Monday, December 31, 2018

A Winter To Warm The Heart - A Happy New Year!

It was beginning to look like Christmas right after Thanksgiving as we started decorating. I love this time of year and always want to have the decorations up early. 
I had a great time attending a Christmas High School Luncheon with my friends below. Many of them I have been friends with for over 55 years. We have such a good time together. 
On December 3rd, our Brazilian Daughter and Granddaughter came from Brazil for a visit. Adriana was a foreign exchange that lived with us for a year. She has been back twice for a visit. The last time was about 20 years ago. We hadn't met her sweet daughter Gabi. We claim them as a daughter and granddaughter, and they call us Dad and Mom and Grandpa and Grandma. We had such a delightful time with them.

Since Adriana and Gabi were here, we had our family Christmas party with our 4 local families. We had it in at the church. We decorated a little and had a nice dinner followed by a Christmas Program. We have always had a traditional Nativity activity. This year we had three of our Grandchildren, Joshua, Emma and Benjamin participate along with our Great Grandchildren; Jadyn, Lilly, Myah, Sagan, and Katalina. It was such an endearing moment. There was a total of 25 that came. 

We took Adriana and Gabi down to City Creek Shopping Center and Temple Square in Salt Lake City for an afternoon and evening before they left to fly back. We did some shopping, had dinner with them and then enjoyed the lights at Temple Square. It was a great night and not crowded, so we were able to really take in the sights. 
Temple Square is beautiful at Christmas Time. The entire square is lit up with lights, and their Nativity is presentation is spectacular. 
Next was our Church Congregation (Ward) Christmas breakfast and program. It was lovely. The primary children sang for us, and we all joined in singing favorite Christmas hymns. 
Here are my adorable Grandchildren, Benjamin, and Emma enjoying some moments with Santa! 
We went with our Daughter, Jenni, Michael, and the children through a Christmas Light show. The lights all reacted to music as we drove through this event. 
On Saturday the 22nd of December we went up to Heber to visit two of our families and deliver Christmas gifts. We enjoyed being with Sean, Mary, and our Grandchildren, Gillian, Jackson, Jeffery, Joshua, and our great-granddaughter, Jadyn. We missed seeing Joseph and Jonathan. They were working. We also saw our Grandchildren, Jed, Jessica, and two more Great Granddaughters, Myah and Lilly. We loved having a few seconds with them all. 
I added the picture of their reptile enjoying his own hammock. 
We also dropped off some gifts to our Grandson, Jacob, Dana, and their children Sagan and Katalina. Jacob was busy doing a job, so we didn't get to see him. 

Sunday, December 23rd was a special Sabbath day for us. We attended church with our family and enjoyed a fantastic Christmas program. The messages were lovely and the music superb. 
We also celebrated our Granddaughter, Emma's 12th birthday. She was born on our daughter, Christina's birthday day too. We love having these two Christmas gifts. It was fun celebrating with this dearest Granddaughter. She is always a treat to be around. Her Grandma Thomas joined us too. I later had a lovely conversation with my sweet Christina per phone for her birthday. 

I really enjoyed watching my daughter and her two children making a Gingerbread house. I hope they will make this a tradition. I wish as a young mother, I would have done it. They had so much fun putting it together.
Here are a few peaceful moments before we started our Christmas Eve Celebration.
We had a lovely dinner and then another short Christmas program of songs, and two delightful Christmas stories. Then my Grandchildren performed two piano Christmas pieces for us all. It was so fun. I have been teaching them basic piano, and they did such an excellent job for their numbers. 
Afterward, it was the traditional opening of a gift of PJ's. We, of course, had to have a photo moment for this one. 
Christmas morning arrived, and we enjoyed Santa, Socks, and breakfast. After which gifts were opened. It was a fun morning to enjoy. 

I thought I would share with you the wonderful gifts that my dearest eternal companion gave me for Christmas. He has always been the kindest, most generous, and thoughtful man, I know. He is really good at surprises and always comes up with something extraordinary. This year it was one of the best ever. While in Rexburg, Idaho last month we visited a Deseret Book. I saw the picture below of the Savior. It is a new one my Greg Olsen. I became very emotional about this painting. It is such a lovely one of my Savior, Jesus Christ, whom I love with all my heart. I love this painting because it reminds me of the scriptures of how He loves all of his creations even the tiny sparrows. I also like the smile on His face. 
The best was yet to come when I opened the gift of the locket. The top two photos are a photo of a pendant that has been handed down from my Grandfather who was killed in the 1st World War in France in 1918. It is 100 years old. In this locket is a photo of my Grandmother who had died 13 months before my Grandfather was killed and a picture of my Grandfather. 
My parents both have passed away. My dear husband gave me the locket pictured on the bottom with my initial on it and then inside is a photo fo my Dad and my Mom and me. He also wrote a beautiful poem just for me. There were many tears of joy shed at this time. It was a marvelous Christmas moment. 

