until the 29th because it would be holding her back! So we moved up her baptism date to September 22nd!!! Let's just say this past weekend has been pretty crazy trying to fit everything in. She is so prepared though, we hardly have to teach anything. She reads and keeps all the commitments we leave her with, going above and beyond, and she just wants to soak up everything! We are so excited for her, and we haven't done anything. It's literally all been Heavenly Father. 

The work is progressing, and we are just trying to keep up! Last week we found 15 new friends, this week 11. Something, we've learned is how important it is to just stop and pray when we don't know who to see or where to go. Over the weekend we've been doing that, and we actually did it for the last 45min before a session of Stake Conference on Saturday evening. We prayed after dinner then looked at the map and picked a road to go park on and walked around. We found 3 friends in 15 minutes, then got into the car and opened area book to see we weren't even in our assigned area! We aren't entirely sure why we felt prompted to stop and walk around this neighborhood, but it was so fun, and we'll be passing these new friends off to the Elders in that area! 

Stake Conference, now that was pretty cool. We were able to attend both the adult session on Saturday night and the general meeting Sunday morning. The theme of the conference was Zion, how we can make our families, homes, and communities a Zion, and how Ministering plays a considerable role. There were other topics of Temple and Family History work, Family councils, and members working with the missionaries. 

One funny story from this week actually happened during Stake Conference. President Cassinat (Stake President = church leader over the large geographical area, which we call a Stake. Sorry for all the terminology, if you have questions, please feel free to ask!) invited Nichol's husband, Eddie, to the podium during the last 10 minutes of his talk. Eddie, this man haha, he is a sweetheart. So funny too. He is actually a member of the church but hasn't come since he was a kid until he and Nichol started attending about a month ago. So he was very nervous, you could tell, but he was true to himself. President Cassinat asked him some questions about how he started coming back to church, and including "when was the last time you wore a tie?" 
Eddie's response was, "Oh it's been forever, I had to buy a new tie, but look! It's a zip tie!" *proceeds to demonstrate how the tie works* oh man, it was hilarious, everyone loved it! 

Well, that is all for this week! More exciting things to come this next week, as we are so excited for Nichol! You'll also hear from me on Tuesday instead of Monday because on Tuesday we will be going to the temple!!!! So the day we go to the temple is our Preparation day. Also, I hit my 1/2 mark on Thursday, what even. And shout out to Sister Bustos because it's her birthday today!!!! I love her so much, and we are so excited to stay together for another transfer! 

I love you all, and remember that God loves you too! Keep believing and trusting Him, and you'll find unbelievable peace in your life. 

Sister Workman

Our Grandson, Elder Williams email letter ~

Hey, so this week has been really good, our area is on fire right now, I've never had these many people to teach until now, and it's awesome. We have 4 on a date and just found another really solid person to teach as well. We've Just seen a lot of miracles lately, and I guess that's just what happens when you are with a new missionary! Haha. I do not know, but we have a lot of solid people we're teaching,  and I'm pretty excited about that! 

One miracle we saw was we went out one morning to go find, and I was pretty burnt out on knocking, so I decided we'd just walk around and do some street contacting. So we were walking, and we made a few turns here and there, and I wasn't quite sure why we were lead to where we were. But, we were there and, again I told myself and Elder Jarvis, we're not knocking on doors right now.  But as we were walking we got to an intersection,  and I looked right and saw this house, and I just felt the need to knock on it; so of the only home we knocked on, we went up knocked, had the dogs barking
through the door, knocked again... no answer.  As we walked down the steps a woman stepped out from around the side of the house, and we started talking to her; her name is Jasmine. I began teaching her the restoration. When I got to talking about the great apostasy, she cut me off, and said," this is a perfect message, and I know what you're trying to say and what you're talking about (She was Christian), but there's an employee of mine who's just getting out of jail who needs a message like this about Christ. He needs to know about Christ". I know where this is going. I know that she thinks she's heard about Jesus and that she's good to go, but this ain't just any message. So I thought to myself "oh no, I'm finishing this message, cause I haven't gotten to the good part yet" haha! So, I accepted to visit her friend and then just started right back where I left off, finished the apostasy. I then started talking about the events that led to Joseph Smith,  then to his first vision and finally the restoration.  When we finished,  she said, " oh my gosh,  no one's ever explained it like that
to me, this is amazing!" And then proceeded to ask about infant baptism,
and we opened to Moroni 8,

