Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Simple Woman's Daybook~ A Sweet Relaxing Day!

For Today - November 14, 2012
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Outside my is a beautiful winter day. The snow we received is slowly melting. I can see the Wasatch Mountains which are bathed in white snow. The view is spectacular.
I am thinking...I am happy to be home today. I have been very busy with friends and my sweet Aunt Della for the last two day. I love the visits and fun with friends; but I like being home too.   
I am thankful for….A lovely warm home. I just love to be home and enjoy our fireplace and listen to Christmas music. I am starting early on this one. We have a local radio station playing Christmas music; it is on FM 100.3. I am happy they are doing this; because I always feel like I don't get to hear enough of the Christmas sounds. The season always flies by with so much to do.  
From the learning room…I am learning that I need to schedule my time a little bit better. This seems to be an ongoing problem with me. I just simply let time get away from me and then I don't accomplish what I would like to do.
I have been trying to learn a new Christmas piano piece and so many things come up that I don't get to practise. Today, this is a goal. I will practise my piano.
From the kitchen...I will look forward to making a simple meal tonight because we have some Inner City Mission visits to make.
I am wearing....Light Blue Jeans, a bright pink shirt and light pink slippers.
I am creating...this post today and I hope a Christ-centered home. 
I am reading..."The Book of Mormon" this will be ongoing forever. I will continue to read it over and over. I am in Alma which is a very large book in The Book of Mormon. I am continuing to use the Institute Manual on The Book of Mormon as a study guide. I am amazed at how much I learn every time I open this book. I often receive answers to prayers from the wonderful pages of this book of scripture. 
I am currently reading the book: "Look Up, My Soul - The Divine Promise Of Hope" by Gerald N. Lund. This book is a must read. The thoughts on hope are profound and beautiful.The stories are captivating, inspirational and uplifting.
The novel I am reading is entitled: "Passage On The Titanic" by Anita Stansfield. I always enjoy her novels. This one is a true story of a woman that was on the Titanic. She was a young wife and mother named Irene who was learning to utilize herbal medicines to help others with medical needs. She lived in Utah and decided to go to England for six months to learn how to be a midwife. Using a fictional character; Anita Standsfield wove into the story a fictional young woman named Ella, who became a patient of Irene's while in England. 
The two of them leave England for America on the Titanic. Each are in different situations but continue on the ship to nurture their friendship. This is a very captivating book.
I am get some more time today to read the novel.
I am going by; the gentle tapping of the computer keys, and the dryer buzz telling me my laundry is dry.  
One of my favorite do is read blog entries; and I feel sad when I am too busy to do that. So many of you are my friends and I love to read about your lives, your ups and downs and your uplifting experiences.
Something new about me.....I would love to know how to sing. I feel very blessed to have very talented daughters that can sing. I loved to hear them whenever I can. I on the other hand will hope in the next life that I will have that talent.
Pet Peeves.... I dislike receiving telemarketer calls. I know that people need work doing this but I wish they would choose better times to make calls. I hate when the call comes during dinner time. Usually, we don't answer the calls if we can see who is calling. Now they don't put their name on the calls so you don't know for sure who is calling. 
One of my guilty go shopping. It is my time out. I often just go and look around at items. I really like the Christmas shops; since that is my favorite holiday of all.
Here is a picture to share.....
This is what the mountains from my window look like today.

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Barb said...

Hi LeAnn!

Loved your day-book entry! I feel the same way about scheduling my time more wisely. It seems like I get sidetracked really easy, then I don't accomplish anything. When you get the scheduling thing figured out, please let me know the secret!!

I would love to be in your sitting room, listening to you play the piano, looking out your window at the beautiful Wasatch mountains, and enjoying the peace and beautiful spirit in your home... :0)

I love reading the Book of Mormon - studying it in Sunday school has been so good for me!

I avoid telemarketer calls like the plague!

I'm not much of a shopper - my guilty pleasure would have to be, curling up in a chair with a bowl of popcorn and a diet Pepsi, watching my favorite Christmas movies . . . all day long!!

Hugs and Love,

Denise said...

Enjoyed your daybook.

Grammy Staffy said...

I always enjoy reading your day book. I have Gerald Lung's Divine Signatures book and love it. I'd better get this new one. Hugs, Lura

Sue said...

What a neat post today. I loved reading peaceful! And I am going to read that Titanic book.


Eve | Inchworm Chronicles said...

Hi, LeAnn,
It is lovely to read about your day. It sounds very relaxing, actually! The Titanic book sounds really good, too. Enjoy your day!

Debbie said...

These are always so fun to read! I am especially happy and grateful to have a warm, comfortable place to call home. So many people here at the jersey shore have lost so much.

I too need to schedule my time better, sometimes I get caught up in all the fun ;))))

The Adventurer said...

I love Christmas music too:) But my hubby bans it until after Thanksgiving:( he says he can only focus on one holiday at a time, LOL. I will be looking into the book you are reading, I love books that weave truth with fiction:) Can't believe you have SNOW already! We just recently had our first good frost of the season:)
HOpe you get to practice your piano, I have always wanted to learn, but instead I have my kids learning for me! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family

Anonymous said...

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Kim said...

Wow-what a view out your window!

Scheduling-it's been a real struggle for me as well. Lately my husband and I have been subscribing to the 3 big rocks theory: Choose just 3 "bigger" goals each day, and get those done early, then fill the day with the smaller goals.

You can watch Stephen Covey demonstrate this here:

Good luck!


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