Saturday, December 31, 2011

Favorite December Moments~

Rexburg Temple
A highlight of our Christmas month was to witness the sealing of our newest grandchild Layton, age 19 months to our son Travis and daughter in law Amanda. All of their other six children were able to be in attendance. This was a sacred and joyous time for us all. Our son James and his wife Amber were able to be there also. It was a day of celebration.
Back Row - Justice, Layton and Travis, Amanda and Austin
Front Row - Ethan, Ryley, Karli, and Kason
Back Row - Grandpa, Layton and Travis, Amanda, Amber, and James
Middle Row - Grandma, Justice, Ethan Ryley, Karli and Austin
Front Row - Kason
Grandpa and Layton
Our Sweet Averi
Back to front - Taylor Jo, Karli, Christian, Ethan and Austin
Justice and Kason
Taylor Jo and Layton
This has been such a delightful Christmas Holiday for my husband and I . We are enjoying fun moments with our daughter Tiffani, her husband Dave and their children, Michael, Sarah, Kaitlyn and William. On Christmas Eve we always have a Nativity Program.
This was a sweet one.
Christmas Nativity Program
Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus

The Startled Shepherd
Our Precious Angel William
The Nativity Cast -
 Back row -William and Kaitlyn
Front Row - Sarah and Michael with Buddy
A Fun Santa story before going to bed with dreams of
Sugar Plums Dancing In Their Heads

 Christmas Morning
The Choo Choo up the stairs - A family tradition

Santa Surprises
A Golf Set for William
Roller Skates for Kaitlyn
A Sewing machine for Sarah

A Golf Set for Michael
Dave helping the children

Mom Tiffani received Money for after Christmas shopping

Grandpa receive a pair of much needed dress shoes

A Santa surprise for me was the gift of  a ticket for flying to my Granddaughter Kaitlyn's baptism. Both of us were so happy.
The Card said:" No Grandma should miss their Granddaughter's baptism."
This one brought some tears!

 Sacrament Meeting & Christmas Program
 Christmas Again~
Back Row - Tiffani and Dave
Middle Row - Sarah and Michael
Front Row - William and Kaitlyn
Grandpa and Grandma with their sweet grandchildren
The Christmas Dinner~
Grandpa's favorite moment with Kaitlyn. They were busy shredding the chicken and she said: "Grandpa, I  better stop talking so much because I am spitting in the Chicken."

My Two Favorite Gifts
On Christmas Eve we all opened a gift. My gift was the movie musical rendition of "Scrooge" with Albert Finney. I was so excited. I hadn't watched this movie for years. Thirty Six years ago I had a wonderful gift given to me straight from Heaven. I had my first little girl named Christina. She was born just after midnight on December 23rd. The evening before her birth we started to watch Scrooge. I began having labor pains and soon my contractions were harder and coming quicker. My husband wanted to take me to the hospital. I told him I wasn't leaving until the movie was over. We left around 11 pm and I had her after midnight.
Through the years I have sung the song from this movie; "Thank You Very Much", to all of my children and grand children. I just loved that movie and I smiled all the way through it.

 1999 we had our entire family home for Christmas. At that time there was a total of 18.
While opening presents on Christmas morning two of my sons left the room and came back and placed a few Harry Hanuka presents under the tree. Harry Hanuka gifts are similar to White Elephant gifts. As I was opening my present I discovered my hair brush. Everyone burst out laughing because this brush had been in my possession for over 30 years. Every once in a while when my children were still at home this brush would come up missing. I would call out for an emergency; yelling for everyone to start looking for the brush. I could not do my hair without it.
As I got up Christmas Morning this year I was looking for this brush. Low and behold I received a Harry Hanuka gift of this beloved  brush. Every one had a good laugh again.
Our little Sammy enjoying the festivities
The End of A Perfect Day~

More Christmas fun at our Family Christmas Party~ Dec. 26th
My darling Great Grand baby Jadyn
Having our snacks
Playing with the Wii
Playing Card Games
Great Grandma with baby Lilly
Kaitlyn and Jeffery
Joseph and Sarah
Gillian and baby Lilly snuggling
Jeffery, Williams and Jadyn
Sammy hanging out with us all

Our Granddaughter Kaitlyn's 8th Birthday Celebration on December 29th ~
Waiting for the Birthday Song!
Kaitlyn opening her presents
Fun with all the family

Celebration of our Grandson's marriage to Dana on December 30th 2011 ~

 Jed and Jacob
Jessica with baby Lilly, Jed and Jacob
Great Grandpa with Jadyn
Great Grandma with Baby Lilly
Dana and Jacob
Dana and Jacob
The End of a wonderful Christmas Season of being with Friends and Family.
There were many memorable and joy filled moments~

We wish all of our Friends and Family a Very Happy New Year ~

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Merry Christmas To You All~ Christmas Thoughts from Roger and LeAnn


This year brought a multitude of blessings and life experiences. In April we were called to serve a part-time mission to the Inner City Project. We are assigned to work in a sweet humble Ward. We have been overwhelmed at the temporal needs of individuals and families in this Ward. Lack of good shelter, food, clothing, and other needs are ever present. Roger and I continue to enjoy serving as ordinance workers in the Jordan River Temple on Saturday Mornings. This is the peaceful moment in our lives where we refill our cup of Living Water. Roger continues his full time work. He often works at home. He is such a good loving man and I enjoy our moments together. I love blogging and have a missionary blog. Entitled Living Waters @ I enjoy Family History work. Presently, I am completing a history of my 98 year old Aunt Della. Thirty one grandchildren and two great granddaughters and have kept us busy with special events. Our grandson Jacob married a lovely girl this year named Dana - adding 3 more great grandchildren. We visited family in Utah, Idaho, Washington and Missouri to attended five baptisms and five Aaronic Priesthood ordinations. In addition, Travis and Amanda adopted a sweet little boy, Layton James, on December 15th. Two days later we were blessed to attend his Sealing to Travis and Amanda in the Rexburg Temple. These are the highlights of our year. 
Love to you all! Roger and LeAnn

Our Family - 2011
Sean and Mary's Williams Family
Back Row - Jacob & Jed
Middle Row - Gillian Jackson, Mary & Joshua, Sean, Jessica, Joseph
Front row - Jeffery and Jonathan

Jacob and Dana Williams

Jed and Jessica Williams Family
Jessica and Baby Lilly - Jed and Jadyn
Travis and Amanda Williams Family 
Back row - Austin, Travis & Kason, Amanda & Layton, Justice & Ryley
Front Row - Ethan & Karli
James and Amber Williams Family
Back Row - Taylor Jo, Amber, James , Christian
Front Row - Averi
Brandon and Christina Workman Family
Back Row - April & Sariah
Front Row - Abbey, Levi, Christina & Faith
Michael and Jenni Thomas Family
Emma, Jenni-Marie, Alyssa, Benjamin and Michael
Dave and Tiffani Adamson Family
Back Row - Dave & Tiffani
Middle Row- Sarah and Michael
Front Row - Kaitlyn & William

Here is my favorite Nativity story  by children ~


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