Sunday, November 1, 2015

Invite All To Come Unto Christ~

We had a fantastic week at the MissionTraining Center. Everyday, was uplifting and there were so many spiritual highlights. It was also hard work. There was much studying, role playing and learning to be done. Our day started at 6:30 am with getting prepared for the day, breakfast with all the missionaries in the MTC (more than 2,000) and then classes until noon, lunch and then back to class work. We were generally through around 4:30 pm. My husband and I would then study together until dinner and then off to our apartment. We spent the evening studying for the next day's classes. We were usually up until about 11 pm. We are slow learners. 
Monday evening we were able to watch a remarkable video of an MTC training message given by one of Twelve Apostles, Elder David A. Bednar. He gave a stirring talk on the character of Christ - being outward rather than inward. We are to spend more time thinking and working for others instead of focusing inward on ourselves. 
The following evening we attended a World Wide MTC Devotional originating at our MTC. The speaker was also an Apostle, Elder Neil L. Andersen. All the Senior Missionaries had wonderful seats in the MTC Conference center. We were about 25 feet away from him. His message was centered on the Sacrifice, Opposition, Adversity, and Deliverance. The talk centered on Christ and his Sacrifice and then on our our personal life struggles and deliverance. A choir of about 200 plus young missionaries sang the hymn, "More Holiness Give Me." It was so touching and I shed a few tears on that one. 

We now wear name tags that read: Elder Williams, and Sister Williams  respectively and "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints", which is the official name of the church. 
The photos above are from moments in the MTC. We especially enjoyed sitting and talking with the younger missionaries during breakfast, lunch and dinner. The food in the cafeteria was very good (maybe too good). It is amazing how they can feed over 2,000 missionaries 3 times per day. During the devotional it was inspiring to see all of the missionaries together in that big center. 
On the left upper photo is of a map of the world and it shows all of the countries where missionaries are assigned.
The lower center picture is of our district for the week. Elder Williams was the District Leader for the week. There were four couples but one of them, Elder and Sister Atkinson left for the Philippines before we took this picture. Left is Elder and Sister Spencer, Elder and Sister Williams, Elder and Sister Callahan. Elder and Sister Spencer are off to New York, while Elder and Sister Callahan are heading for Samoa. 

The one especially tender mercy this week was being able to be in the MTC at the same time as our close friends: Elder and Sister Moncrief. They are going to Tonga for their mission. We have been friends for over 25 years. Sister Moncrief and I have been very close friends and spent many hours with each other. We were so thrilled to be together. You can see us pointing at where we are serving our mission. 
The middle center picture is a painting of missionaries leaving their homes in the early days of our church. They and their wives were ill but the Elders decided they needed to go on no matter what. They stood up and waved good-by to their wives and shouted Hurrah, hurrah, hurrah for Israel! 
It took great courage to leave their families to serve missions. They left a legacy for us to follow. 
Well that sums up our incredible week at the MTC. Today, we had a beautiful Sabbath Day visiting two wards in our stake. Tomorrow we will meet with our Mission President and learn what our assignments will be. We are ready for the challenge of inviting others to Christ. 
Check out the links and you will find interesting information. 
Sending out love to all!


Christy Monson said...

I am so excited that you will keep up your blog during your mission. I am thrilled to be able to experience it along with you. Lots of love, prayers and hugs go with you on this journey.

Debbie said...

you will receive more than you will give!!!

i hope you continue to feel much joy with your mission. i am looking forward to following along!!!

Denise said...

wow, so many blessings my friend.


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