Our daughter's family left to enjoy a Christmas dinner with Michael's family. We then had two sister missionaries join us for Dinner. It is Sister Duncan and Sister Cox. We had a great time with them. 18 months ago they were companions in the MTC (Mission Training Center). They have been serving together for their last 6-week transfer. They were scheduled to go home on December 27th. 
We served with Sister Cox when we were serving our MLS mission. Sister Cox is from California, and Sister Duncan is from Arizona. They were both apprehensive and excited to return home. It's hard for us all to take off those Missionary badges because of all the beautiful experiences that you have when serving a mission for the Lord. 

Roger and I were able to go and see my dearest Aunt Alene. She was staying with her daughter, and we went up and spent a while with her. She turned 98 years old on December 11th. We always enjoy our moments with her. She is the best Aunt ever and very sharp. She still had a story or two to share. I love her so much! 
Happy New Year To You All! 

I pray for you and your family's happiness and well-being. 
May you all have a fantastic year ahead.

With every new day, new dawn comes—not only for the earth but also for us. And with a new day comes a new start—a chance to begin again. Now is the best time to start becoming the person we eventually want to be.”
  – Dieter F. Uchtdorf
May you know how much I am grateful for each of you that follow my blog posts and for all those that I follow too. You brighten my days with your thoughts, and I look forward to more moments of nurturing our friendships. 
I will be taking a blog break for January. I will be back with my New Year thoughts @ Living Waters in February. 

Monday, December 24, 2018

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year From LeAnn@Living Waters~

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to our family, friends and those on blogging sites and Facebook, 
I wish you a spectacular Christmas Celebration with your families and friends. I love you, and  I am grateful for you and the impact your friendship has had on my life. It amazes me how much I learn from you in various circumstances. It may be a phone call, text, email or thoughts on social media that I feel the connection with you. When you are sad, struggling, happy, or elated; I love reading or hearing about your life and what you are doing. I have learned many great lessons of life from each of you in some way. You have deeply blessed me by being my friend. 
This year has been a growing one for me. I have had many life experiences with family, friends, and in the calling, I have in my church. My love for people has increased ten-fold as I have had opportunities to serve in some way. 
I love being a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I love the special moments I get to serve in assignments and especially in the Jordan River Temple.
I am deeply grateful for my loving husband and our family. Each of our children, spouses, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren hold a special place in my heart. 
I am so grateful for this marvelous time of year when we worship and remember the divine birth of Jesus Christ. My testimony of Him and His life and purpose guide my actions daily. I want to serve and love as the Savior would do. 
Each Christmas our faith has an initiative entitled; #LightTheWorld. This year it was Light the World in your Community by doing something to assist someone in your community. Then Light The World in your families by doing something to serve within your own family. Finally, it is Light The World with your faith. Here you do some things to increase your faith in our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. This has been a fantastic adventure for us to participate in this year. 
As we approach the New Year, my husband and I are committed to making this an essential part of our lives. We know when we do these kinds of things our heart draws closer to our Savior and our love for others increases. 
May the New Year be a fantastic year where many of your dreams are fulfilled. 
Come and See!

Here is a unique story that I heard many years ago that I want to share. 
The Secret Of The Camel

The camel is an exotic animal.  It is not one of the most beautiful.  It has thick matted hair that falls off in clumps.  It has knobby knees and a big hump on its back.  It is referred to as a ruminant because it regurgitates its swallowed food to chew again, and then swallows it again.  However, the camel is a wonderful pack animal.  It is used for transportation in many countries.  Camels carry up to six hundred pounds and average twenty miles a day over rugged terrain.  They can travel in hot conditions and go for long periods of time without water.  They truly are amazing animals.  Regardless of its looks or mannerisms, a camel is loved by its master, for it is useful, obedient, and needed.
 Here is the camel’s secret…Each night, at the end of a long day, the camel kneels at the feet of his master.  His master carefully lifts the burden from the camel’s back so it can rest comfortably through the night.  The next morning, the camel kneels again before his master, and the master gently places the burden on the camel’s back for another day.  He is careful to rearrange things here or there if he sees that the pack is wearing a sore spot.  This enables the camel to carry his burden for another day.
At Christmas, we celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.  Throughout His life, the Savior was referred to as Master.  He loves us regardless of our looks or mannerisms.  He desires for us to be useful and obedient.  May we practice the secret of the camel.  As we kneel each night at the feet of our Master, may He lift our burdens, that we may rest well and comfortably.  As we kneel each morning, may we realize that He knows of our pain, our suffering, and our sorrows, for He has felt them all.  May our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ be sufficient to help us carry our burdens…for just one more day.
Rebecca Pulliam, Aberdeen, Idaho
With love for all! LeAnn@Living Waters

