Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook

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I have changed the Nativity song above with one called DO YOU HAVE ROOM! 


Out side my window.......again we have a blanket of fresh snow. It is so beautiful and peaceful to look at. Regretfully, it will probably be gone by tonight; since it is suppose to rain in the next few hours.
Our White Christmas on December 21st -

I am thinking..... of a million things I should be doing; but this is much more fun.

I am thankful.... all the many blessings of this season; especially the moments to worship the Savior of the World's Divine Birth.

I am wearing.....Yea! I am actually dressed today. I got up early to start on some projects. I am dressed in black Levi's a striped shirt and a black sleeveless jacket to keep me warm and my favorite black slippers. 

From the kitchen....there should be smells of fresh pumpkin bread, cookies and fudge this afternoon, because that is the assignment I gave to myself for the day. 

I am going.....to the bookstore in a little while to pick up one last gift for my husband's very dear friend.

I am reading....I just finished a novel by Ramona Cecil entitled "To Hear The Angels Sing", It was a short novel; but sweet and told a romantic Christmas story. Ramona Cecil is well know as a Christian writer. 

I am hoping...to complete a list of Christmas activities today; so that I can slow down and enjoy the rest of the week. Knowing how I get sidetracked that may not happen. I don't consider my blog being sidetracked; but it probably is. 

I am hearing..... the TV going in another room and cars going by in the slush. I think I need to put on my Christmas music. I always feel like I never get to listen to enough Christmas music during the season. Are we too busy to actually sit back and enjoy the wonderful sounds of the season; I hope not.

Around the house....I am enjoying all of the Christmas decorations. I love also the smells of Christmas and I have a wonderful candle burning that has those smells.

One of my favorite things.....my husband and I began many years ago trying to come up with a gift that would bring laughter. For instance, one year he told me he had never had a teddy bear; so that year I gave him one and he cried; it was way sweet. Another year, we both gave each other a cabbage patch doll. His was a boy doll of course. Our three daughters also got cabbage patch dolls that year; it was so fun. This year I have had a little more trouble thinking of something. I finally am going to give him.......I can't say he might read this; I will post it after Christmas.

A few plans for the rest of the week....Oh my gosh, the list would be too long to read.
Tuesday - I plan on baking today, cleaning my upstairs while the bread is baking and then complete all the gift wrapping; and at some point go shopping for one last gift.
Wednesday - finish what I didn't compete yesterday and hopefully just relax and watch some Christmas movies or read another short novel.
Thursday - Our Son Sean and his family are coming down for the day so there will be food, fun, movies, games and a Christmas program with the Nativity being acted out by the grandchildren.
Friday - A very relaxing day with just my husband and we will enjoy a Christmas Eve surprise from each other.
Saturday - A very sweet Christmas with my husband and my 6 children will be calling me through Skype; so that we celebrate their Christmas with them; I can hardly wait.
Sunday - A quiet day to worship the Savior at our Church meetings and then we are having my 97 year old aunt and her family over for dinner. What a sweet blessing to still have her here and enjoy those moments with them.

Also, Look forward to a post on thoughts and music on Mary, the Mother of Jesus Christ our savior.

I promised a Christmas miracle so here it is -
In Provo, Utah one of our  historical tabernacles was burned to the ground. It is a sad event because it was built in the late 1890's. It  represents the spirit of those early pioneers and their desire to have a beautiful building to worship the Savior in.  
Be sure and block the music and click on the link below to learn of a very sweet miracle.

'A Christmas Miracle': Painting of Christ survives Provo Tabernacle fire - KSTU


The WIlloughby Family said...

I really enjoy looking at your blog. I can't believe all that snow!!! I recieved your Christmas letter via email, Thanks so much for thinking of us! We hope you and Roger have a wonderful Christmas! We love you!!!

Sue said...

So sad about the tabernacle, and that's a nice story.

Sounds like you will have a lovely Christmas!


Barb said...

Hi LeAnn!

Sounds like you are busy as usual - even more so at Christmas! I love that you and Roger give each other a surprise on Christmas Eve, what a fun idea! Pumpkin bread and fudge, yum! I will try to smell it through osmosis - I'm not making treats this year... :0(

I went and watched the kids Christmas program yesterday with Amber, I saw Christian and Taylor's programs, but missed Averi's, it was really early in the morning. They were the cutest, as usual! Amber said Averi played beautifully!

Loved the video on the Provo Tabernacle - what a miracle! It's a beautiful old building, hopefully they can rebuild.

Wishing you a very merry Christmas and a very blessed new year! Thanks for the fun family letter, I love seeing all the kids and their families, they are all so beautiful!

Enjoy your white Christmas!

Much Love,

Marie said...

That was truly a Christmas Miracle Leanne! I always enjoy your daybook entries. It's like having a sweet visit together! I wish you a very Merry christmas! Enjoy your calls on
Skype with the kiddos and your dinner with your Aunt! May you be truly blessed! xxoo


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