Saturday, August 4, 2018

The Sun Sets On July~

The Month of July flew by, and I can't believe we are already into August. Sometimes, I wonder why time goes so fast these days. If I didn't take photos of events; I would be missing a lot of memories. 
Here is our sweet Great Granddaughter Myah's  4th birthday. It seems like I was just holding her as a new infant not long ago. She is the cutest little one. I love being around her. She is fun loving and has an endearing personality. We had fun going up to this birthday celebration. 
We had just finished a temple assignment and hurried up to Heber city to be with them all. They held it in a new Aquatic Center. We missed the gifts and cake but were happy we could spend some moments with our oldest son and his family with his oldest son's family. 
We were blessed to be able to have our Grandson, Michael fly here to be with us on the day before he was due to enter the Mission Training Center. I picked him up at the airport, and we came home and picked up my husband so we could go to lunch 
Then later in the afternoon, we took him to an endowment session in the Jordan River Temple. It was a delightful experience. We had a great dinner in the cafeteria there. They have an excellent cook there; the food was yummy! 
He stayed with us overnight. He had already been set apart as an Elder, so he had to have Roger and or Micheal, our son in law as a companion. 
His Uncle Burt and his family came by for a goodby moment too. 
We really enjoyed visiting with this spectacular grandson. We are so proud that he has chosen to serve the Lord on a 2-year mission for our church. 

 The next morning, he said his good-byes to our daughter and her family. We then took him out to breakfast and had a super enjoyable meal with lots of conversation. 
We then drove to the Provo Mission Training Center to drop him off. It really is a drop you off moment. You drive into an underground parking lot. We were met by a young Elder who was a host for gathering the missionaries. They quickly got his luggage out, and we said our final goodbyes. I was a bit emotional about it all. 
This part of taking your missionary to the MTC has changed a lot. It used to be that you brought them into the mission home and watched an introductory film on being missionaries and other instructions. We would then wait as they went out one door and we went out another. There was always a lot of emotion at this time. These young people are leaving their families for 18 months to 2 years. It is a significant commitment in their lives. We sent off 3 sons and 1 daughter on a mission, so I have shed a lot of tears at these goodby moments. 
I think dropping them off at the curb is a good idea; it's a little less emotional in some ways. 
We next took a short trip to Las Vegas, Nevada to see my Sister in law; Amparo. She is in the midst of fighting cancer. We had the best of visits. We were able to with her family and daughter Kathy, her son Gabe and his family and then her other son's wife Corinna and their daughter. Jonnie Cherie. Later in the evening; her son Gus and Vivianna came by for a visit too. It was a delightful trip. We stayed two nights and then left for home. Las Vegas was beastly hot; so we didn't spend a lot of time outside. I now remember why I wasn't unhappy when we moved from there.
While we were in Las Vegas, we decided to take a little bit of time and go to where we used to live. We took some fun photos of the homes we lived in and the elementary school that a few of our children went too. 
We left Las Vegas and went as far as Beaver Utah. We spent a night there. 
The next day we decided to go on a different rode and see my Aunt Alene who lives in Monroe. She seemed okay, and we had a fantastic visit with her. 
We had a surprise visit from a very dear friend, Ellen that we met when we lived in San Jose, California. We have kept in touch for many years, so getting to see her was a treat. 
She and her husband just completed a mission in Alaska. They were assigned to take care of the Church's youth camp for a couple of years. They loved that experience. We hadn't seen each other for over 20 years. Visiting with her was terrific. They presently live in Benton City, Washington. Her husband wasn't able to come so she was with her brother. It was great to meet him. 