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Light Your Family - #LightTheWorld

Christmas is such a particularly sweet time of year. Our Savior, Jesus Christ is the reason for this season. 
Our beloved Savior was born a babe in humble circumstances. He was born into a family and experienced a lovely family life, but I am sure family drama too. Our Redeemer suffered in some way all that we go through. He alone knows how to lift and succor us in our anguishing moments. Because of what the Prince of Peace did for us; we can return to live with Him and our Heavenly Parents, only if we choose to follow the covenant path. All our beloved Savior asks is that we follow Him. 
Come Follow Jesus Christ. #LightTheWorld as He would. Be a light in your families and do as He would do. 
You can find some suggestions here and here. 
Here is a new song entitled: "Far Away."

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Samuel and the Star~

Click on the fullscreen in the bottom right-hand corner of the video. 

This is one of my favorite stories from The Book of Mormon about the coming of Christ to the earth as a newborn babe. Enjoy; this is a cute one. 
Remember to #LightTheWorld. Here is a link to the video for this week. 
We are invited to light the world in our community by helping in our neighbors in some way. Some ideas are to perform an anonymous act of service for a neighbor, volunteer at a homeless, shelter, give blood at a blood bank or blood drive, help clean a church building or countless other acts of service. You can go to for other ideas. 

Thursday, December 6, 2018

#LightTheWorld: Give as Jesus gave

I love the reason for this season. Our beloved Savior, Jesus Christ is the light of this world. While here He gave His all for us. May we remember Him. Join the #LightTheWorld initiative. Give as Jesus Gave. 
May your weekend moments be filled with joy. Here are a few favorite quotes for this beautiful time of year. 

Friday, November 30, 2018

The Best Moments From A Bountiful Season

The months of October and November were busy and fulfilling moments of time. There was a lot of journal writing during these two months.  I have been writing a lot of my thoughts and feelings as we have cherished times with family and friends. 

We had a great adventure with our friends, John and Jamie.  We drove up to Eureka, Utah. As I child I used to go with my Dad on his delivery of IceCream to different establishments from Richfield, Utah to Eureka. We would then stay overnight in Eureka and go to a cowboy movie. I have wanted to drive up there for a long time, and John is from this area
. We then visited a cousin of John's who lived in Ophir, Utah.  John lived there too.  We had an incredible visit with him. He has many histories of the towns in this area and the mining that went on there. He has collected a wide variety of paraphernalia from this mining era. It was amazing. 

We attended a tournament soccer game for our grandson, Jeffery. It was fun to watch, and he is such a talented player. 

We next celebrated the birthday of our Son in law, Michael. It was a fun moment, and we enjoyed being with them all. Since they have moved here, we have experienced more celebration time with them. It was also awesome to have his mother, Irene here. She is one of my favorite friends. 
We next traveled up to Idaho one weekend to attend three soccer games of our son Travis's children. Each of the games was fun to watch. Here is a mix of the different games we visited. 

We watched our grandson, Ryley play in his game. Although they lost, he played every minute of the game. Ryley had such a great attitude and played hard. Ryley's team is in the photo above, and he is with me in the picture below.

The top photo is of our Grandson, Kason. We attended his game, and I always enjoy watching the younger teams play. It was almost more exciting watching than the older more skilled players. Kason played well, and we loved cheering him on. The younger children in the photo are our grandchildren, Haven and Layton. 

It was senior night for our Grandson, Ethan. They won their game, and at the end of the season, they took State. They were an inspiring team to watch, and we loved watching Ethan play. Since it was Senior night all of the seniors were recognized. 

We had a great family dinner with both of our two families the following day. We enjoy fun moments with James, Amber, Christian, Taylor Jo and Averi. Then Travis, Amanda, Justice, Jaxson, Ethan, Karli, Ryley, Kason, Layton, and Haven. 

We enjoyed Halloween with Michael, Jenni, with their children, Alyssa, Emma, and Benjamin. Our three grandchildren went out to go trick or treating in the neighborhood. We ended up with way too much candy left over. 
Our awesome Grandson, Joshua turned 12 years old, and we went up to Heber City for his Ordination to the Aaronic Priesthood and the office of a Deacon and then a lovely dinner afterward. 
We had a great time watching some adorable 8-month-old twins for Tyler and Allison. These twin boys are so cute and comfortable to have over.  Later we went to their home for dinner. They have an older son, Caden and then the twins; Logan and Liam. We loved spending time with this great family. 
Our beautiful Granddaughter, Justice went through the Rexburg Idaho temple for her Endowment on November 6th, 2018.  We drove up to be with her and handsome Jaxson. They are engaged to be married. It was delightful to be in the temple with our two families and enjoy this significant time with her. 
On Friday, November 16th, we attended the Wedding dinner at the Lion House for our Granddaughter Justice and her Jaxson. It was a lovely dinner. We felt blessed to have our oldest son, Sean, and Mary, of course, Travis and Amanda and their children and our Jenni and Michael. It was a marvelous occasion, and we enjoyed getting to know more of Jaxson's family. 
Our dear Granddaughter, Justice, and Jaxson were married in the Salt Lake Temple at 9:30 am on Saturday, November 17th, 2018. It was a very memorable moment, and we enjoyed the counsel given by the sealer, and the ceremony was lovely. 
Of course, I think these two are such a beautiful couple. We love Jaxson and are excited to have him as a grandson too. 

