Friday, January 7, 2011

The Simple Woman's Daybook

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Outside my window...there is a little bit of sunshine breaking through the clouds, hurray! The weather has been kind of dreary the last few days. When the weather is like this I feel a little melancholy.  Earlier this morning there was thick fog that rolled across the valley; which I was concerned about my husband driving to work in it. We have driven many times when the fog was so thick we could hardly see anything ahead and it of course was very scary. I hate that kind of tension when driving. I am pleased to say I have no where to go  today. Now there is sun shine and I am beginning to feel more energetic.

I am thinking...that I would like to go to the movie "Country Strong" which opens tonight. I like Country Music. I am a fan of some of  Tim McGraw and Faith Hill's music. However, my husband sent a critique given on the movie and it only got a 2 1/2 Stars and it is PG-13; which I am a little more leary about going to it. My husband and I like to go on date nights to the movies. We loved the new Naria movie. I have always enjoyed C.S. Lewis' books and the Naria movies.  He was such a  great Christian writer. We did go to one movie over the Holiday that I didn't like; so we have decided to be a little more careful on the movies we see. Now days you can't really trust the PG-13 ratings and regretfully sometimes the PG.

I am thankful for...that I was able to visit with my daughter Christina on the phone this morning. Our conversation was long; but I was able to do all of my housework while talking with her. I just put the phone on speaker and go about doing my work. I accomplished a lot today and therefore I am very happy about the work and the phone call.  Doing two things at once is good for me and I didn't get sidetracked.  
I am grateful for the Christmas Gift that my dear husband gave me for Christmas. He wanted to send a friend and I to the new Time Out for Woman event for my birthday. We were not able to do it so he bought me the 2010 DVD of the program. I have asked my dear friend to come out and watch it with me in the next couple of weeks. The title for Time Out for Woman this year is Infinite Hope. I believe we all need this.

From the learning rooms...I am hoping to start a Spanish Class soon. I bought my husband for Christmas a great program for learning Spanish. I have always wanted to learn another language. I took French in High School and I can say the following: "How are you! Very well thank you; and you? Not very well. Shut your mouth if you please! I love you very much my darling." That covers a good area of conversation. I have a Spanish Sister in law and two of my children served  Spanish missions so that is  one reason for wanting to learn Spanish. Of course, my husband and I would love to serve a mission in a Spanish speaking country and or a Spanish speaking area of the US. 
Another unique present my husband gave me was a timer that I can wear on my pants. I have twice almost flooded my bathroom by running water for a bath and then forgetting about it. I was lucky I think that I was warned by the spirit and got there barely in time before the tub overflowed. This is worrisome! 

From the kitchen...oh my gosh, I just looking at the word kitchen and I remembered I haven't had any chocolate today. Sorry, I am going to have to take a quick break and run and get a piece and then I can plan my menu for this evenings meal.

I am wearing...a dark brown jogging suit. Perhaps, just sitting in the clothes will help with my exercising. I also have a pair of Sketchers jogging shoes that my husband gave me for Christmas. These shoes are suppose to be great for walking in and also help with posture and etc.; we will see on that one.

I am creating...some goals for myself. I am taking a long time to just think about what I really want to accomplish this year. I normally like to have the goals set right on New Years day. However, since I always have had the same goals for the last 20 years that I  rewrite each year. I thought this year I would go slower in creating the plan; so I can be more precise on what I really want to achieve this year.  

I am going.. on some family history after I complete this post.

I am reading...the book titled, " The Silence Of God" by Gale Sears. It is a historical novel about a family that were convert members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Russia during the early 1900's. I am only into the first two chapters; but I can tell it is going to be an exciting read. They were the only members of the Church in Russia for a very long time.

I am to complete some goals I have of doing a little family history, and writing in my journal. I love to journal and have done so for 33 years. However, since 2005 I have been kind of a slacker and missed a lot of good moments that I have had through the years. I have journal ed  through the past five years; but not like I normally do. So I am trying to make one day a week the day to journal. In the past it has been  fun to have my children call up and want to find out a certain date of an event in their lives and I could usually go to my journal and find out the event they were wanting to know about. This is one of my most important goals to add to my list of things to actually complete this year.

