Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Celebrations And Memories ~

May and June were great months for celebrations and making memories. It was a busy and fulfilling time for sure. 
Our precious 19-year-old Granddaughter, April came for a visit from Minneapolis, Minnesota. We had a great time with her. Thr first thing we did was to attend BYU Women's Conference which four on the Brigham Young University Campas. The theme for the meetings was “Strengthen One Another in the Lord.” I had a dear friend Wendy who came with us. She serves with me in the Stake Relief Society Presidency. We enjoyed all of the classes we attended and especially loved the guest speakers for the opening and closing of the conference. We learned a lot about Ministering in the Lord's way. We also attended an enjoyable evening of entertainment. We were able to see 4 different groups perform: Mercy River, Gentri, Jenny Oaks Baker and Calee Reed. They were fabulous. 
Roger and I took our Granddaughter April to Temple Square. We spent most of our time touring the Conference center and the Temple grounds. We also had a lovely lunch in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. 
This time of the year Temple Square is lovely. The flowers are beautiful, and the water fountains are spectacular. I love the old trees on the temple grounds. They have been there since the pioneer days.

These photos below are from the Conference Center roof. There is an excellent view of the city from there. 
We had a delightful Mother's Day Celebration. My son in law's mother Irene came for dinner. She is a very close and treasured friend of mine. We had a beautiful Sabbath day and delicious meal. I received lovely flowers, cards and phone calls from my children. 
A few days later, my sweet husband, and I went to the Riverton Park for a picnic. It is a lovely place. We ate, took a walk through the park and sat under a tree and read our novels. It was a marvelous relaxing day for us. 

During May, we went to three of our Grandson's Soccer Games. It is always fun to watch them play. They are terrific players. 
Grandson, Jeffery~
Grandson, Joshua
Grandson, Benjamin - Ben is 7th one over on the first photo. 
We also attended our first LaCrosse game ever. It was enjoyable to watch. There were three young men that we know playing in this game. They play for Bingham High which is the High School in our area. 
On May 20th our beloved Temple; The Jordan River Utah Temple was re-dedicated. We had enjoyed attending the dedication at our Stake Center. It was a spiritual family event for us and Daughter, Jenni, Michael and the children. You can read more about it here and here.

Our sweet Granddaughter, Alyssa was able to participate in several youth activities in preparation for the re-dedication of the temple. She loved being part of the big celebration.  You can read about it here. 
We had a delightful Family Home Evening with the family that is living with us now. It was a pleasant June evening. 
Millan and Leone (my Dad and Mom)
We had two memories on June 1st. The photo above is of my dear parents. I miss them so much.  My parents would have celebrated their 82nd Wedding Anniversary this year. I still feel like they are celebrating it in the Spirit World. I have the best of parents and have many fond and fantastic memories of my times with them. I still grieve for my parents even though they have both passed away some years ago; my father in 2001 and my mother in 2005. 
LaMar and Nyal ( my father and mother in law) 
Another particular moment was celebrated in our church on June 1st. This year is the 40th Anniversary of the Revelation that extended the Priesthood to all worthy males of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This revelation had a profound impact on many parts of the world. It was an incredible moment for many of people of Africa. My Father and Mother in law in the photo above had a great deal to do with spreading the gospel to the people in Nigeria and Lagos. 
In 1961, President David O. McKay assigned Elder LaMar Williams, secretary to the Church Missionary Department, to go to Nigeria on a fact-finding mission to determine if the people were sincere and willing to accept membership in the Church even though they could not yet hold the priesthood. Although Elder Williams had been responding to the flood of letters from Africa, he was not prepared for what he found there. He was met at the airport in Nigeria by ten pastors with whom he had been corresponding. He was surprised to discover that not only did each pastor operate independently but they were not even aware of each other. 
Here are the few paragraphs from his journal that he wrote about his first visit to Nigeria. You can find the article entitled Pioneers of Africa by E. Dale LeBaron in the LDS Living Magazine May/June 2018 issue on pages 40-48. The beginning two paragraphs and the last paragraph are from this article. 
Here are the journal entries from my father in law. 
"It was hot as blazes...My suit was wringing wet...When I turned the meeting back to (the pastor), I heard a murmur all through the congregation...and the (pastor) said to me, "They don't want to go home. They have something to say." Then for three hours, these people were standing up bearing testimonies to the truthfulness of the Church and how they believed in the prophets. I could not believe what I was hearing. 
One elderly gentleman stood and spoke emphatically: "I am an old man. I am sick. But when I heard you were going to be here, I walked 16 miles this morning to see you and to hear what you have to say. I still have to walk 16 miles to get back home, and I am not well. I want you to know that I am sincere or I would not be here. I have not seen President McKay. I have not seen God. But I have seen you, and I will hold you personally accountable to tell President McKay that I am sincere." 
President Fisher reported to the First Presidency that he found the people of Nigeria to be very sincere and devout in their convictions about the Book of Mormon, the Prophet Joseph Smith, and the Restoration. He recommended that the Church send missionary couples to Africa to organize the Church and begin baptizing those who were ready.
Elder Williams made two additional trips to Nigeria. In 1966. President McKay called Elder and Sister Williams and two other couples to serve as the first missionaries in Nigeria. However, the Nigerian government refused to issue the needed visas, and very soon after Elder William's third trip, the Biafra War - the most destructive civil war to that point in recorded African history - erupted in Nigeria. The most vicious fighting occurred in the same area where these faithful congregations were located, and the Church was compelled to abandon its efforts. It would be many long years before they were allowed to return.

