Friday, August 8, 2014

Simple Woman's Daybook Entry - Sweet Moments~

For Today - August 7th, 2014
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Outside my window...It is such a lovely day. We have had a lot of rain over the last few days. More is suppose to be coming. I want to enjoy this bright almost cloudless sunny day.
I am thinking...I had a good day yesterday of accomplishments. I had the goal of downloading pictures and histories of ancestors onto Family Search. I was able to get my entire father in law's history and photos downloaded. On this site you can research your family genealogy and histories. Here is the link for Family Search.  It is so fun to go in and find your ancestors. There are many histories on there. There might be a history of one of your family ancestors. 
I am thankful...for my family. Every day, I become more grateful for my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. I am so happy that we are an Eternal Family. We had two wonderful family events in July that brought me great joy. 
In the kitchen...there will be a simple dinner; perhaps just an omelet and fruit.  For the past few days my sweet husband has been doing the dinner. I start it and he finishes it. Oh, what a good man he is. Tonight I need to be the cook.
I am wearing... a pink, white & gray shirt with light gray pants and white sandals.  
I am creating...this blog post and hoping to get it completed. I have  been busy trying to make a crocheted blanket for a new little great granddaughter. 
I am going... to lunch today with a very dear friend of mine named, Toni.
 We haven't been together for a long time. We have been friends for many years. She is more like a sister to me than a friend. I am excited to spend some time with her today. 
I had the opportunity of meeting a dear blogging friend named Lura from California for lunch in July. She is always such a joy to be with. We have lunch together each time she comes to Utah to see her family. It has been such a treat to get to know her and love her. 
Lura and me~ Taken on cell phone and there is some sun reflections~
 Then this past Monday, I went to lunch with another dear blogging friend named, Nola. We had a great visit and I feel very close to her also. We had such a delightful time. Friends play such an important role in my life.

  All three of these lovely women are those kinds of friends that you feel a special connection with. I feel like I have known them forever. I wonder sometimes if  I knew them in the Pre-earth life. 
I am wondering...if I can ever get organized like I would like to be. I wish my days were more like yesterday when I felt like I had accomplished a good goal. I want to do more family history work and I need to make more time for it. 
I wondering if I can figure out how to connect more with my grandchildren who all live away from me. I have so many that it is hard to make telephone calls. If any of you out there have some good suggestions for bonding with your grandchildren; let me know. 
I just have so many that It reminds me of the nursery rhyme.... There was an old woman that lived in a shoe.......
There was an old woman
Who  lived in a shoe,
She had so many children,
And loved them all too. 
She said, "Thank you Lord Jesus, 
For sending them bread."
Then kissed them all gladly
And sent them to bed. 
My granddaughters and my great granddaughters~
My grandson and one great grandson~
I am reading... The Book of Mormon with a workbook.  It has been slow process. I am learning many good things.  I restarted The Book of Mormon from the beginning recently as a challenge that was given in our ward. We are to read The Book of Mormon from cover to cover over 85 days which is the amount of time that it took the Prophet Joseph Smith to translate those ancient records. It requires reading about 5-6 pages a day and it takes about 20 plus minutes. Both my husband and I are doing it. This is such a marvelous book and as I am reading it for this challenge, I have been feeling the power of the book more than ever. I loveThe Book of Mormon and know that it is true.  

I am also reading the 2nd book of the Series; "Come To Zion - Through the Cloud and Sunshine" by Dean Hughes.

