Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Tribute To All The Special Mother's In My Life~

Motherhood is
The purest joy the heart can feel,
The strongest bond that love can seal,
The deepest truth that life can teach,
The greatest height the the soul can reach.
-Flora S. Horne
My Mother
My Mother was one of the kindest most giving woman that I know. She did so many wonderful things for me through the years that even now I am sad that I didn't appreciate her like I should have. Some of the unique things that she did was to repaint my bedroom furniture everytime I went to camp. She made almost all of my school clothes and prom dresses throught the years.
She made my Wedding Dress and a beautiful white dress to wear after the temple. She came to help me with everyone of my six children when they were born.
While growning up she was always there for me. She held me when I cried, she listened to all my heartbreaks, she attended all of the functions that involved me. The list would or should be endless. I loved her so much and miss her always. I don't think there is a day that goes by that I don't miss my Mom. When I have a sad moment; I often wish she was here to call.
Thanks you Mother for being the sweetest Mom of all!

My Mother Nyal
I loved my husbands mother very much. I always called her Mom. I first met her when I was a Junior in High School. Roger took me over to their home to meet her. She was recovering from surgery at that time and was lying on her bed. She had a large cast from her mid back down to her hips. She looked so uncomfortable. I felt so sad to see her under these circumstances. She had poor health for years, but through blessings and prayers she was able to serve three missions with her dear husband. One as the Mission President over the Baton Rouge, Louisana mission. They also served a mission to Nigeria and an Intercity mission with the Vietmense branch in Salt Lake City. She also faithfully served as an ordiance worker in the Salt Lake Temple.

She always treated me with the upmost kindess, that was her nature. I have so many loving memories of her. I loved to visit with her as she would share so many thoughtful and wise thoughts. She was a delight to be around and was always busy serving others. She was a great example to me of a faithful sister in the gospel.

Three of our daughters are our daughter in laws, but we don't use that term because to us they are all our daughters. We hope you all have a wonderful day. I am sure your husbands will treat you as the royal daughters of God that you are. May your children surround you with love on this sweet day. We are grateful for the good mothers you are and for the great example you are as righteous mothers of Zion. This isn't an easy world to raise children in and we appreciate that you are raising your children, "our grandchildren" to love their Heavenly Father and Savior, Jesus Christ.
We also wish a Happy Mother's day to our Granddaughter in law, Jessica who is married to our Grandson Jed. She has blessed our lives in so many ways.
They have had our first great granddaugher. Jessica is such a sweet mother and they have another little one due in October.

Mary with the boys
Amanda with her children

Amber with her children

Christina with her family

Jenni-Marie with her children
Tiffani with her children

Jessica with baby Jadyn


May your families spoil you.
May you know how much you have enriched my life
 by the many interesting thoughts
you have expressed in your writings.
It has been a joy to read and love you all.
As I always say -" Blessings to you!"


Sue said...

Loved these photos! And it doesn't surprise me a bit to know that you've had such wonderful women in your life...


PS. Happy Mother's Day!

The Adventurer said...

Hi LeAnn how fun to see photos of your family:)
What a wonderful post to your mother, MIL and daughters. So glad you know you have a close family, something my husband and I strive for!

Julie said...

Thank you for the wish LeAnn! I hope yours was wonderful also. I love seeing the photos of your children and grandchildren and that sweet little great grandbaby. What a wonderful family!

Cassandra said...

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