I remember well the day that this revelation was announced. We were living in Paradise, California at the time. I had just finished a conversation on the phone with a very dear friend from San Jose, California where we had lived for three years. I then received the news of this revelation. I quickly called my beloved husband at work to tell him. We were all very excited to hear this news. Later our father in law told us that he had met President Spencer W. Kimball, the Prophet and then President of the church, who received this revelation on the temple grounds the day before and he said to LaMar that he would be thrilled about an announcement that would be announced the next day.  
I miss my father and mother in law too. They were so very dear to me. I felt like I was their daughter also. 

We had a fantastic birthday celebration for our dear daughter Jenni-Marie. It's been fun having them living with us, and now we can celebrate her birthday with her. We enjoyed the moments on this one. 
On this Wednesday, June 13th, my Eternal Companion and I will celebrate our 51st Wedding Anniversary. I am looking forward to this day. We are planning on going to the Salt Lake Temple to do sealings for some ancestors. We then plan to go to lunch and later on we will go to the new Star Wars movie. This will be fun since on our 13th wedding anniversary we attended one of the Star War movies, and it was a memorable day. 
I am married to one of the kindest, most loving, devoted husband and father that I know. I love this man with all my heart and am very happy that we are married and sealed together for eternity. 
Top Left row: Jacob, our grandson; Ethan, our grandson; Travis, our son - Middle Row: Left Dave, our Son in law; Layton, our grandson; Jenni, our daughter. Bottom Row: Karli, our granddaughter, James, our son; Sean, our son. 
Happy Birthday Shout Out to Children and Grandchildren for May and June. It's slew of them; each very precious to us. We love you all!

Friday, May 25, 2018

The Simple Woman's Daybook Entry - May 24th, 2018 - "Each Day Is A Gift" ~

For Today
This is a fantastic day! The temperatures are going up and up. It's been off and on cool for quite some time but today is sunny and warming up. 

It's been a really long time since I have done a The Simple Woman's Daybook Entry. I have had a lot of things on my mind so I thought this would be an excellent way to share my thoughts. 
Looking out my window
Recently, my dear SNL took over my office for his work. I relocated to my husband's office, so my desk looks directly out the window. Here is a photo of what I can see. I actually am enjoying being in the same room with my hubby. Having two offices was a drawback to conversing. I love this. 
I am thinking
Yesterday, I had a delightful experience at our newly opened re-dedicated Jordan River Utah Temple. My husband had I worked in this temple for 8 years as ordinance workers and then went on a two-year full-time Member Leadership Support Mission for our Church while the temple was closed. It was a stay at home mission, and we loved serving in it. However, to be back helping in the temple again has been our goal. 

