Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Baby Haven's Story of Adoption, Temple Sealing, Name and Blessing~

This is our sweet little Granddaughter Haven's story~
Perhaps Haven's story starts first with her brother, Layton. Layton was placed in my son, Travis and Daughter in law, Amanda's home as a foster child. They have been foster parents for a few  years. After having Layton for a few months he was eligible to be adopted. The two of them and their 6 biological children fell in love with this cute little one so they adopted him. You can read about Layton's temple sealing here. 
Then in the fall of 2013; they learned that another baby, Layton's baby sister would be coming in December and they could decide to adopt her too. Of course, they wanted to have Layton's soon to be little sister. 
In December our daughter in law, Amanda drove to California at time of delivery to pick this new little one up. With a little red tape, they were allowed to bring her home, pending the final adoption. It took a little longer than expected to finalize the adoption. Papers were signed in July. 
The family and Judge - Final Adoption Signed. They were all very happy~

Next baby Haven was to be sealed in the temple to her parents. Layton had been sealed previously to this forever family.
 You can read more about adoption and sealing of children in the temple here
Here is the Proud parents with their now forever daughter, Haven. 
Here is a picture of the beautiful temple that she was sealed in. 
Rexburg Temple~
This is what a large sealing room looks like in temples~
 The  forever family - 
Back row - Austin, Justice and Kason
Front row - Ethan and Layton, Travis and Haven, Amanda, Ryley and Karli.

 Haven and her biological and forever brother, Layton~
Some very special friends came to the temple to witness this wonderful time. 
Of course, Grandpa, Roger and Grandma, LeAnn 
wouldn't miss this moment to be with our Haven and family.

On the next day - Baby Haven was given a Name and a Blessing by
 her father, Travis in their Sacrament Meeting.
You can learn more about giving a Name and a Blessings Here. 
Beautiful Haven and her lovely mother, Amanda on her blessings day~
After the church there were more pictures to taken of this occasion. 
Back Row - Amanda. Austin, Justice, Ethan, Travis and baby Haven~
Front Row - Layton, Ryley, Karli and Kason~
Proud father taking more pictures~
Grandpa, Austin, Justice and Layton, Ryley, Karli, 
Ethan and Kason and Grandma with baby Haven~
Couldn't resist one more picture of these precious grandchildren of ours. 


Debbie said...

what a wonderful story leann, beautiful images!!

i have never heard of, or seen anything like this....what a beautiful, growing family you have!! and such a deep faith!!

Christy Monson said...

There are so many reason I love this post. What a wonderful journal entry this is (see latest Ensign). These are the happy-ever-after stories I love. Hoping to make some of those stories here before we come home. Lots of love and prayers.

Barb said...

Hi LeAnn~

What a little doll! It's hard to believe that when I met, Travis and Amanda, Justice was just a baby, a little younger than, Haven! Now look at their beautiful family!

What a blessing she is in your family, and what great examples her parents are! I love her story, and Layton's story, very inspiring!

Adorable pictures!!

We really need to make time to get together!! I miss seeing you!

Hugs and Love,

Cheryl @ TFD said...

She is adorable! What a beautiful family she has now! Have a happy weekend, LeAnn!

singing/granny said...

What a wonderful blessing for you all! Thanks for sharing! It was fun to read about your special grandchildren! Melody

Susan Anderson said...

What a beautiful story. And wonderful that these two (and all of you guys) get to be together, for time AND eternity.



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