Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook

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Outside my window... it is dark; it is about 7:30 pm. Our neighbor across the street has beautiful Christmas lights; that I paused to enjoy for a moment. My husband and I  just returned from going to a movie and while walking back to our car my breath was taken away by a chilling wind. By New Year's Eve it is suppose to be only 9 degree's which for the Northeast and the Mid-West it probably doesn't seem that cold but to me in the Salt Lake Valley this is cold. I keep wondering how did our pioneer ancestors stand the cold weather. The first years in this valley they lived in dugouts, small cabins, and a few perhaps larger cabins but still their only heat was  fireplaces. I know that I would have just wanted to sit in a rocking chair by the fire and never step my toes outside the door. I pray that the tests to come won't be in the cold. 

I am thinking..... about the fact I need to go to bed early tonight so that I can get up about 4:30 am to get ready to work at the temple. I am substituting for another sister and at first I thought it was the pm shift which my husband works; but it's the morning one. I am rather anxious to serve in the temple tomorrow because it has been closed for cleaning for a couple of weeks. I really miss not going; even if I have to get up early. 

I am thankful for…. for so many things. We had such a wonderful Christmas and much of it was due to time with family, being able to talk with our children on Skype and just enjoy having time with each other.  We tried to have a Christ-centered Christmas and it was sweet.
From the learning room… to be more patient with myself. Sometimes, I just want to put to much on my plate ( I guess that could mean food and I do that too). I try to accomplish to many goals in one day and I always get sidetracked and then I don't accomplish what I really was planning to do.
From the kitchen... I wanted to make some oatmeal chocolate cookies; but that didn't happen. I am craving some; maybe tomorrow. I shouldn't crave anything; I have been eating chocolate non stop. I just loved Chocolate chips; so I felt good I didn't open the chocolate chip package and start nibbling away on them.

I am wearing...  my favorite red robe and black slippers; that means I am getting ready to go to bed.  
I am creating...a list of things that I need to get on the way home from the temple. You know how in many 3rd world countries woman shop everyday; sometimes I am just like that. I often go shopping for 1 item and come out with 7 items. There was a study done on shopping habits and they found that when you go to the store with just a couple of items to get; most people come out with at least 7 more items.
I am reading...  reading the Book of Mormon and have been journaling my thoughts while reading. It has been an awesome experience. When I taught the New Testament in seminary I had the kids and myself keep a journal that year and it was a spiritual experience. 
I was able to finish a Christmas novel which was fun. I am starting to read a book called; "Awaken Your spiritual Power by Susan Noyes Anderson". I am excited to read this one because it was written by a lovely lady who blogs and many of you may already know her. I love her writings and am hoping she will write more books.
I am hoping...to write up my non list of goals for the year of 2011. What I mean by this is that every year for probably 15 years I have had the same exact goals and I haven't completed very many of them. I thought that perhaps this year I would set non goals that I will not do.
For instance: I will not diet or exercise this year, I will not eat chocolate for a whole year(believe it or not; I read that one woman chose to give up sweets for one whole year; trust me that won't be one of my goals ever); I will not practice my piano everyday, I will not read the Ensign magazine monthly for the year, I will not journal, do genealogy or work on Family History. I think you know what I mean. I am going to see if reverse Psychology will work in my life this year. 
I am hearing... the TV that is broadcasting the Insight bowl; which is football of course. I think most of you know what your husbands may be doing during the Christmas break. I feel happy; he took me to a movie and out to eat. What a man; I can tolerate bowl games now.   
One of my favorite things... to do is to curl up on the couch with my hubby and read a good book while being warmed by the fireplace and enjoying our Christmas Tree for just a few more days.    

A favorite picture to share..... 

 Winter pictures of the Salt Lake Temple and temple grounds 2010



The Farmer's Daughter said...

Hi LeAnn, I always enjoy reading your daybook. Glad you had a wonderful Christmas and I wish you and your family a very blessed New Year! Hugs, Cheryl

Marie said...

One year it is my dream to be able to see the Lights at Temple Square in person! Loved your daybook as always Leann. I, too, hope that our tests won't have to be endured in the cold. I am such a wimp! xxoo

singing/granny said...

Thanks Leann! I especially enjoyed reading about your non goals. I do the same with my goals. I used to always start with I will lose 20 pounds:) Maybe I will try the reverse psychology thing. Hope you have a lovely day! Melody

Sue said...

Beautiful music!

I'm glad you are reading the book and hope you will enjoy it. Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas.

Happy New Year.


Tiffani said...

Mom your so cute. I love your day book. I finally posted on my blog about Christmas so go check it out. Love you and Happy New Year!


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