 Yesterday was my second day of working there. I served as a mentor. I was helping new sisters, who are just learning. My role was to show them how to do the various things that ordinance workers are assigned to do. I was serving in an area where I was working with a patron and a new ordinance worker. This patron had cerebral palsy, and as she was doing the work; she did it correctly but loudly and at a slow pace. Tears came because it was an endearing moment. I looked at her and saw a beautiful daughter of God doing the best she could do.  
Our Granddaughter, Averi, and her father, James, our son.
I reflected then on my precious granddaughter that is blind and autistic. Her name is Averi, and you can read about her here.  I know that God has a unique plan for her. They don't have to experience life in the same way we do. Their lives are hard in a very unusual way. They are innocent and free from sin. Through the Atonement of Jesus Christ, they have already merited a place with our Heavenly Father. As we interrelate with them, we ourselves learn many things. I feel that the parents, siblings, and caregivers of special needs individuals are some of the dearest people I have ever met. As they give their time in caring for them, they grow in compassion, love, patience, tolerance and all the attributes of Christ. It may not seem like a gift to them at the time but it is. These children are blessings in their lives. I know that some of my happiest moments are when I can be with my Averi. She brightens everyone life around her. She is always happy. She is impressive in her own little world of thinking. She is a savant on the scale of autism. Anyone can tell her their birthdate, and she can tell them precisely the day of the year their birthday falls on. She also can recall what she was doing on various days that you give her a date. She can play the piano by ear. She started doing this at age 3. She can read Braille and care for most of her own needs. She doesn't carry on a two-way conversation very well. She will answer questions, and that is about all. She is a beloved student in her school and everyone knows her. She has learned a number of skills but probably won't ever be independent. I am so proud of my son James, daughter in law, Amber and their other children Taylor Jo and Christian for the love and tender care they give to this lovely granddaughter of ours. 

I am thankful
Wow, my list of things I am grateful for is too long to list here. Let's just say that I am very appreciative that I was born in this beautiful world to live and this time of the earth's existence where we have so many marvelous advantages and advancements not had before upon this earth.  I am thankful to my Heavenly Father for the miraculous gift of my husband and family. I have deep faith in His Plan of Salvation. I know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is true and that we have a Living Prophet to guide us through our challenges of life. I am deeply grateful for The Book of Mormon which gives me guidance, comfort, and answers to many of life's questions. 

One of my favorite things

One of my favorite things to do is go on a date with my husband each week. Sometimes we don't have a moment to do that, but most of the time we do. We like to go to movies, eat out of course and then sometimes just sit and talk with one another and watch an excellent video at home. I most of all like to hold his hand and kissing is good too. 

I am creating
Actually, I am not building anything right now. I need to get my self in gear and do something. I am thinking about creating a bucket list of things I would like to do and accomplish this summer.  
I am wearing
I am wearing light blue capris, a pink blouse, and gray slippers. Yup! It's casual day for me.

I am reading (read) /watching (watched) / listening to
I am reading; "Only The Brave" by Gerald Lund. It is an amazing story of the pioneers that settle San Juan County in the late 1800's. It's a sequel book to one he wrote entitled:"The Undaunted." It is an incredible story of hardship and the successes of these stalwart pioneers. They were faithful and sent to this area by their Prophet to settle and establish relationships with the native Americans in that area and to overcome the environmental issues that they had to face.  How they did this, I will never know. I just know we are a very blessed people to live in this era. 
I have been reading 10 pages from The Book of Mormon every day since last September. I have now read this marvelous book 4 times. We are currently reading it for the 5th time. Every time I read this book; I find something new to ponder and think about. It is the most correct and true book on the earth today. It is the perfect parent manual. It tells of God's dealings with the people of ancient America and the coming of Christ to this continent after His Resurrection. It is a priceless book of scripture. 
I recently finished watching the Hallmark series of: "When Comes The Heart." The last episode was so sad that I cried for a long time after it. I love this era and enjoyed this series and will look forward to the new season next year. 

I am hoping
I am hoping that this summer my husband and I can get away for a few days. My dream vacation is to go up to a cabin where there is no internet and sit by a lake or stream and read a good novel and just talk and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. I want total peace and quiet for a few days. 

I am learning
I am learning that I can do hard things. At my age, I thought I would have a slow life of doing whatever I wanted. Instead, I am busy doing many things that I do enjoy but often times not my first choice. My life is more active than I thought it would be. I have more responsibilities than I thought I would have. It is all good, but it wasn't what I pictured. I still like the idea of rocking in a chair on the back porch and reading a good novel. I think I will try to catch a moment or two of doing just that. 

In my kitchen
Wow, nothing is going on in my kitchen except chaos. I seldom plan meals. We just kind of do our own thing and then sometimes we cook for our daughter and family, and sometimes they cook for us. I think right now they do more of the cooking. I did find an excellent cookie recipe that I want to try; except I am trying to eat less and less sugar. It's a bummer. 

In our church, we are starting a new era of ministering to one another. Here is a fantastic message entitled;" Ministering As The Savior Does" by President Jean B. Bingham; General Relief Society President of the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. 

Share Quote
I do love this quote!

