Thursday, January 21, 2016

Our Visit To The Provo City Center Temple~

We attended the  Provo City Center Temple Open house today with our dear friend's Steve and Debbie. We enjoyed the tour and are very excited for the dedication in March of this magnificent building. There is a intriguing  story behind this temple. 
On Dec. 17th 2010 in the early morning a fire engulfed the Provo Tabernacle. The firemen fought this fire for hours until all that was left was just the outside shell. It was all in rubble. It took months before they learned the cause of the fire and a year before new plans for this historic building were announced. 

 Here is the history behind this burned down tabernacle. 
This Provo meeting house was constructed starting in 1856 and completed in 1867~
Due to the need for a larger building to accommodate the needs of the saints in Provo the meeting house was taken down and the tabernacle was started in 1882 and completed 16 years later. It stood as a landmark building for over 100 years. 
During the October 2011 General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints our Prophet, President Thomas S. Monson, announced that the Provo Tabernacle walls would be preserved and the building would be rebuilt to become a holy temple. 
 Here are some photos of this beautiful new temple exterior and interior. 
 Here is a photo take recently of the front of the temple~
This is an exquisite fountain in the front of the temple~
 The Celestial Room of the temple~
  The Bride's room~use for new brides and those going through for the first time~
 Here is one of the sealing rooms of this spectacular temple~
The Provo City Temple grounds~
This beautiful edifice will serve as a place where Latter-Day Saints can participate in sacred ordinances that will bless them and their ancestors. 
You can learn more about this special temple here. 
You can learn about why Mormon's build temples here
We had such an enjoyable day doing this tour and then having a wonderful lunch afterwards. It was truly a sacred experience and we felt the peaceful feelings of the spirit as we were able to walk through this lovely treasured building. 
The end of a perfect day~ 


Denise said...


Marsha said...

My daughter has also attended the open house and she said it is beautiful. I can't wait to go and see this Temple. When it was the Provo Tabernacle, back in 1980, my husband and I had our first date there attending a fireside.

Marie Rayner said...

How very wonderful that they were able to do this with this very special building and create something even more sacred and beautiful than the original. I Hope that one day I will be able to see it in person and go inside! God bless you and Roger for all that you do! Love you! xoxo

Christy Monson said...

What a beautiful historical overview of the newest temple of the Lord. Our love and hugs to you on your mission. Thinking of you always. Prayers are with you. Hugs. Christy

Just Ramblin' said...

So glad you were able to attend the open house. We are hoping to make it a little later. Everyone I've talked to has felt such an amazing Spirit and loves what has been done to preserve this historic site. I remember attending meeting there when it was the Provo Tabernacle while attending BYU. Thanks for sharing all the pictures. So glad you are doing well. You are blessing so many lives! Nola

Barb said...

Hi LeAnn!

Loved seeing all the pictures! What a beautiful temple, I would love to take a trip to Provo just to see it.

Blessings to you sweet friend, thanks for sharing!

Hugs and Love,

Galen Pearl said...

I truly enjoyed seeing all the photos of this exquisite building. And thank you for adding my new blog to your blogroll. You are a good blog friend!

Debbie said...

I enjoyed the images of the temple, it is a beautiful place. I personally would enjoy a humbler place.....and to see the money spent on feeding and housing the homeless. Perhaps you understand why so much money is spent on the structure itself, as I know it is very important to you....and also how dedicated you are!!

Susan Anderson said...

I need to visit soon, because I really want to see it in person.



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