I loved the photos of the two of them but enjoyed taking some of our Granddaughter with us, then her Uncle James and Aunt Amber; Uncle Michael and Aunt Jenni. 

The family photo is of our children, Sean, Mary, James, Amber, Michael, Jenni, Roger and I, with our son Travis, Amanda and children, Justice, and Jaxson, the newlyweds; Karli, Ryley, Kason, Layton and Haven plus Amanda's parents, Pierre and Brenda and her brother; Eric and Jared. 
After the wedding, we hurried home to grab our suitcases and head up to Rexburg for their reception. They had an enchanting evening, and we enjoyed being part of the festivities. 
It was a little emotional watching our son Travis dancing with his sweet daughter and then Jane, Jaxson's  Mom dancing with him. It was breathtaking to watch these two young now married couple dancing together. They are such a perfect match. This was a favorite tender moment for sure. Loved watching them cut their cake and she shoved a pretty big piece into his mouth, and then he kissed her; it was so cute. We enjoyed being with our other children. I love seeing my other grandchildren, Alyssa, Taylor Jo, Christian, and Averi along with all of Travis and Amanda's children.

At the end of the reception, everyone had a sparkler lit as they came down the stairs to leave for their honeymoon. It was an exciting experience. These kinds of events always bring back memories. 

The next day was our sweet Amanda's birthday. We all went to church and then had a birthday dinner. Our two newlyweds showed up. It was also pleasurable to spend some time with Amanda's parents. Travis and Amanda have a very lively family, and we have fun and laugh a lot. 
My 73rd birthday was a fantastic one. My dearest husband always makes my day a good one. It was gratifying time to share with Michael, Jenni, and their children. I do enjoy having them near. The highlight was going to a play at the Hale Theater; "The Scarlet Pimpernel." It was spectacular. The costumes, scenery, singing, and acting was flawless. Watching it on the Hale Theater Stage is an incredible experience. It a theater in the round and you can feel and see all of it better. I was smiling and laughing through it all. 
Our Thanksgiving this year was smaller than usual. We usually have had our son, Sean, Mary and their entire family down. They went on a trip for a soccer tournament, so we enjoyed having Michael, Jenni and the kids with us. It was less busy and a little more peaceful. We did enjoy the whole day. Our endearing grandson, Benjamin was sick and didn't even get to eat Thanksgiving dinner. Being sick on Thanksgiving is the pits. 
Here are some recent photos of our remarkable missionaries. They email their families and friends each Monday. They are all three enjoying spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. They have some incredible experiences, and they are all growing in so many different ways. We are so proud of all that they are doing for our Savior. Of course, you can see that The Book of Mormon is the most effective tool that Missionaries have. It is the most influential book on the earth today. 
 I decided to share these photos of my three Granddaughters that are seniors this year. Taylor Jo lives in Idaho, Sarah lives in Washington and Abbey lives in Minnesota. They are very close friends and text each other a lot. Right now they are planning on attending BYU Idaho and live together. That is a dream come true for their grandmother. I am so happy that they have a close relationship with each other. 
This past week we took a day and went down to visit my precious Aunt Alene. We always enjoy time with her. She is terrific, and we love to listen to her stories and learn from her. She will turn 98 years old in December. 

My dearest husband, Roger suggested that we purchase some flowers to put on my parents' graves on the way home, They are buried in a small little cemetery in Sigurd, Utah. I love this man of mine for his giving and tender heart. As we stopped, I shed some tears. I miss my dear parents and two brothers so much. I pray that they are close by and busy in the spirit world spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I have a marvelous heritage but at times feel very lonely because of all of my family are gone. I remain grateful for my two sisters in law that brighten my life. 
Sending my love to all who stop by and read my posts. This is a long one but to be a precious time with family and friends that is worth the effort to write thoughts and journal about. It's been a marvelous couple of months. May this Christmas season find your homes filled with the true meaning of Christmas. May you remember that tiny babe born long ago that came to save us all. Because of Him, I will again see my beloved family. 


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