Closing Notes
It has been a very long time since I have written a Daybook entry. They are fun to do. I love to write posts and read the writing of my blogging friends. I hope to do this more often. May you know the love I have for my readers and I am grateful for your friendship through the years. I have been blogging for 8 years, and it has fulfilled a great desire in my life. 
Blessings and hugs for all! 

You can read more wonderful The Simple Woman's Daybook entries here and join us all in writing a daybook post.     http://thesimplewoman.blogspot.com/ 

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Happy Mother's Day To All Women Everywhere~

Happy Mother's Day to you all!
I believe that all women are mother's regardless of their present circumstances. Whether you are single, married, have children, do not have children; you are and can be an example of a nurturing mother. Because you are a woman, you have unique gifts given you at the time of your birth to bring goodness to the world. You can lift, love, care for, nurture, teach, be an example, and most of all have a charitable heart for all. You have the God-given capacity to influence with love all children and families, within your present realm of responsibilities.

Our moments in the Pre-Existence with our Father and Mother in Heaven
Each of you is a spirit child of loving Heavenly Parents. I know that I have a Heavenly Mother. I like to imagine what she might be like. I know in my heart that she is a magnificent being. I feel that she taught us in the Spirit world in preparation for coming here. I think that her example left an imprint on each of us of her divine traits. I have the thought that she is often near us when we need her; but unseen for now. Someday we will meet her in the Heavenly courts on high.
Lucile Johnson, a well-known author, and speaker stated the following: "My Beloved sister in the gospel, whatever your circumstances in life, please remember that you come from a pair of perfect celestial parents. They have perfect integrity, perfect self-control, perfect love. And the laws of heredity make it possible for you to become like them."
Our first parents - Adam and Eve 
A thank you to our Mother Eve, the first woman and mother on earth. She paved the way for all of us to be here. President Gordan B. Hinckley declared that when our Father created woman, it was "the crowning of His glorious work." Said he, "I like to regard Eve as His masterpiece after all that had gone on before.
I love these thoughts from Sheri Dew in a pamphlet entitled "Oh, How We Need Each Other:" As modern-day daughters of Eve, as inheritors of her majesty and her potential, we have work to do and influence to wield. Precisely because of our unprecedented access to both knowledge and technology, we can help advance the cause of Jesus Christ more than any women have ever been able to help."
Through our own efforts and love for others, we can help invite others to come unto Christ. We minister with love as the Savior would in our homes, families, workplaces, and community.
We all have a mother. Perhaps, we have had complicated relationships with our moms. Maybe, we lost our mother at a young age and didn't have her influence. You may have been raised by someone other than your own earthly mother.
I do hope all of you have had some beautiful women that have lifted you and blessed your life and been an example of mothering to you.
My Mother and I - My Precious Mother~
I was blessed with a loving, kind and nurturing mother.  I would love to go talk to her right this minute. Since her passing in 2005, I have actually gone towards the phone thinking; I need to call my Mom. I miss her more than words can express. I still have moments like today when I shed tears and want to feel her near. I can say that I have felt her close during my trials. I feel strongly that our loved ones from the spirit world are around us and are near when needed. I do know that my mother is near me.
I could write an essay on the qualities and gifts that my Mom had. I would say that she was always there for me and loved me with all her heart. She would and did do everything within her power to be an excellent example to me. She was a loving and caring mother and went about doing good. She had the gift of charity.
Thank you, dear Mother, for all you did for me. I do wish I could part the veil and see you for just a moment. I hope that I am the kind of mother and grandmother that you were. I pray that you know exactly how I feel. It was a privilege beyond measure to care for you in your last days. I love and miss you, Mom. Happy Mother's Day!
I know that someday, I will be reunited with my parents and brothers who now reside in the spirit world. I know this because we have been sealed as a family forever in the temple. This brings me great comfort when missing you all overwhelms me.
My Mother, Nyal
I am very grateful for my dearest Mother in law, Nyal Williams. She was a fantastic mother, and I was very close to her. She was terrific at ministering and showing loving concern for all. She taught school and her pupils loved her because of her kind and caring nature. She served with her husband on more than one mission. She was the wife of a Mission President. In fulfilling that calling she was a mother to over a hundred Elders and Sisters in the mission field. She would have been the one that would receive calls for all of their needs and emergencies. I know she was much loved by those beautiful missionaries during the three years they served. I miss and love you sweet mother too!
I want to express a Happy Mother's Day wish to all my magnificent three Daughters, Christina, Jenni-Marie, and Tiffani; my marvelous Daughters-in-law; Mary, Amanda and Amber and my two precious  Granddaughter in-laws; Jessica and Dana. I love you all and hope you have an extra special Mother's Day. You are all spectacular nurturing, loving Mothers. I am so proud of you and the brilliant grandchildren that are my posterity.  
Here is one of my favorite Mother's Day songs; enjoy!