Here's a missionary update on all of my Grandchildren that are now serving a mission. 
Here is our beautiful Granddaughter, Sister Workman. She is serving in the California Sacramento Mission. Her is some photos of her and different companions, some of the children she has been working with and also members of her missionary district. She is having great success and is busy finding, teaching and has some convert baptisms. She was working in a Marshallese Branch but recently was transferred and will be a trainer. She is loving every minute and learning so many good things. 
Our Grandson, Elder Williams is enjoying his missionary experiences. I love to read his updates. He has some profound, rich experiences. He has been having some great teaching moments and a couple of baptisms. He's in a hard area for doing missionary work. The Midwest is a problematic area for the weather; hot and humid and sometimes tornados and then frigid winters. Some of the Midwest is where our church was restored by the Prophet Joseph Smith. There is a great deal of church history in these areas. He is blessed to serve there. He had a Great Great Great Grandfather serve his mission in that exact area.  He is in the Omaha, Nebraska Mission. As you can see he caught a big fish on his P-day. They do get to have some fun activities. 
Our most recent missionary, Elder Adamson is in the Provo MTC for 6 weeks. He will be going to the Spanish speaking, Lubbock Texas Mission. Elder Adamson will stay in the MTC longer to learn the language. He loves it. He told me recently that he believes he has been blessed with the gift of tongues. I think that is so awesome. I can see in his face how happy he is to be serving our Heavenly Father on a mission.
I am so proud of these marvelous missionaries and their desire to serve. They all have a deep love for the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and they love teaching and preaching of our Savior, Jesus Christ and the Plan of Happiness. They love The Book of Mormon and always bear testimony of this marvelous book being their greatest missionary tool. Missions are such a powerful thing for young people of this age to do. They come home from these experiences ready to go forth in their lives with direction and abilities to start their work, education, future marriages and raise families.
Have a lovely Sabbath Day everyone! 

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Remembering The Pioneers ~

On the 24th of July, the State of Utah celebrates the arrival of the Mormon Pioneers into the Salt Lake Valley. These sturdy pioneers went through tremendous tribulation. As a people, they were expelled from  Nauvoo, Illinois following the Martyrdom of their beloved Prophet, Joseph Smith, and his brother Hyrum. They had just finished building a beautiful temple thus preparing for Eternal Temple Covenants. They gathered together and made plans to travel west. Many hearts were broken, and tears shed as they left their beautiful Nauvoo.
 Brigham Young became their Prophet leader and had seen in a vision the place they were to settle in the west. 
There are countless stories of their faith, spiritual experiences, and hardships traveling per wagon and by handcart to this desert valley. We are blessed to have ancestors that paved the way for this marvelous Gospel to thrive. Their stories are poignant and show their deep faith and commitment to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. When reading of their experiences our faith grows and we revere these stalwart pioneers. 
You can read more about their exodus here. And here

The Life Story of My Great Great Grandmother Mary Elizabeth Wightman Daley...(The Last of the Saints Leaving Kirtland, Ohio)

