Monday, August 3, 2015

Time Flies By Through July 2015~

Here a few photos from our trip to Fish Lake , Utah on July 3rd ~
The month of July seemed to be a whirl wind of family activities. We enjoyed it all. 
We started the month out by going to my home town for the 4th of July Celebration. You can read more about our trip here. We had such a good time and I enjoyed visiting with family and especially  having some time with my Uncle Keith and Aunt Alene. 
Photos at the softball game  - Middle picture, Taylor Jo and Me - Lower middle pictures are two of my grandsons - Austin and Christian~
We drove up to Idaho to see the softball game for our granddaughter, Taylor Jo on July 8th. She is such a good player and we enjoyed watching the game. They won which was even better. We had a great time with our son James & Amber and family~
Here are a few photos from the funeral and luncheon ~
Our Nephew Callahan and his sweet wife Nikki lost their dear daughter Eliza - We attended her funeral and luncheon. You can read more about Eliza's story here.  here.
Our Great Granddaughter, Myah's 1st birthday~
We next attended the Birthday Celebration for our Great Granddaughter, Myah on July 16th.
She turned 1 year old and we loved watching her open presents, and enjoy her cake. She loved her gifts and wanted to play with each one after she opened it. 
Here is a few spontaneous pictures of this awesome family. 
On July 19th our son James and Amber came down for a couple of days. It was fun to have them. They had some fun events to attend and we enjoyed our moments with them. 

Here we are at the concert~
On July 29th James and Amber came down to attend the Lady Antebellum concert. We went with him. It was fun and we enjoyed watching the crowd and listening to the music. It was a bit loud for our older ears; but it was great just being with family. Averi, our special needs granddaughter loves music and always responds to it by dancing or moving around. she was so adorable. 
Here is our grandson, Joshua. He played the position of Goalie~
On July 30th we attended three soccer games for our grandchildren here in Utah. It was a tournament playoff. We enjoyed all the games. All three boys are very good soccer players. 
Jeffery playing in his soccer game~
Here is our Grandson, Jeffery~ He plays on both the offense and defense. He has a great kick and usually makes a goal or two. 
Here are the picture of Jonathan's game~
The last game we watched was our Grandson, Jonathan. He just turned 14 years old. He usually plays goalie and offense. He is a very talented player and we always enjoy watching his games. 
We had a wonderful time together with some of our families during the fun month of July. We believe that families are forever and we love our family very much. We are so graterful for all of our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. We feel very blessed to have a large posterity of great individuals. We are very pleased with the lives that they are living. 


Marsha said...

Love all your photos containing family! Yes indeed, it's wonderful to know that Families Can Be Together, FOREVER!

Barb said...

Hi LeAnn!

Oh my goodness, I just loved looking at all your fun photos! The one of Austin and Christian walking, with their hands in their pockets . . . they are doing exactly the same thing with their hands, and walk so much alike, it's crazy!!

What a fun summer you've had, do you ever wonder how you were able to fit it all in?! It's so amazing how these beautiful grands of ours grow up and change so much! Do we change that much?! I don't think so!! I have even been able to see you ONCE this summer, and that is amazing! Hopefully, now that you will have more time on your hands . . . I will be able to sit down and really catch up! l

Fun, fun, post!!

Hugs and much love to you!!


Denise said...

enjoyed your precious family pictures, love you.

Christy Monson said...

What a wonderful historical legacy you are leaving for your family. You are awesome. You are such a blessing to your family. Lots of love!

Debbie said...

this is such a great way to summarize and share so many wonderful memories without leaving anyone or anything out!!!

you have a beautiful family!!! and i love lady antebellum, that's great music!!! i do find the music to be a little bit too loud and that's odd because my hearing is not what it use to be!!

looks like a fun summer!!!!


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