*12 But little children are alive in Christ, even from the foundation of
the world; if not so, God is a partial God, and also a changeable God, and
a respecter to persons; for how many little children have died without
baptism! *

*13 Wherefore, if little children could not be saved without baptism, these
must have gone to an endless hell.*

* 14 Behold I say unto you, that he that supposeth that little child
need baptism is in the gall of bitterness and in the bonds of iniquity; for
he hath neither faith, hope, nor charity; wherefore, should he be cut off
while in the thought, he must go down to hell.*

*19 Little children cannot repent; wherefore, it is awful wickedness to
deny the pure mercies of God unto them, for they are all alive in him
because of his mercy. 20 And he that saith that little children need
baptism denieth the mercies of Christ, and setteth at naught the atonement
of him and the power of his redemption.*

 I read these verses that refute infant baptism,  now I've read these verses dozens of times,  but when I read them this time,  to this woman, the spirit rested upon me more powerfully than maybe it ever has before, Witnessing to me that children truly are alive in Christ. Children truly are perfect. And the Book of Mormon is true as well.  

Jasmine explained that a weight had been lifted off her shoulders because her church taught that infants who die without baptism go to hell. She said she was so relieved and so glad we came to her house that day.  She excitedly took a Book of Mormon and was excited to read it. I know and have had similar experiences that witness to me that God will put you in the right place at the right time if your doing the right thing and will lead you to the right people and will give you what to say in the very hour, the very moment that which is needed to be said. 

I know God lives,  I know Christ is the savior, I know the holy spirit guides, and I know that God's children are waiting to hear the message of the restoration they just know not where to find it.
In Jesus name Amen.
Love to all, 
Elder Williams

Here the week's email from our Grandson, Elder Adamson~

Hola Familia y amigos! 
This week has been pretty great! It didn't rain much which was nice because the roads weren't flooded. Also, I finally got my bike put together, so on bike day, we were able to ride bikes for the first time. Because Midland is as flat as a pancake, one would think that riding a bike would be easy, but it is not. The roads here are terrible in a lot of places. Lots and lots of potholes, so you have to be extra careful. Riding back at night was pretty sketchy because a headlight can only do so much. Also, Midland has some pretty terrible drivers. I almost got hit a couple of times, but everything worked out in the end. 

We have found a ton of new people to teach this week which was good. The Hispanic people are always so fascinated when two white boys start speaking Spanish to them regardless of what we say lol. Hopefully, we get some lessons going with some of these people though. 

We taught only one lesson this week, but it was a really good and spiritual experience. We taught this man named Vincinte. He told us about how he had lived a sinful life, but has found God when he was in prison years back. He has forsaken about everything he has done and his faith in God is super strong. We taught him the restoration, and the lesson went on for about 90 min.  He had a lot of questions, but by the end of the lesson, he understood everything pretty well, and he wants to learn more. The spirit was super strong the whole time. He started crying at the end of the lesson and opened up about his ill health and his dad who had his wife die recently. We offered him a blessing, and he accepted. It was a really cool experience, and the spirit was super strong. He told us we made his day. We have another lesson scheduled with him on Tuesday, so we are really excited for how far he will go. 

Friday night we had a ward party, and Mexican parties are insane. They cooked Asada outside in this gigantic metal pot, and there was a ton of homemade Spanish rice, beans, horchata, rice pudding, etc. It was super good. They had a talent show too, and our bishop sang mariachi. It was entertaining. They had a ton of leftovers, so we got a whole tray of stuff which was nice because we only had 2 dinners that week. 
Anyways, I love y'all and hope y'all had a good week! 
Elder Adamson

I am so proud of these beautiful Grandchildren of mine that are willing to serve a mission and spread the good word of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Their goal is to invite all to come unto Christ and be baptized and confirmed a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and receive the Holy Ghost. 
The young men can go on a mission when they are 18 years old. Their mission is for 2 years. The young women can leave for a mission when they are 19 years old. They will serve for 18 months. 
They or their family pay for their own missions. They are in companionships that change every few months. They email weekly and can call home on Christmas and Mother's Day. 
These missionaries learn so much while on their missions. They learn how to teach, testify of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They have leadership opportunities. They live in apartments and or member homes and pay rent, utilities, and other living costs. They have a Preparation day each week where they do their laundry, grocery shopping and usually meet as a district and do something fun. They are amazing young men and women and when they come home better prepared to date, marry and begin their families and work on their careers. 
I know this is true because I waited for my missionary while I went through nursing school. When my future husband came home, he was better prepared to start college and get married. He was worth the wait, and we have been married and sealed in the temple forever. We have been married for 51 years. 