Mary E. Wightman Daley was born the second child of Charles Billings Wightman and Mary Ann Dixon Wightman on August 22, 1846, near Kirtland, Ohio, on the banks of the Erie where the Latter-day Saints had made camp for the summer.
 Her father was a maker of buggies and wagons and made a good living for his family. The family home was a gracious old stone house on a beautiful piece of property in Kirtland, Ohio. 
Charles Wightman, a convert to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, was a very spiritually minded man although not at all demonstrative about his religion. He helped build the Kirtland Temple and was commanded by Joseph Smith to stay in Kirtland, Ohio to support the saints and repair their wagons in preparation to leave Kirtland for the West.
 In the summer of 1862, the Wightman family, consisting of two parents and eight children set out on the first lap of their journey westward. They went by train from Kirtland to Cleveland, Ohio, then they boarded the riverboat for their trip to St. Joseph, Missouri. From St. Joseph, they went to Council Bluffs, Iowa, and later on to Winter Quarters in the Territory of Nebraska. For the second lap of their journey westward, the Wightmans bought two wagons and two teams of oxen and set out for Salt Lake City in a forty wagon train. In a wagon train of that size, as many as two hundred people traveled together. Charles Wightman was the blacksmith and wagon smith for the train, shoeing horses, setting the wagon wheels, and making repairs. He was also the dentist on the journey. His practice mostly consisted of pulling teeth. Everyone in the wagon-train loved him and called him "Uncle Charlie 0. On the westward trip, the wagon train stopped about every two-weeks declaring it "family wash day." The children's job on these wash days was to gather buffalo chips to make a fire for heating the water. On one of those wash days Arthur, who was just learning to walk, put his hand into the hot ashes and burned it so severely it was crippled for the rest of his life.
 Often when they stopped, Indians came around the wagon train and begged for food. The leaders taught people to be fair in their dealings with the Indians. Because of this policy, there was no major trouble with the Indians en route to Salt Lake City. In her later years, Mary S. Wightman told stories of the trek. She said she remembered spreading out their blankets and giving crackers to the Indians.
 She remembered that her father’s team led the wagon train, and she told of driving the entire distance to Utah without using the whip. She also said how the oxen would kick, so they had to get out of the back of the wagon instead of the front. 
One of the thrills of the journey came when the wagon train was nearing the end of its long trek, Mary's mother's brother, Christopher Dixon, came out from Salt Lake to meet the wagon train. He brought a team of horses and a light wagon. He took the Wightman children back to Salt Lake City with him. One night they were camped in a cave with a bear. They also spent one night in Echo Canyon. They reached Salt Lake City a week ahead of the wagon train.
 When the wagon train arrived in the Salt Lake Valley in 1862, Brigham Young sent them to Payson, Utah to make their home. Mary often told how her uncle Arvil Simons had sent her future husband, -Matthew Daley, to the point of the mountain to meet the wagon train and escort them to Payson. Mary said Mr. Simons had told Matthew to take the "pick of the girls,” and how he'd looked when they met him.
 Mary often told of her wedding day, March 1, I863. There was a large crowd of relatives at the wedding. During the next two or three years, Mathew spent much of his time rescuing saints whose wagons broke clown or who were stranded on the prairie. He had a four-horse team and a large wagon which he used in these operations.
 During this time Mary lived with her aunt and uncle, William and Jane Wightman. They raised calves and made and sold butter and cheese. Also during this period, William and Amy were born. William did not live very long. Between trips, Matthew worked for his father-in-law, Charles B. Wightman, in the blacksmith shop at 814 South Main Street in Payson. Sometime in 1866, he began to work in the blacksmith shop on a regular basis.
 He built a little house on Cow Lane known as the Gary Stevens House. Here Mary, Lille, and David were born. Soon after Arthur was born, Matthew sold their house to Uncle Jesse Knight and the family moved to Thistle Valley where they built a log house, The Indians stole all of their cattle, so they moved to Grass Valley and built a two-room log house. Here Carolyn (Dollie) and Wilford Frank were born. Then they went back to Payson living in the Wightman house at 814 South Main where Hyrum and David were born.
 It was hard to move from place to place with such a large family, Mary had many hardships making a home for her family in various situations and circumstances— nevertheless, she loved the Lord and was always willing to help the poor and those in need. 
She had a vivid recollection of Kirtland, Ohio and told of things that occurred in the Kirtland Temple after most of the saints had left. She told of entertaining Martin Harris at her parent's home and of his testimony of having seen the Angel Moroni and the Gold Plates from which the Book of Mormon was translated. 
In 1892, Matthew drove his cows from Grass Valley, Koosharem and rented the Dixon Ranch east of Payson* They made cheese during that summer.
 He built the Daley home located back of the high school on Canyon Road. He hired Chet Brimhall to lay the rock and brick. The brick was made west of Payson, the lime was hauled from Provo, and the lumber came from Grass Valley near Koosharem. Matthew paid the men with fresh beef he had raised. This home was one of the most beautiful homes in Payson at the time, with a blacksmith shop in the rear and fifteen acres planted into orchard, berries, and garden. They sold produce to the miners going to work in Eureka.
 Mary and Matthew lived here until they bought the Roy Porter home on South Main Street, Payson. 
Matthew Daley passed away June 30, 1920. It was a lonely time for Mary, but she continued to care for her home and yard, and her family. She loved to tell the stories of her life, and often spoke of how Eliza R. Snow had said to her, that she would be like "Sarah” of old with children in her old age." She knew the gospel of Jesus Christ was true and that Joseph Smith was a true prophet, and she often bore her testimony to her children. In her later years, children or grandchildren lived with her to care for her and spent the last of her 8 years living with her daughter Carolyn (Dollie) Mansfield. Mary Elizabeth Wightman Daley died in Payson, Utah, February 5, 1931, and is buried in the Payson City Cemetery. She was a loving mother and grandmother and a faithful Latter-day Saint.