 I am  loving this book. It has given me a great appreciation for the Saints that came from England to the mid-west in the 1830-40's.Those stalwart pioneers felt that they were coming to Zion. They migrated from Palmyra, New York, to Kirkland, Ohio. They built a temple there that they had to abandon later.They then moved to Jackson Country, Missouri thinking that this was where Zion would be. They were then forced out of Missouri due to an extermination order by the Governor of that state.  They next settled in  Nauvoo, Illinois. Thousands came to live there and they built the city and a Temple to the Lord. This temple was destroyed in that day and then rebuilt in our day.
The original Nauvoo Temple~
The Nauvoo Temple Today~
In this book you will read the amazing story of the building of the Nauvoo temple There is also a more detailed history of the building of the Nauvoo temple here
The saints were again forced by mobs out of Nauvoo during  harsh winter months. They established a short term place in Winter Quarters, Nebraska to prepare for the trek to the Great Salt Lake Valley.The stories of those pioneers are legendary and poignant. Their faith was strong and true. They believed Joseph Smith was a prophet and that he restored The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. You can learn about the Prophet Joseph Smith here. Before the Saints left Nauvoo their Prophet Joseph and his brother Hyrum were murdered  by a mob in Carthage Jail. They were martyr's for their God and the religion that they loved. This story is based around those times. The story is so compelling and emotional. I just do not know how they did what they did. It is so clear that God was with them. They were a people of great faith. You can learn more about the pioneers here.
I am hoping...that perhaps my three boys and their families will come down from Idaho and Heber City to my husband's family reunion on Saturday. I think my oldest son will come for sure. It is hard for the others to break away due to children in football and other obligations. I am still wishing they could. 
I am looking forward to...another couple of days of getting some things accomplished that I have been holding off doing. 
I am happy that this week we were able to attend a sealing of a child  to his parents in the temple. This child was adopted and then recently passed away.The spirit in the sealing room was so strong and there was not a dry eye in the room. 
 Of course, Saturday is my Temple shift and I always look forward to that. I am presently training six sweet women. This choice assignment will be ending soon. I have loved being the trainer. 
I am learning....a very hard lesson this week. I lost my day-timer (my brain) Monday.
This is exactly what it looks like; now if I could just find it. 

 This is the third time I have lost it. Three times in the airport it was lost and then found. This time I don't think that will happen.  I am going to have to recover a lot of information. It had all of my telephone numbers, addresses, notes, calendar events, physician information, appointments and etc. It really is devastating. It will take me a while to get it all together again.There were a lot of important notations and other important information. At least there wasn't anything valuable as far as money goes; but it had things in it that were worth far more than money. The lesson for me to learn is to not let it out of my sight. I really think someone stole it out of my car. However, I do try to make sure the car is locked so I don't know how that happened.
Around the house... I can hear the TV on in the kitchen which is where I should be making dinner. I can hear a little traffic outside. I wish we weren't so close to a main road. However, the traffic sounds really don't bother me unless I am listening for it. 
I am pondering...upon what I am going to do to get healthier. I have been exercising everyday on my exercise bike. I went 7 miles yesterday and it felt good. I believe in a plant based diet but I don't know if I can give up some of the other foods I love. According to the following quote; I won't have to give up Chocolate. 
Something New In My Life....I was recently called to teach the 3 - 4 year old class in our church on Sundays.  It is called the Sunbeam class. The class is for two hours. The first hour is opening exercises with the other Primary children. They sing and do other activities. The next hour is teaching a lesson.  I have three precious little 4 year old boys. I have had many calling assignments during my life and this is a sweet one; but also a challenging one. These little ones do not stay still for very long. It requires that I really come up with a good lesson that will keep their attention. Some may think that this is an easy calling; I would say it is more like a growing experience for me.
A favorite quote for today....
One of my favorite to kiss my sweet hubby. I love that he works at home and I can go into his office and give him a quick kiss a few times a day. How I love this man. 
A few plans for the rest of the week.... More work on Genealogy and Family History - Saturday Morning Temple time - My husband's family reunion Saturday afternoon - A lovely Sabbath Day -
A peek into my day......
Our Sammy~
Here is our sweet Sammy. He brings such joy into our lives. He has the cutest personality. I really believe that he thinks he is one of us. He loves to go for rides and he is such a great stress reducer for my  husband. They play together a lot and I love to watch them. Sammy is a treasure.


Christy Monson said...

I was just feeling very lonely this morning and needing a pick-me-up. Your day-book was it. I do love and appreciate you so very much. What a wonderful angel you are! Hugs and lots of love. Christy

Debbie said...

my reading is limited to short stories and blogs. i also enjoy "flipping" through a good magazine. i have sadly, never been a reader!!!

in your lunch image i thought you girls were sporting milk mustaches!!

lots of good stuff today, sammy is a cutie pie!!!

Susan Anderson said...

Thanks for the update. I always enjoy these!

And is there anything better than going to lunch with a good friend?


Just Ramblin' said...

Lunch was delightful and I'm so grateful we have become friends through blogging. I'm looking forward to our next time. I am slow reading this, but enjoyed your Daybook. And, if I recall, you have found your day planner. That is such a relief, I'm sure and how grateful to have it back. Nola


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