Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Peace Through Prayer-

Lately, I have been somewhat concerned with a few personal challenges involving family members, church responsibilities along with current events that touch all of us. 
I awakened early one morning and tried very hard to go back to sleep. My mind was focused on those concerns; therefore, it became impossible to sleep. I felt that I needed to go to my favorite room and have a thoughtful conversation with my Heavenly Father.
 Following that prayer, I looked down and noticed the November 2017 LDS General Conference issue of the Ensign. While thumbing through it I immediately felt impressed to read a particular article. The message was titled "That Your Joy Might Be Full" by Jean B. Bingham, Relief Society General President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day SaintsAs I read it, I realized I had received a tender mercy from the Lord; a true answer to prayer. 
For the full article, click on the link above. I'd like to share a few statements from this precious message. 
The following thought by Sister Bingham sums up some of the major issues we as humans are facing in today's world. She states: " A recent news headline reads, "Disasters rock the nation and world." From hurricanes and floods to heat waves and droughts, from wildfires and earthquakes to wars and devasting diseases, it seems"the whole earth is in commotion." 
"Millions of people have been displaced, and countless lives have been disrupted by these challenges. the contention in families and communities, as well as inner struggles and fear, doubt, and unfulfilled expectations, also leave us in turmoil....." 
This summarizes many of my feelings, and perhaps some of your concerns as well.  As I continued to read the article tears came as I realized that my prayer was being answered. 
Here are a few quotes that calmed my heart, lifted the cloud of sadness that enveloped me and gave me answers to help not only myself but one of my precious daughters. 
"Lasting joy is found in focusing on our Savior, Jesus Christ and living the gospel as demonstrated and taught by Him. The more we learn about, have faith in, and emulate Jesus Christ, the more we come to understand that He is the source of all healing, peace, and eternal progress. He invites each of us to come unto Him."

Sister Bingham then mentioned that President Russell M. Nelson and Elder M. Russell Ballard of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles encouraged us to study "The Living Christ" as part of learning more about the Savior. The Living Christ is a proclamation sent out to the world of the Apostles Testimony of the Living Christ. 
As I read that inspired document I knew I wanted to try to memorize it. My husband and I are accepting this challenge and invite others to do the same. This is a comprehensive and powerful declaration of our Devine Savior, Jesus Christ. You can find the link to The Living  Christ document here. 
Sister Bingham continues, stating that Jesus truly "is the light, the life, and the hope of the world." ...."No matter what we have suffered He is the source of healing. Those who have experienced any manner of abuse, devasting loss, chronic illness or disabling affliction, untrue accusations, vicious persecutions, or spiritual damage from sin or misunderstandings can all be made whole by the Redeemer of the world. However, He will not enter without invitation. We must come unto Him and allow Him to work His miracles."
One final quote from Sister Bingham: " Jesus Christ is also the source of peace. He invites us to "lean on His ample arm" and promises the peace...which passeth all understanding." A feeling that comes when His Spirit "speaks peace to our souls". No matter what challenges surround us. Whether they are personal struggles, family troubles, or community crises, peace will come as we trust that God's Only Begotten Son has the power to soothe our aching souls. 

This spiritual experience was profound. Within minutes of reading this article, my daughter called me concerning a few difficult concerns. As I shared my thoughts on this beautiful message, it brought peace to her troubled soul.
I encourage you to read this article if you're feeling turmoil in your life. You will find peace and feelings of joy in knowing what you have read is true. 
I know beyond doubt that I received a tender mercy directly from my loving Heavenly Father and you can obtain such a gift as well. 


Marie Rayner said...

LeAnn, you are such a wonderful and beautiful daughter of God and I love all of your thoughts. Sister Bingham's talk was one of my favourites from the conference. I wish we still got the printed ensign, but Todd doesn't want to because he says we can get them all online. I miss the printed version however. Like you my heart aches at all that is going on in the world, but also like you, I am finding solace and peace in the Gospel as I lean harder on my Saviour and trust in His ultimate goodness. xoxo

Christy Monson said...

Thanks for this post. I am daily learning to listen to the Spirit and let it direct my life. Tender mercies happen every day, and I am humbled by them. I am so grateful that Heavenly Father gives us constant guidance. I for one, really need it. Hugs to you.

Diane said...

It's wonderful that your troubles were eased and answers found just in time to help your daughter.

Barb said...

Hi LeAnn!

I love this post! I love the beautiful graphics as well, you always do such a good job with them!

I loved that talk as well. It is so hard sometimes to just, let things be. I sometimes worry and fret over things that I have absolutely no control over, and then, I realize that the one who is truly in control is the only one who can help calm me. We truly can find peace through prayer!

I have always wanted to memorize, The Living Christ. I know that some of our RS sisters have it memorized and have born testimony to how much it helps them feel peaceful. Good luck to you and Roger!

Happy Thanksgiving sweet little sister!! I love and cherish your friendship, and can't wait to see you sometime soon...hopefully!!

Hugs and Love,

Tracy said...

"Jesus is the source of healing and peace..." That's really the best "advice" isn't it? No matter how troubled our heart might be, or what is happening around us, or in the world, as soon as we turn to Jesus, we receive healing. :) Thank you for these beautiful messages, my friend...I love how just upon receiving mercy and uplifting grace, you were able to share with your daughter too! My heart is often troubled over the events happening in the world. I pray with them daily, as it can be hard to hear the news and feel powerless. But we have all power when our mind turns directly to Jesus. There is no darkness when He is close. :) ((HUGS))

Debbie said...

moments like these bring you so much comfort leann....your words are so heartfelt and true!!

i have had many low moments in my life where i have prayed and my experiences have not been the same. i have not felt the comfort or relief that you feel when you pray!!

i always love seeing my images here!!!


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