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Celebrating Spring 2018

Wow, more family fun and extra special moments for April of 2018 

We continued to enjoy the blessing of having our youngest daughter Tiffani, Dave and their children; Michael, Sarah, Kaitlyn and William. They were able to get tickets to attend The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints General Conference. They had a lot of fun with their family going to the Conference center and enjoying the atmosphere of Temple Square. There were over 21,000 people that attended this conference and many more in other buildings in the area. The meeting was also broadcast on Television and at Stake Centers throughout the world. We were able to watch all sessions in our home. 
It was enjoyable to have both of our daughter's families with us for Easter Weekend and the following week. We did several fun activities. We went out to eat a few times.Their families went swimming and to movies.They enjoyed playing games together. They love being on their devices, but sometimes they played an actual game on their Kindles together. I didn't know you could do that. I loved when I saw them playing board games. All the cousins got a long well and enjoyed being with each other. The grandchildren that were the same age bonded together and were pretty much inseparable. 
This is our daughter Jenni, Michael and their children; Alyssa, Emma, and Benjamin. We are having a delightful time with them living in our home for now. There's never a dull moment around here.

Roger and I had the opportunity to be ushers during the Jordan River Temple open house more than once. We were also able to take some choice friends with us through the Temple open house. The temple is magnificent and being prepared for the temple re-dedication on May 20th, 2018. My husband and I will then return to work as ordinance workers on May 21st. We plan to work every Saturday morning shift from 5am to 11:30pm. 
On Tuesday, April 10th, we had our Stake Relief Society Dinner. It was a fantastic event and took many hands to make it all happen. We had approximately 300 sisters that came. There was a delightful dinner and then a great program. Our speaker was Sister Lansing from the Utah Salt Lake South Mission. She gave a beautiful message on the temple. There was a lovely musical number and then closing remarks from our Stake President, Tim McCoy. 

On April 14th, we said goodbye to our Adamson family. It was hard to see them go. We had such a good time with them all. The cousins had great bonding moments, and it was fun to have the sisters together again. 

Yup, this was a memorable moment. It's the aftermath of having 11 people staying with us.
We attended a temple session at the Bountiful Utah Temple. Our Grandson Jackson, Mary our Daughter in law and our two daughters Tiffani and Jenni came with us. It was really a sweet day. After our session, we had dinner in the temple dining room. 
 We had a priceless moment with our 97-year-old Aunt Alene. We drove down to Monroe to visit her. We had a wonderful time with her. She is amazing. She always shares excellent stories with us. She has a fantastic memory. She had my Great Grandfather's violin there. I was overcome with emotion when I saw it. I found out for the first time that she used to play the violin and was very good at. I tried to get her to play again. We had such a great time being down there in my hometown area and spending quality time with her. 
This was Grandpa and Grandma day with the kids. Grandpa took Benjamin to his 2nd ever Soccer game. I tagged along with a little later. He played really well, and we were so proud of him. I had fun taking pictures. They won 2-1, and he had some great saves as the goalie and later as a player on the field. 
The Grandma took the two girls; Alyssa and Emma shopping at the mall. We had a fabulous time. The girls tried on some party dresses for the fun of it. They loved dressing up and feeling like princesses. We ended up finding a couple of Sunday dresses. We had lunch together and shopped until we dropped. Of course, at my age, this didn't take long. 

On April 23rd, our Grandson Michael received his mission call to serve in the Texas Lubbock Mission; Spanish speaking. He will be entering the Mission Training Center in Provo, Utah on July 18th. We are so excited for him. The map in the photo above has marks where friend and family guessed that he would go. His Grandpa guessed Spanish speaking Texas and or Florida. 

I had fun going with three friends; Betty, Helen and Tina from my ward to the Jordan River Temple open house. Being with these beautiful sisters was awesome. We had such a good time. We went out for a bunch after to Kneaders; so that was yummy. 
Later on, I was able to take two other dear friends, Jane and Kami through the open house too. 

A Happy Birthday shouts out to two of my dear daughter, Tiffani, and Granddaughter, April. Tiffani presently lives in Spokane, Washington. April lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 
This ended our spectacular month of April. It's been a fun month with family, church activities and friends. 


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