I love this Great Great Grandmother for the sacrifices she made as a pioneer. She was stalwart and true to the faith. I hope to meet her someday and learn even more about her life. 
Her example gives me courage when I have moments of struggles and trials. I  know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is true and that my ancestors have blessed our lives by their strong testimonies of The Prophet Joseph Smith and the Restoration of the Gospel of Christ. 

HAPPY 24TH OF JULY - Pioneer Day Celebration!

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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Summer Begins~

Today, I decided to just write some thoughts that I have been having. First off, I'm tired, and I am feeling my age. There have been a whirlwind of activities and events to go to and to participate in. Here is what the last few weeks have been like. We enjoyed all of these extraordinary times, but now I do need some catch-up time and a nap. 
We had a marvelous Father's Day Celebration with our Daughter Jenni, Michael and their children; Alyssa, Emma, and Benjamin.
My oldest son Sean, and his family had a big celebration for his 50th Birthday at Jordenelle Park. I have been thinking about how fast time goes and how can he really be 50 years old. Wow, that ages me immediately. Just to believe that 50 years ago we became parents.
I remember well his birth. He was born on a beautiful summer morning at the LDS hospital. The room that I had looked out over the valley and had a great view of the Salt Lake Temple. It was a peaceful, sweet birth for a first baby. We were overjoyed to have a boy. He has been a great son. As a child, he was happy and fun. We had our teenage problems, but in general, he was obedient, and we are pleased with the path he has taken. I was excited to celebrate this beautiful moment with him and his family.
We had a fantastic time with their family. The Lake was beautiful, and they had a spectacular moment on the boat, and in the water.

We were able to attend a Soccer tournament for our grandson, Joshua. He is the one in the turquoise shirt. He plays goalie for the team. They won all their games so they will be going to another tournament. It was a fun game to watch.
My oldest daughter Christina, Brandon and their children; April, Abbey, Faith, and Levi came to stay for a few days. I was so excited to see her and her family. In January they moved from Perth Australia to Minneapolis, Minnesota.  I am glad to have her closer.
I am thrilled that her sister Jenni and family are here to be with her also. I love when my daughters have some moments together. I will have a total of 13 of us here for several days. It makes life a touch complicated. However, we all do well and have many fun times together.
Our grandson, Jackson was on his bike and hit by a distracted driver. He was taken by ambulance to the hospital. He hurt his shoulder and had some abrasions. The nurse in the Emergency room told me that he was a fortunate young man. His parents were out of town, so his siblings pulled together to help him. 
Our daughters and families went up to see how he was doing and to take dinner to him the day after the accident. He also requested a Priesthood blessing while we were there. He is doing well for now. He may have to have surgery for torn muscles in his shoulder. 
He also turned 23 years old and here are a few photos of his birthday party. 
In between all of this activity, I had a Relief Society Stake leadership training meeting. Almost all of our Relief Society Presidencies members were present.  Our presidency did training on Ministering, Council Meetings, and the Site. I have been reading a lot about Ministering, and see how important it is in helping us have a Zion's heart, and build a Zion Society.
We had our weekly temple assignment on Saturday, and that is a highlight of the week.  I find great peace in the temple and love the moments that I can assist with the work.
Meanwhile, I made a few visits to some sisters in our Stake. I love these visits, and the opportunity I have to get to know the sisters in the Stake better.
We left last Friday for our trip to Idaho Falls. We stayed with our son James, Amber, and their children; Christian, Taylor Jo and Averi. Our daughter Jenni, Michael and their children; Alyssa, Emma, and Benjamin, came too. They stayed in James and Amber's trailer in the driveway; which was perfect. Then on Saturday, we traveled to Sugar City Idaho to attend the baptism of our youngest grandson, Layton. His baptismal service was a spiritual moment. We are so proud of him for choosing to be baptized and confirmed a member of "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  We had 3 of our families with us which made it extra special.
Here is a photo of all three of our families with us. I feel so blessed to have been able to be with these precious children. I, of course, missed my other three families. Families are forever, and we are so blessed to have a large posterity to enjoy.
There was a lot of cousin bonding over the past couple of weeks. I have loved watching them together and enjoying each other. 
On Sunday we went to sacrament meeting with our Son James and family. We then left for Sugar City again to attend the church block with Travis and his family. Then we visited our Grandson's Ethan's Eagle Court of Honor. We are so pleased that he finished his road to this Eagle award. It was an incredible moment for us all.
We drove back to Idaho Falls to attend the Patriarchal Blessing of our Granddaughter, Taylor Jo. It was one of the most spiritual experiences I have had for a while. She received some marvelous blessings and counsel from her Heavenly Father. I shed many tears on this one.
As we left Idaho Falls to come home we went with our granddaughter, Taylor Jo to see the Barn where she takes Horseback riding lessons. She is learning how to jump the horse. This place boards quite a few horses and she knows them all by name and several of them she has ridden. She is kind of a horse whisperer. You can see the love she has for them, and they love her too. She is a marvelous young woman.
Life is good, and I love that I am active and involved in many things.  I continue to grow in my testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and our purpose in this life. My dearest eternal companion and I are continuing to read from The Book of Mormon daily, and our testimony of the truthfulness of this book has increased tenfold. We know that this book is right and when it is read and studied; it can bless the lives of those that learned from its pages. It indeed is a testament to our Savior Jesus Christ's visit to the Americas after his resurrection. There are dominant doctrine and principles found within. It can help strengthen your faith in Christ, and you can find within the pages of this book great purpose and direction for your life. You can find answers to your prayers within its pages. If you haven't read it you can get a free copy here are read in online here.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Celebrations And Memories ~

