Monday, October 5, 2015

A Call To Serve & Precious September Moments~

For years my husband and I have desired to serve a full time Senior mission  when he retired. That moment has come. We had discussed many times what kind of Senior mission that we would like to serve. The were many options such as a Humanitarian, Family History, Visitors Center, Temple Square, Temple Mission, Member Leadership Support, Church Education and various others. We then have the choice to serve for 6 month, 9 months, 12 months, 18 months or 23 months. We also had to make a decision on whether we served a full time mission at home or apply to serve in another area. Finally, we knew we needed the funds that it would require to sustain ourselves on a mission. 
We had the opportunity to serve a part time mission while my husband was still working. We served as Church Service Missionaries in an Inner City Mission from May 2011 to November 2013. During this mission we had so many endearing experiences. We were assigned to a ward and our responsibility was to assist those that were poor and needy to find jobs, health care, funds to survive on and etc. This mission was difficult but also very sweet. We loved those we served and had some success in helping a few individuals improve their circumstances. 
My husband took the month of August as his vacation time and then officially retired as of September 4th. We had planned to apply for a mission in 2016. However, one day we were looking at various missions that were listed on our Church's web site and saw a few that were interesting. We had already decided that we would stay at home and serve from here. After contemplating and praying to know what to pursue we felt that we needed to look into a couple of possibilities. I called the Church Missionary Department and found that one of the missions that we were looking at had been taken. We were encouraged to call the Mission office for our area. I called and talked with the Secretary of the mission and she told me that I should contact our Stake President and ask about the member leadership support mission for our area. Presently, they have one couple assigned as missionaries in each Stake. 
I sent a short inquiry email to our Stake President. A few days later we were invited to visit with him. We spent about an hour in his office and we literately used up almost all of his Kleenex box. It was such a spiritual experience. He told us of his pleading with the Lord to find some Senior missionaries for this area. After an intense prayer he walked up and found our email. There was no doubt in either of our minds that this was the mission that we were to serve. Within the next week we met with our Bishop and our papers were sent of to the Stake President. The question now was not where we would serve but how soon. Our Stake President wanted us soon. 
Since sending our papers off we spent the month visiting our children and grandchildren. Attending their sporting events and etc. My husband then had a scheduled shoulder surgery on August 26th. It was more complicated than hoped so recovery would be a little longer. Our inspired Stake President without knowing the total recovery time needed for my husband, held our papers back for a few weeks. We can see now the hand of the Lord in that decision. It was a tender mercy. 
During month of September my husband's recovery has been hard. He has had some other health complications. Priesthood blessings have been given and he has been greatly blessed with finding out out what is needed for his well being. We have been busy going to Physician and Physical Therapy appointments.

My husband during recovery. You can't keep a good man down. Three days after surgery he was on the computer using the mouse. Within the week, he was typing. As you can see he is pulling weeds. Physical Therapy has been brutal. He is doing well~

We have attended other family and friend activities during the month of September.

Lunch with my dearest High School friends - Left Picture - Joan and Renae;
 Middle - all of us - Rt. Picture - LeAnn and Danelle~
Celebrating our Great Grandson Sagan's 3rd Birthday  with his family~
Attending our Grandson Jonathan's Soccer Game~

Meanwhile, we have been anxiously waiting for our official missionary call. Routinely these calls usually arrive on Thursdays. We knew that the papers had finally arrived at the Church Missionary Department almost 4 weeks ago.
This past Saturday I went out to the mailbox and there it was. Totally unexpected because it wasn't a Thursday. It was a very poignant moment because this isThe Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints General Conference weekend and it has been so wonderful to hear our leaders messages. Three of our beloved Apostles passed away since our last General Conference in April. Three new Apostles were sustained. It has been a spiritual feast. What a perfect time to receive our call. Our hearts are full of love for our dearly beloved Prophet, President Thomas S. Monson and all of the Apostles. We love the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are prepared to serve him. 
Due to the fact that all of our children live away from us we decided to film the opening of our call. Because I have a great love for my Blogging and Face book friends, I decided to share this moment with you.

Since we will be going into the Mission Training Center on October 26th; we will be busy. We will be in the MTC for one week and then off to do the work of the Lord Jesus Christ. 
I will be sharing some of the moments of this mission as I am able too on my  blog. Thank you to all my friends and family out there. I treasure our friendships and love reading your many posts. You have all lifted my spirit and helped me in so many way. 
Sending love and hugs your way!


Barb said...

Roger and LeAnn~

I'm so excited for you!! You will be such a blessing to who ever you teach and come in contact with. You and Roger are such good examples to all who know you, and I know that your testimony of the Gospel will shine through and touch hearts wherever you go.

You have had a busy few months! I truly hope that
Roger is on the path to good health, shoulder surgery is so painful and takes so long to heal. You guys are always in our prayers, we love you both so dearly. Many blessings to both of you!'

Hugs and Love,

Denise said...

I love you dear friend, bless you and your husband as you do the Lords work. so proud of you.

Mom of 12 said...

I had no idea you were planning to serve a mission! We are so excited for you! I hope you will keep us all updated. :) Hugs and prayers,

Christy Monson said...

So excited for you. You must keep a mission blog so we can all share your spiritual feast. Lots of love

Debbie said...

ooooooh leann, what a beautiful mission for you. the video helped me to understand the passion and dedication you have to your faith. i too, got all choked up!!!

good luck and best wishes to you both, i think you will be amazing and really make a difference in people's lives. religion based or not, that is what life is all about!!!

Debbie said...

ooooooh and i hope you are able to post updates, i will be looking for them!!!!

Marsha said...

Oh my....sharing your letter from President Monson was so touching. I cried with you. Like the thought you posted states.....His love never fails as we serve others for Him!

Mama Rachel said...

How wonderful! Congratulations!!! :-)

singing/granny said...

It was fun to see you in "real life". And such a tender time for you both. I am so glad you can serve another mission. You will be blessed I am sure. Take care sweet LeAnn! Melody

Just Ramblin' said...

How thrilled I was to see your post and that you will be serving a mission. What a great blessing for the two of you as well as your family. You radiate the gospel and I know that those you serve and come in contact with will be greatly blessed by your love of the gospel and our Savior, Jesus Christ. You are truly an answer to your Stake President's prayers. As you embark on this new experience, may the Lord bless you and your husband with the necessary health to fulfill this calling. My prayers will be with you and I hope to occasionally see an updated post as you serve. You are an amazing example to me and I'm so grateful we had the opportunity to meet and become friends through blogging. May the Lord's choicest blessings be yours. Nola

Just Ramblin' said...

I left a comment earlier, but apparently it didn't go through. So, I'm adding another one. Just wanted to say how happy and excited I am for you and your husband's mission call. What a blessing you are to your stake president and I know you will touch and bless the lives of those you will be serving. It is nice that you will be able to do this and stay in your home. You are such a wonderful example to all of us as you share your love of the gospel and your testimony with us through your blog and facebook. I pray you will be blessed with health and strength as you serve. I know great blessings will come to you both as well as your family through this calling.I will look forward to an occasional post and hope you will keep us up to date as you serve. May the Lord's choicest blessings be yours as you go forth to serve. Nola

Denise said...

you won the book giveaway on my blog, congrats. come on over to my blog.

Debbie said...

i visited today, to see if you had left an update. then i realized that last image is a special one. i had not noticed during my last visit. i hope you are well and happy, feeling fulfilled with this next chapter!!! many thanks for catching up with me!!!


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