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Summer's Last Days of Adventure

One of my joy in life is watching the unique and sweet relationship that my husband has with our Sammy. They really are best buds. Sammy knows exactly when my husband needs to stop and play with him. Sammy will bring his toys to him to signal playtime.  Also, if he sees my husband working at the computer and he seems stressed; Sammy will hop up on his lap. He does many other cute things; our Sammy is a big part of our family moments. 

Just across the street from us we have a retention pond that the Geese and Ducks loved spending time there. They also come across the street onto our property at times. I enjoy watching them. I especially liked to watch the little ones following their mothers. I do love nature.
Our dear brother in law passed away this month and here are a few of the photos we took at the luncheon afterward. The bottom picture is the Sacrament meeting room of the Ward where Don, our brother in law attended church. I love this Chapel because my husband and I lived in this ward area when we were very first married. It brings back some tender memories of our times there.
It was so fun to be with family and friends that we haven't seen for a very long while. It was sad but also precious time. We love the Brady family. 
In the evening of August 18th, we attended a wonderful party given by some friends of ours that we serve in the temple with. The husband has a band that plays at various functions. This event was held in their front yard and was well attended by temple workers and other friends of theirs. We had so much fun. The food was yummy, and of course, the entertainment was the best. They played music through the years, and we enjoyed it all. 
We were so blessed to have our two granddaughters, April and Abbey visit us for a Sunday afternoon. They presently live in Minneapolis, Minnesota. They were here for a particular program given at BYU. We had such a good visit with them and their Uncle Ted, Aunt Elise and little Ell. These two girls always brighten my life when I can have moments with them. 
On August 27th, our Grandson, Elder Adamson flew to his mission in Lubbock, Texas. We were so excited for him to be in the mission field. He left the MTC after 6 weeks of Spanish and is now serving in Midland, Texas. 
We had a fantastic Stake Relief Society Single Sister Activity. The sisters that attended had so much fun visiting and doing two different service activities. They made 12 pillowcases for the Marble Project at They also completed three quilts for the Humanitarian Center. It was a spectacular evening of sisterhood and service. 

We were able to attend this little guy, Caden's 6th Birthday party. This is a family we got to know on our mission. While working with them, they had just Caden. Six months ago they had twins, Logan and Liam. We really enjoyed being with them and their friends and family. 
We went on a short getaway to Monticello, Utah. When I read the books “Only The Brave” and “Soaring with Eagles,” by Gerald Lund; I wanted to see this area of pioneer history. I loved his series. 
We enjoyed our first day there by attending the Monticello Utah Temple. It was a beautiful temple to visit. There was such s sweet spirit. The temple was busy but not like our Jordan River Temple. 
We had a delightful day, great dinner and a movie.

On our  2nd day in Monticello,  we started out by visiting a pioneer museum. We then went on a picnic up in the Blue Mountains. It was a lovely drive. Fall was in the air with some autumn colors bursting through.  We enjoyed a few moments at Monticello Lake and then up in a campground. We did some reading, relaxing and photographing. We saw 50 plus deer and took some fantastic photos of them. 

Pioneer Museum
We enjoyed our time at our picnic. I even did some novel reading and then a lot of chasing deer and taking photographs. 

We had a beautiful drive home. It's been a glorious four days. We had a much-needed break.
On the way home, we visited Hole In The Rock. A very unique place to see. The 5,000 square foot home built inside the mountain rock was impressive. During the drive, we stopped to photograph breathtaking landscapes. 
We then stopped at a Diner in Moab for lunch; yummy! 

The top photo is the actual burial ground of the couple who developed Hole In The Rock. It was in the front of a small cave. It was a Mr. And Mrs. Christensen, and they worked on this project in the 50's and 60's. It was a fascinating place to visit. 

August was a marvelous month of having some great activities. The summer went by swiftly, and we captured many precious moments of family, friend and church times. We were saddened by the death of our brother in law, Don. Don and Marilyn were married and sealed for eternity. He is now with her in the post-mortal life.
We look forward to seeing again all those family and friends that we associated with while on this earth life journey. 
As September comes rolling in we look forward to a spectacular fall and many future events and experiences. Life is good and when the journey is hard; we rely on our faith in Jesus Christ and the knowledge that we have of loving Heavenly Parents, who want us to succeed and return to live with them again.  
Enjoy all the splendid and beautiful moments that the Autumn Season brings. 


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