Monday, March 29, 2010


Many years ago I read a book called Sidetracked Home Executives - from Pig Pen to Paradise. This book was a how to clean your home using a system that would keep it clean all of the time by dividing up the chores and spreading them over the day, week, month, 3 month, six month and year. It also had a system for Christmas shopping in mini shopping moments through the year starting right after the holidays. The system worked beautifully and I was able to assign my children various jobs which helped a lot. It was a fun system and it did work well when used. I enjoyed it so much that I taught a variation of it in different wards in the area we lived in. One day my home was in disarray because I hadn't completed any of the chores I needed to do for the day due to putting the lesson together. As I was leaving the home; my dear hubby said; "Oh, so you are going out again to teach the sisters how to be just as disorganized as you are." He said it in jest; but it was true. 
Being a side tracked home executive really describes how I function on a daily basis. I do love the title it does sounds so professional. Friday, was a sidetracked day. I planned to clean my house but as I started in one room; I would go to another room to get something and then I would stop and start another project in that room. The best was when I went into the piano room and decided to practise the piano that I had not touched for a few months. By the end of the day I hadn't accomplished very much of what I really needed to get done. When my husband came home I told him that I had a sidetracked day; his comment back was it looked more like I had become derailed; oh, so true again.
If I listed all of the projects that I have to complete; I need to live to be a hundred to accomplish it all. It will take 200 years if I continue to be sidetracked. I keep wanting to be more organized; but the truth is that I think I am getting worse with the sidetracked side of my personality. I also used to be able to mulitask a little bit better. There were times when I could actually listen to my dear hubby telling me some experience that he had during the day and at the same time be reading something and actually remember what he had said and what I had read. I am finding this is impossible now.
So the question is how do I organize myself when I am a true Sidetracked Home Executive?


Barb said...

LOVED your post!! I think we've earned the right to be disorganized! I am undoubtedly the most side-tracked human being on the face of the earth - in fact, I should be fixing dinner right now, but, I'd rather comment on your blog, dinner can wait! That's the joy of getting older, I mean, more mature, we don't have to do it all at once. It will still be there in the morning.

Have fun with our sweet family this coming week! I'm so jealous, I wish I could get in their suitcase and come with them! Please come visit soon.



Michaela Stephens said...

When you notice you are getting sidetracked, you need to recommit to putting all your effort into finishing the task you are on. Try not to let your mind wander to the other task you are doing.

I am also very easily distractible and more and more I have found that I need to firmly commit myself to finishing the job.


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