Monday, March 1, 2010

Welcome To The World - Jadyn Abby Williams~

Life just gets sweeter. There is nothing more miraculous than to hold your first child in your arms and then come the other miracles into your life. I was blessed with six noble spirits. On February 17th we welcomed our first great grandchild a little baby named Jadyn Abby Williams. She is indeed a gift from Heaven. We relished the few moments of holding her in our arms. She too will get to enjoy the many happy days of earth life and those incredible moments of joy. Just here with her was a moment of joy for me.
Sweet Baby Jadyn and Jessica had a couple of complications after birth. A priesthood blessing and prayers and she is doing well. The following pictures are: 

Mommy Jessica and baby Jadyn
Daddy   Jed and baby Jadyn
Great Grandpa and baby Jadyn
Great Grandma and baby Jadyn

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