May and June were great months for celebrations and making memories. It was a busy and fulfilling time for sure. 
Our precious 19-year-old Granddaughter, April came for a visit from Minneapolis, Minnesota. We had a great time with her. Thr first thing we did was to attend BYU Women's Conference which four on the Brigham Young University Campas. The theme for the meetings was “Strengthen One Another in the Lord.” I had a dear friend Wendy who came with us. She serves with me in the Stake Relief Society Presidency. We enjoyed all of the classes we attended and especially loved the guest speakers for the opening and closing of the conference. We learned a lot about Ministering in the Lord's way. We also attended an enjoyable evening of entertainment. We were able to see 4 different groups perform: Mercy River, Gentri, Jenny Oaks Baker and Calee Reed. They were fabulous. 
Roger and I took our Granddaughter April to Temple Square. We spent most of our time touring the Conference center and the Temple grounds. We also had a lovely lunch in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. 
This time of the year Temple Square is lovely. The flowers are beautiful, and the water fountains are spectacular. I love the old trees on the temple grounds. They have been there since the pioneer days.

These photos below are from the Conference Center roof. There is an excellent view of the city from there. 
We had a delightful Mother's Day Celebration. My son in law's mother Irene came for dinner. She is a very close and treasured friend of mine. We had a beautiful Sabbath day and delicious meal. I received lovely flowers, cards and phone calls from my children. 
A few days later, my sweet husband, and I went to the Riverton Park for a picnic. It is a lovely place. We ate, took a walk through the park and sat under a tree and read our novels. It was a marvelous relaxing day for us. 

During May, we went to three of our Grandson's Soccer Games. It is always fun to watch them play. They are terrific players. 
Grandson, Jeffery~
Grandson, Joshua
Grandson, Benjamin - Ben is 7th one over on the first photo. 
We also attended our first LaCrosse game ever. It was enjoyable to watch. There were three young men that we know playing in this game. They play for Bingham High which is the High School in our area. 
On May 20th our beloved Temple; The Jordan River Utah Temple was re-dedicated. We had enjoyed attending the dedication at our Stake Center. It was a spiritual family event for us and Daughter, Jenni, Michael and the children. You can read more about it here and here.

