Thursday, May 5, 2011

I Am A Grandma and Great Grandma!

Here I am in February 2010 holding my very first little great grand baby, Jadyn. What a sweet gift from heaven. At that time I felt so thrilled to be holding her. What is more precious than a new little one who has just left Heavenly Father and all of her "pre-earth life" friends. Has she been waiting for her turn on earth for a long time. Perhaps her spirit could even be older and wiser than mine. Did she choose to come to her family or did they choose to have her in their family? All I know of course is that she is mine in a very unique way. She belongs to our family. She will forever be part of our posterity. I will hope to see her as she progresses through her own earth life experiences.
I find that being a grandmother and great grandmother just feels right somehow. I have earned these moments. This is my time to just sit back relax and enjoy every single second that I have with each and every one of my them. I don't have to be the mother anymore. I have paid the price to be a grandmother. Of course, I will be worried here and there, but that is all part of the package of experiences.
I remember well the minute I first became a mother. It as so exhilarating. I was holding in my arms a true gift better than any other present ever received. These brand new little ones were mine. Each child that blessed our home would be our own children forever. Each would take their place in our family. These treasured moments between my dear husband and I were sacred and sweet.
 We were so happy as we welcomed into our home each of our 6 children. We knew that this was a huge responsibility to care for them. We knew that they were cherished gifts from a very loving Heavenly Father. I still could tell you details of each of their births and the feelings of that day. I remember that with our first little one that I was petrified to give him a bath. He was so slippery. My dear Mother was with me and she talked me through it. I in turn have been with my children when they have brought home a new little one for the first time and it is has been my turn to talk them through it.
As a mother you just feel such a responsibility. You want to do everything right. However, as time marches on you see that won't always hold true.
You desire to be a perfect mother or father, but we all will make mistakes and goodness knows I made plenty. I just know that the most important ingredient is to love these little ones with all your heart. I reflect back on all the experiences of being a parent and feel that I did the best I knew how. I love each and everyone of my beloved children with a deep and constant love that will weather any storm. I feel so pleased with all that they are accomplishing as they become part of the circle of generations.
Now I sit and ponder on this new generational line. Thirty adored grandchildren have blessed our lives. I am enthralled with each one of them. I see their potential and I am at wonderment at how intelligent they all are.
These children are a chosen generation. They will be part of the final days of this earth. They will fight valiantly for our Savior, Jesus Christ. I desire that there be "No Empty Chairs" at our table in the Celestial Kingdom; that is our family motto. We will constantly pray for, love and tenderly care for each of these special spirits that have blessed the homes of our children and grandchildren. 
I have held in reserve all the memories that have touched my soul through the years of raising children. The experiences have been varied and unique to each child.
I am happy now to just be a grandma and make all those cookies, and  give all those hugs and loves to my cherished gifts from Heaven. 

Our Cherished Grandsons

Our Precious Granddaughters

Our adored Great Grand baby Jadyn

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Marie said...

Wonderful piece Leanne. I Love all that you write. I doubt I shall ever see Great Grandchildren. My children have waited until very late in their lives to have children so I sit here at 55 with my eldest grandchildren being only 5 years old. It must be lovely to see a second generation of your progeny! I really admire you and all that you are. I wish I had clued in a lot sooner in my life than when I did, but I am grateful that I clued in at all. xxoo

Sue said...

What a lucky, lucky grandma you are!

And yes, you have earned it.


Shawnie said...

That is a spectacular collection of photos. Beautiful posterity. It is such a blessing to have our lives so full of people to love and to be busy for.

Jocelyn Christensen said...

What an excellent flock you have!! So what you are saying is that I am earning relaxing moments with my grandkids...someday! :)

Barb said...

Hi LeAnn!

I love your thoughts on being a grandmother - this is such a precious and wonderful time in our lives!

I love the pictures of the kids, they are all growing up so fast!

Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day!!!

Hugs and Love,

Just Ramblin' said...

What a wonderful post. I love the pictures of your grandchildren and great granddaughter. There is nothing I enjoy more than spending time with my grandchildren. They are so precious. I waited a long time to be a grandmother and nothing makes me happier than to be called "Grandma." My desire also is that there will be "no empty" chairs at our table.
You are a great blessing to your family.
Have a wonderful Mother's Day. Nola

Chocolate on my Cranium said...

ow wonderful they have a grandmother and now great-grandmother who is there for them!

Julie said...

What a wonderful posterity you have! You are indeed blessed. So great to read from your perspective as you've been through what I'm going through now. Thank you for putting it into the right frame of reference for me. Just to know that loving them is the best I can do for them makes it all seem so doable. Thank you!


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