Friday, December 16, 2016

Happy November Moments, Missionary Activities & December Fun! #LighttheWorld~

The Light Of The World - Let's All Light The World With His Love~
Here is a photo of a luncheon in November that I went to with my extra loved friends from High School. We have been friends for over 50 years. This is such a fun group and we usually try to have lunch once a month. I attend when I can. 
The month of November was sweet with many awesome memories. Then December rolled in and we have been so busy with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Christmas Worldwide Initiative. It has been fun to share the Christmas message and encourage others to do acts of service each day from December 1st through the 25th. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we continued these big and small act of service for 365 days a year. There is much good to be done in our world and serving others is the best. 
Here is a few glimpses into our extra special moments in November. #LighttheWorld
Missionary Moments~
We have really been enjoying our missionary experiences during the month of November and thus far in December. We have enjoyed having sister missionaries to serve with. Sister Pinkham and Sister Turner in the Left upper corner are fantastic missionaries and are doing some great work in our area. They are on bikes and when it is cold we worry about them and try to drive them when we are not busy. We have had some great District and Zone meetings; here are photos of two of them. Sister Pinkham and Sister Turner had a baptism that was exciting. This young girl was so ready to be baptized and very excited for this special ordinance. The bottom middle photo is a moment at the Oquirrh Mountain temple. We had a Zone Temple day and enjoyed being with the the group of Elders, Sisters and MLS couples that we serve with. We find ourselves very busy thus not a lot of time to work on my blog posts. 

Here is my November Birthday Celebration. 
This was an extra special birthday. My two daughter in laws; Amanda, Amber  and granddaughter; Justice  came down to celebrate Amanda's birthday on the 18th and my birthday on the 20th. We attend "Time Out For Women" a very special two day events. There were more than 3,000 women at this event and we heard some great messages and lots of good musical entertainment. We had so much fun. We laughed, cried and just enjoy all the precious moments.. 
My favorite gift of all was the middle photo of a locket This locket is over 100 years old. It was my Dads. His father was killed in World War I in France. His wife, my grandmother had died a year earlier and this locket was sent to to my grandfather in France with a photo of her and my Dad, just days before he killed.. I have had this locket for a long time and the chain had broken. My dearest husband bought me another beautiful chain and had the locket polished. I shed some tears on this one. The bottom two photos are my sweet daughters, Amanda, Amber and granddaughter Justice. 

We had a lovely Family Thanksgiving celebration with our Son Sean, Daughter in law, Mary and their family. We had a plentiful thanksgiving dinner and enjoyed games and fun conversations. 
The family photo - Front row; Jackson, Dana, Sagan, Joshua, Mary and Jeffery. Back row; Roger, LeAnn, Jacob, Joseph, Gillian, Sean and Jonathan. 
Here are our fun times from the first part of December. This collage is one of our sweetest activities.. My two granddaughters, April 17 and Sariah 19 arrived here from Australia. They came for a cousin's wedding in Idaho and were able to stay with us for 5 delightful days. We had so much fun together. These photos are of our dearest Sariah celebrating her 19th birthday with us. We took them to dinner at Olive Garden. Sariah didn't want a cake so her Grandpa got her a cupcake, so she could at least blow out the candle. It was so fun to have them here. 
Middle photo is April and Sariah~

We were invited to a family home evening at the Griffith’s home in one of the wards we serve in. The Walker family from Missouri was here for a visit. They previously lived in our home ward and we have been good friends with them. They have a family of 20 children, 11 adopted, 9 biological, 14 live at home. Most of their family was present along with some choice friends of theirs. We then had a surprise of having Elder Alin Spannaus with his wife and two lovely daughters there. We had such a delightful evening of sharing messages of service and Christmas music. Beautiful Christmas carols were sung around the piano. We enjoyed those endearing seconds of time. 
Here is the photo of all that were in attendance at this fun event~
We took our granddaughters to see "The Forgotten Carols". It is a fantastic musical play and we laughed, cried and had such a good time. I wish everyone could experience this production is was so wonderful and inspiring. 
                     Sariah, April and I - Then Myself and my dear eternal companion~
Finally, We took our beloved granddaughters to Temple Square to see the Christmas Lights and Nativity. It was a bit cold but at the same time we felt the warmth and light of the spirit. It was the perfect ending to our visit with these lovely young women of ours. 
Thus far this Christmas Season has been wonderful and we are enjoying our family and many missionary  activities and opportunities to share the #LighttheWorld Initiative. 


Marsha said...

Love to read about your family and see all your family photos. You have a beautiful family. I too, have a daughter named Amber. If you are too busy to write much on your blog, that means you are busy in the Lord's work....doesn't it feel great!

Marie Rayner said...

Loved reading this LeAnn and seeing all the photos. I love reading about your Mission activities and seeing how you are getting along. We are finished our Mission now, which comes at just the right time since Todd is ill now. God bless you are Roger on all your work. Love you, Merry Christmas! xoxo

Christy Monson said...

Wonderful post. You are so awesome. Wish I were as good with media as you are. Hugs and lots of love for a wonderful holiday with your family and friends.

Debbie said...

happy birthday leann - looks like a beautiful celebration with family!! and the friends luncheon "you have been friends for over 50 years" - that just can't be possible! you all look marvelous, not a day over 30, which makes that impossible ;)

it looks like you are enjoying the season, as we are also. you are smiling more, bigger smiles in you pictures and i like that!!!


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