Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Today, I am having perhaps post Holiday blues. I usually don't wallow in this state for long. I have been thinking about this past year and some of the struggles that my family has been faced with. I have one son who was laid off in October and then in November his wife also lost a job. Recently, my son torn a muscle in his chest and arm. He is probably going to have to have surgery. They have a total of 8 children with 5 still living at home. Another son has had some health concerns along with job insecurities and the job situation will escalate in the next month. We have a daughter who is having health issues. I guess I could say that each of our children are experiencing various stresses. Of course, this is true for all of us. This is what life really is all about. We are here to gain a body, experience earth life with all of it's joy and struggles and through this all develop a stronger relationship with our Father in Heaven and our Savior Jesus Christ. 
One morning when I was feeling somewhat the same as today  I started to read from a couple of books and became uplifted; so I sent a message to my children on our family blog. Today, I read again some thoughts and felt compelled to share these thoughts with all of you, my friends.  Putting all of these thoughts down on paper was spiritually healing for me that day and still sweet to me today. 
"This morning as I approached the day; I suddenly felt very lonely and sad. Of course, I immediately drop to my knees in prayer. Interestingly, I didn't pray for myself; but prayed for all of you. I recognize that each of you are facing difficulties in your lives. No one knows the inter struggles of the soul except for a very kind Heavenly Father and an ever aware Savior, Jesus Christ. Even we as your parents don't know what you may be fighting with at this moment of time. We do however have moments when we know that one of you needs  help. I guess that is one reason I believe so strongly in prayer and the scriptures. Even this morning I was led to find a thought that lightened my burden and brought peace to my soul and through tears I wanted to share some of the thoughts with all of you. 
Many times I will have a thought about one of you and want to share that with you so I hope and pray that you will feel this as a feeling from the spirit to you. Today is one of those days. 
I want you to know that our Heavenly Father loves you! I would like to shout again and again to you that Heavenly Father loves you! You are his child.
Do you ever wonder what the pre-mortal existence was like. What were you like there? With whom did you associate with? Who were your friends there? What promises did you make there that must be fulfilled here? I know beyond doubt that we were there; that we chose to come here and that we knew and associated with each other and perhaps even chose to be within families there before we came here. 
Elder Marion G Romney taught,"We were individual, separate persons, with agency, being, and names prior to our entry on earth." 
Part of our assignment here, I am sure is to learn about who we are; our individual identity; that can not be changed.
When you are discouraged, and disappointment lingers and your soul needs to feel refreshed think about these words by President Spencer W. Kimball; "All of you need to drink in deeply the gospel truths about the eternal nature of your individual identity and the uniqueness of your personality. You need, more and more, to feel the perfect love which our Father in Heaven has for you and to sense the value he places upon you as an individual. Ponder upon these great truths, especially in those moments; in the stillness of such anxiety as you may experience as an individual you might otherwise wonder and be perplexed."  Then the how comes; Pres. James E. Faust said, "Your strength  and identity will come from obeying the commandments, developing your talents and serving the Lord. Each of you will have to work very hard to qualify for your eternal potential. It will not be easy. Finding your true identity will tax your ability far beyond climbing a dangerous cliff or speeding in a car or on a motorcycle. It will require all of your strength, stamina, intelligence, and courage." OK, I thought when I read these two statements that one seemed positive and the other just hard to do. Ponder a moment on both!
Another author Toni Sorenson stated in her book, "Defined by Christ"; "It's not a game with Heavenly Father. He didn't send us to earth blindfolded with our memories erased, expecting us to grope around in darkness and hopelessness. He sent us with everything we need to find our way back to Him, with everything we need to become like Him. He promises us His help, and He is the only one in this life who will never let us down or disappoint us. He always keeps His promises. God would not have sacrificed His Son to save us if these two principles were not true: (1) We need saving; and (2) We are worth saving."
God love you and so do we. A lovely thought is to read your own personal scripture from the Lord; realize that you are a child of God and he knows you and what you need to come back to him.
Forever prayers for you all! 
I include all of these thoughts for my family and my friends again this day.


Barb said...

Hi LeAnn,

What a beautiful post. I sometimes get post holiday depression too, you will be in my prayers.

I love what you told your kids. We all have struggles, I guess figuring out how to get through them is the real test. Remembering that we are sons and daughters of God, really does make a difference, and that combined with prayer and faith will help get us through the tough times. I love Toni Sorensen's words - what a profound statement, I need to copy it and put it on my mirror!

Hang in there - even if it's by your toenails!

Hugs and love,

HeidiB said...

Thanks for sharing these thoughts tonight. I am so grateful to know my Heavenly Father loves me. This knowledge has gotten me to where I am and where I still need to go. Thanks again, LeAnn

Sue said...

They are so fortunate to have a mom who prays for them and lets them know. Your counsel and thoughts expressed to them are uplifting and inspirational.

I'm sure they felt wonderful to receive this gift. And thanks for sharing it with us.


Marie said...

Beautiful post Leanne. I think we can all feel a bit down after all the excitement of the holidays has passed. Challenges are just a part of this life and we all have them. I have been a bit down lately due to my health issues and have to remind myself often of all the other blessings I enjoy. As always your writing gives one food for thought. Keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. xxoo

singing/granny said...

Thanks Leann! I love reading your posts, and this one was very special! Thanks for sharing. Hugs and blessings to you and your sweet family! Melody


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