Monday, December 30, 2013

Our Christmas Moments of Joy~

The Salt Lake Temple~
I have a dear friend that likes to post pictures of those moments that make her smile. I love her fun blog with all of her family events. So I thought today that I would share some of the pictures during December celebrations with family that brought us great joy~ Lots of smiles on these~

Our Sammy who bring us lots of smiles~

Our Christmas Surprise - A new granddaughter, Haven Lynn born on December 10th - 
This sweet little package is being adopted by my son and daughter in law.  We are looking forward to holding her soon. It's the best Christmas gift ever~
Layton and his new sister Haven Lynn~
 Amanda with her new little one~
 Travis, the Dad with his new little one~
 Layton, Kason and Haven~
Layton, Ryley and Haven~

Some sweet Christmas Pictures from our family in Spokane - 
Dave, Tiffani and their children~

William, Kaitlyn, Sarah, Mom Tiffani and Michael~

We traveled in December to attend our dear son in law, Michael's graduation from the University of South Dakota. He earned his PhD. in Psychology and we can now call him Dr. Thomas which brings me great joy. Our Daughter, Christina and Brandon with their family joined us for this wonderful moment in time. 

A hug with my granddaughter, Emma

These three waiting to go swimming in the Hotel Pool~
Alyssa, Abbey and Faith~
Ben and Levi~
My daugher, Jenni~
My daughter, Christina~
Lots of funin the pool~

April and Sariah~
Emma just chillin' this was literal~

Michael's receiving the hood~
Our two families with Michael's mentor and his mother Irene~

Our Jenni and little Benjamin~
Michael with his mother, Irene~
Michael and Jenni~
Back row - Me, Jenni, Michael, Roger
Front row - Emma, Alyssa and Benjamin~
 Irene, Jenni, Michael, LeAnn and Roger~

 Christmas Time~
Our Sammy Christmas Morning~
A favorite Christmas Decoration~
Sean and Mary's family down from Heber for our annual Christmas Party~
We had 18 of our precious children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and 3 foster children. 
The beginning of our Nativity play - Sammy, 
the cow had to be removed before the reading of the Nativity~
 Jonathan, AJ, Joshua, Sagan, Jadyn and Jeffery~
The Camera Moment~
Ben, Grandma, Jed, Jessica, Mary and Lilly with Dana in front~
Jacob, Dana, Sagan and Foster Chidlren~Johnson, Ben and AJ~
Melinda and Gillian our granddaughter~
Christmas Morning~

 Roger with his Nikon D 7100 book for Dummies - He is learning photography~
Mrs. Santa brought him art supplies for getting back into painting again~
Sammy and I hanging out!

After Christmas smiles with our son James, Amber and their children~
An adventure on Temple Square~
Taylor Jo and Grandma~
 Our granddaughter Averi with Amber our daughter in law~
 Dinner with our family~
Roger, LeAnn, James, Averi, Amber, Christian and Taylor Jo~
 Back row - Christian, James and Amber
Front row - Averi and Taylor Jo ~
 Christian, Grandma, Taylor Jo and Grandpa with sweet Averi in front~
 Averi, and James~
Averi is blind but able to see a tiny bit. She can see bright colors and she knows them; which is a miracle. She had fun getting up close and looking at the lights. Her smile was so sweet~

The End of A Beautiful Christmas Celebration~
Goodnight All !

Enjoy your New Year Moments too~


melinda ott said...

Love it! But you got the wrong name. LOL

-Love Melinda

Barb said...

Hi LeAnn~

I know, long time, no see! What a wonderful year you have had!! We are so blessed!

Happy New Year sweet sister!

Hugs and Love,

Marie said...

What a beautiful and full Christmas you have had! I loved seeing all the photos. You have such a beautiful family. I would love to see some of Roger's artwork once he gets back into it! All the best to you and your sweet husband in 2014! May it be filled with lots of love and blessings in abundance. You are a dear sweet friend and I am grateful to know you. xxoo

Christy Monson said...

Love the recap of your Christmas. I hope you're saving these blog posts in a digital scrap book. What a wonderful journal this is. Congratulations and hugs!

Mom of 12 said...

Such a beautiful family, LeAnn! I'm so glad you had a wonderful Christmas season. Happy New Year!

Debbie said...

you have a beautiful home and family!!

good luck to your hubby, painting & photography, two wonderful hobbies!!

happy 2014 leann, i hope it's filled with laughter and love!!

Just Ramblin' said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures of your family. What a wonderful season you have had to be able to be with your loved ones. Nola

singing/granny said...

What fun you have had! I loved all the pictures! Especially the gift of paints to your husband:) Artists need encouragement. Wonderful post! Happy new year to you and your beautiful family! Melody

Grammy Staffy said...

I LOVE ALL OF YOUR WONDERFUL FAMILY PICTURE AND ALL OF YOUR SMILES!!!! You had the best December smiles ever.... A new little Haven grandgirl, a new Dr. in the family, a fun trip and visits with family...swimming in Dec..... a joyous family dinner party....

I love reading about your family and seeing the great pictures. Thank you for the kind words you say about my blog. You are a sweet friend that always makes me smile. Happy New Year with best wishes and hugs

Kim-A Creative Spirit said...

I love the idea of posting pics that make you smile. There are so many beautiful family pics. Thanks for sharing


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