Saturday, October 29, 2016

Joy- filled October Missionary and Family Moments~

The fall weather has been so beautiful. We decided to ask a very dear couple that we are teaching to go down with us to Ashton Gardens to see the "Light of The World" Sculptures of Jesus Christ's life. It was a lovely clear day and we had so much fun. 
First of all, we had a lunch there and the restaurant's decor is really nice. The food was delicious so that was good too.
There were 57 displays of Scarecrows. Such a variety of creativity was found in all of them We were to vote on our favorite one. It was kind of hard to choose since they were all so unique. Take some time and see if you can spot a favorite among them all. 

The photo below on the Left is a real live person. She was there in the park doing a dramatization of a scary Halloween story. It was spooky, alright! The one on the right is one of my favorites only because it was creepy. 

This wasn't a favorite one because I don't like  politics right now. 
 I must say I found it interesting. 

My very favorite one is the Left upper top one in the photo below. This was called Hero in Heaven. The display is of three little heroes of which one of them passed away. He is the little hero in Heaven. It was precious. I remember reading about their story. 
We always love being with our friends, Jamie and John. We enjoy their fun stories, excellent humor and just have a great time together. 
Here are more photos of the gardens. You can find the photos of our first trip here.
This past two weeks we had 4 Grandson's play their last games for their High School Teams. Two of our Grandsons, who are brothers played in two games up in Idaho that were recorded on Idahosports. com. We were able to watch them play their games on the internet. The very last game the youngest brother, Ethan was able to go into the game and play on the line with his older brother, Austin. It was a spectacular moment.. Our other Grandson, Christian had a great game too; but it wasn't on line, regretfully. 

Austin, Christian and Ethan~

Here below is our Grandson, Joseph. He played his final game at Alta this week. He plays for Wasatch High School in Heber City. 
Regretfully, all of them lost their games, but we want them to know that we loved watching them this year. All four of these great young men played very well and fought hard for their teams. We are sending lots of love and hugs their way! 
 Here are the photos from Joseph's game day!
Joseph with us and his parents~ 
One of the wards we serve in had a Trunk or Treat activity last night. We had so much fun at it. We were able to visit with several of the individuals and families that we are privileged to visit or teach. We love the awesome sisters that we work with too! One of the sisters in the ward came up and said; "Wow, you two dressed up as missionaries". We had a good laugh on that one. 

Today we had the lovely opportunity to attend two wards that had their Primary Children's Sacrament meeting program that is held each year in our church. The Children's theme for this year is  "I Know The Scriptures Are True".
Basically, all the children in the Ward Primary, give short talks, little parts and lots of beautiful songs.I think I cried through most of the two programs. They were fabulous and the Spirit was there testifying of the truths that were taught through words and music. It has been a marvelous month and it's been a delightful Sabbath Day~


Debbie said...

i LOVE this family themed post, so warm and fuzzy!! and i LOVE the scarecrows, perfect for my halloween viewing pleasure!!! my favorite scarecrows are the 1st and 3rd in the first mosaic, i couldn't pick just one!!!

but my favorite part of this entry is the image of you and roger, i love that you are both smiling!!
too bad about the boys, but the families will enjoy having them home more. they are handsome young men!!

happy halloween leann!!!!

Christy Monson said...

Fun fall activities. Grandson's playing ball and Halloween. Love your missionary pictures. You are juggling a lot of balls in the air with your mission and your family. Lots of love to you both. Christy

Marsha said...

Some people really have great imaginations.....those scarecrows were fun to look at.
The top picture of you and your husband is a great photo. You both look so happy.............Serving the Lord will do that to you!
What a fun way to spend time with friends, walking around the gardens and seeing such a variety of different things on display.
Grand-kids.....ah, aren't they just the greatest. I only have one little grandson and he is the joy of my life. I can't imagine having as many as you do and getting to love each and every one of them.
Our Primary Program was this past Sunday, too. Like you, I sure had a lot of tears in my eyes. Children can bring out the best of emotions!

Galen Pearl said...

Love the photos of you and your family, and the gardens. Especially love the photo at the top of you and your husband. Happy to catch up with you.


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