Our sweet Granddaughter, Alyssa was able to participate in several youth activities in preparation for the re-dedication of the temple. She loved being part of the big celebration.  You can read about it here. 
We had a delightful Family Home Evening with the family that is living with us now. It was a pleasant June evening. 
Millan and Leone (my Dad and Mom)
We had two memories on June 1st. The photo above is of my dear parents. I miss them so much.  My parents would have celebrated their 82nd Wedding Anniversary this year. I still feel like they are celebrating it in the Spirit World. I have the best of parents and have many fond and fantastic memories of my times with them. I still grieve for my parents even though they have both passed away some years ago; my father in 2001 and my mother in 2005. 
LaMar and Nyal ( my father and mother in law) 
Another particular moment was celebrated in our church on June 1st. This year is the 40th Anniversary of the Revelation that extended the Priesthood to all worthy males of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This revelation had a profound impact on many parts of the world. It was an incredible moment for many of people of Africa. My Father and Mother in law in the photo above had a great deal to do with spreading the gospel to the people in Nigeria and Lagos. 
In 1961, President David O. McKay assigned Elder LaMar Williams, secretary to the Church Missionary Department, to go to Nigeria on a fact-finding mission to determine if the people were sincere and willing to accept membership in the Church even though they could not yet hold the priesthood. Although Elder Williams had been responding to the flood of letters from Africa, he was not prepared for what he found there. He was met at the airport in Nigeria by ten pastors with whom he had been corresponding. He was surprised to discover that not only did each pastor operate independently but they were not even aware of each other. 
Here are the few paragraphs from his journal that he wrote about his first visit to Nigeria. You can find the article entitled Pioneers of Africa by E. Dale LeBaron in the LDS Living Magazine May/June 2018 issue on pages 40-48. The beginning two paragraphs and the last paragraph are from this article. 
Here are the journal entries from my father in law. 
"It was hot as blazes...My suit was wringing wet...When I turned the meeting back to (the pastor), I heard a murmur all through the congregation...and the (pastor) said to me, "They don't want to go home. They have something to say." Then for three hours, these people were standing up bearing testimonies to the truthfulness of the Church and how they believed in the prophets. I could not believe what I was hearing. 
One elderly gentleman stood and spoke emphatically: "I am an old man. I am sick. But when I heard you were going to be here, I walked 16 miles this morning to see you and to hear what you have to say. I still have to walk 16 miles to get back home, and I am not well. I want you to know that I am sincere or I would not be here. I have not seen President McKay. I have not seen God. But I have seen you, and I will hold you personally accountable to tell President McKay that I am sincere." 
President Fisher reported to the First Presidency that he found the people of Nigeria to be very sincere and devout in their convictions about the Book of Mormon, the Prophet Joseph Smith, and the Restoration. He recommended that the Church send missionary couples to Africa to organize the Church and begin baptizing those who were ready.
Elder Williams made two additional trips to Nigeria. In 1966. President McKay called Elder and Sister Williams and two other couples to serve as the first missionaries in Nigeria. However, the Nigerian government refused to issue the needed visas, and very soon after Elder William's third trip, the Biafra War - the most destructive civil war to that point in recorded African history - erupted in Nigeria. The most vicious fighting occurred in the same area where these faithful congregations were located, and the Church was compelled to abandon its efforts. It would be many long years before they were allowed to return.

I remember well the day that this revelation was announced. We were living in Paradise, California at the time. I had just finished a conversation on the phone with a very dear friend from San Jose, California where we had lived for three years. I then received the news of this revelation. I quickly called my beloved husband at work to tell him. We were all very excited to hear this news. Later our father in law told us that he had met President Spencer W. Kimball, the Prophet and then President of the church, who received this revelation on the temple grounds the day before and he said to LaMar that he would be thrilled about an announcement that would be announced the next day.  
I miss my father and mother in law too. They were so very dear to me. I felt like I was their daughter also. 

We had a fantastic birthday celebration for our dear daughter Jenni-Marie. It's been fun having them living with us, and now we can celebrate her birthday with her. We enjoyed the moments on this one. 
On this Wednesday, June 13th, my Eternal Companion and I will celebrate our 51st Wedding Anniversary. I am looking forward to this day. We are planning on going to the Salt Lake Temple to do sealings for some ancestors. We then plan to go to lunch and later on we will go to the new Star Wars movie. This will be fun since on our 13th wedding anniversary we attended one of the Star War movies, and it was a memorable day. 
I am married to one of the kindest, most loving, devoted husband and father that I know. I love this man with all my heart and am very happy that we are married and sealed together for eternity. 
Top Left row: Jacob, our grandson; Ethan, our grandson; Travis, our son - Middle Row: Left Dave, our Son in law; Layton, our grandson; Jenni, our daughter. Bottom Row: Karli, our granddaughter, James, our son; Sean, our son. 
Happy Birthday Shout Out to Children and Grandchildren for May and June. It's slew of them; each very precious to us. We love you all!


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