I am hearing...the sound of my electric heater that is by my desk; and listening to myself as I sometimes talk while I am typing.

Around the house...I am very happy that I got it cleaned today! Yea!!

One of my favorite do each day is look at my emails and I really like the one from Mormon Times. I enjoy many of the articles. Jason F. Wright had an article on 10 resolutions you can actually keep. As I said before, I am still putting together my list. I will share his list with you.
1. Ignore the mirror 2. Walk more 3. Eat better 4. Pray more 5. Be more charitable 6. Only make new mistakes; (I liked that one). Sometimes that isn't so easy. 7. Read more good books; I am up for that 8. Pray more from the heart 9. forgive others and yourself - quickly 10. Express love and kindness

A few plans for the rest of the week:
 Work my shift in the temple tomorrow and attend a temple session with my husband's brother and his wife.
Church meetings and work on some family history in the afternoon.
That will end this week!
Wishing you all an awesome weekend! I liked this thought from one of the blogs I follow. " If you are kind to one person a day for 40 years; you will make 14,600 people happy!" I loved that thought and it is a great goal.
Love to you all!!

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...
There is beauty and a mysterious feeling when viewing a foggy day; especially if you don't have to go out in it.
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Barb said...

Hi LeAnn!

You make me laugh every time I read your daybook!

Like you, I have been very disgusted at PG-13 movies, it makes me not want to go to the movies. I do want to see the new Narnia movie, they have all been so good!

So glad you got your cleaning done while on the phone - tell Christina Hi for me next time you talk to her. I have such a hard time multi-tasking these days, it's hard for me to walk and chew gum! Although, I did get all of my Christmas decorations and tree down, put away... :0)

Good luck with the goal setting - it's never a good thing for me, I never keep them! I'm just trying to do anything!

Sounds like you have been busy. I love your pictures, sure glad we don't have to drive in that! Please be safe!

Hugs and love,

Just Ramblin' said...

Hi. I am new to your blog and so enjoyed reading your daybook. I especially enjoyed the quote on being kind to one person. What a great goal. I am also trying to journal more. Last year I did an on-line LDS Journal and it just didn't seem the same as when I wrote by hand. So this year I am writing by hand. Also, working on family history. Just gave two of my children their baby books, photo albums, scrap books and memory books for Christmas. My history is a work in progress that I'm getting back to. My sister and recently completed our 4 generation books on our parents sides. I hope to get back to reading your blog. Nola

tida6 said...

Cute mom! I can just picture you wearing your brown jogging suit and sketchers. I dress up in my workout clothes as well. It's great motivation. I can't take them off until I work out...good goal to add to your list.

Love you:)

Going on no chocolate for 6 months, don't even miss it.

Sue said...

There are so many good things here today that I am overwhelmed with the idea of trying to comment on them all. Suffice to say that I am leaving your blog inspired, enlightened, and uplifted.



Mostly Diane said...

We bought a clear play dvd player which edits movies for us. Going to the movies was rare, but now it is more rare because we look up what is going to be in the movie and say, "We should watch this on clearplay." It has been great, though. We never see PG-13 stuff anymore because it is edited out. we also edit a lot of PG movies. It has been great for us as a couple and a family.

What Temple do you work in? My husband is at the Salt Lake Temple with our 12 year this morning?

Marie said...

Love that thought Leanne! That it a lot of people to make happy! I hate it when we start to watch what looks like a good film and is supposedly decent, clean etc. and it turns out that there is something nasty in it. Spoils it for me. We don't go out to the movies anymore. We have a big screen telly and just watch them at home. My mom always said a heavy fog fortells a beautiful day. Most times it does. But I still don't like driving in it! xxoo

The Farmer's Daughter said...

Hi LeAnn, I always enjoy reading daybooks and yours is always so good. I love the thought about making 1 person happy a day for 40 years, etc. I doubt I have 40 more years, but whatever time we do have, it is a worthy goal. Love the foggy photos, even tho I hate to drive in it the fog is beautiful. Take care. ~Cheryl


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