Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Joys Of Being Grandparents~

Is there anything more fun for a grandparent than having grandchildren; I think not!
We indeed have our quiver full. At the very least we are overwhelmed with the blessing of a numerous posterity. Prayers have been taking longer if we name each one. Of course, we already know that Heavenly Father knows their names and loves them too. 
 Due to our advanced age and wisdom we can see a grandchild in a different way than we may have looked at their parents as children. For instance I can pick out exactly what child in the family is most like their parents. This means that sometimes I clap my hands in joy knowing what they are going to go through as they raise this special child. Yes, indeed I know and I am smiling at this deserving moment.  I can also spot the ones that are going to be wise beyond their years. The ones that will excel if provided the correct path. Then there are the ones with great talent at their finger tips or dancing feet. We can watch the ones that love sports and play hard and those who prefer the sidelines. Then there are those who may be somewhat like us or me. That should be a good challenge for them.
I love my grandchildren and great grandchildren with all of my heart. I pray for them, hug them and love them more than perhaps they even like. Especially, the hugging part; some of those boys don't get it yet.
Here they all are~

Back row - Joseph, Jackson,Jed, Jacob,Gillian
Front row -Jonathan, Joshua and Jeffery~
Jessica and Jed
Jacob and Dana
Back row - Austin, Justice and Layton, Ethan
Front row Karli, Ryley and Kason
 Christian, Averi and Taylor Jo
Faith, Sariah, Abbey and Levi, April
Benjamin, Emma and Alyssa
Sarah, Michael and William, Kaitlyn
Our Great Granddaughter's Lilly and Jadyn

    A Grandparent's Beatitudes
by Renee Hawkley
Blessed are those who smile, for the wrinkles at the corners of their mouths turn up.
Blessed are those with more than one chin, for their chins jiggle when they laugh.
Blessed are those with gray hair, for they have built-in halos.
Blessed are those who wear glasses, for their eyes twinkle.
Blessed are those who are hard of hearing, for they listen with their hearts.
Blessed are those who steps are measured, for they are headed in the right direction.
Blessed are those whose breath is short, for their patience in the journey is long.
Blessed are those who cannot understand today's music, for they sing the old songs.
Blessed are those with bent and clumsy fingers, for their touch is gentle.
Blessed are those with voices as course as gravel, for their words are smooth as sand.
Blessed are those who no longer run races, for their applause is loudest.
Blessed are those whose brains are slow to remember, for they are fast to forgive.
Blessed are those who are going through their second childhood, for they understand those who are going through their first.
Bless are the poor in worldly goods, for they share treasures of character.
Blessed are those who keep silent about their pain, for they shall not be one.
Blessed are those whose bodies are wearing out, for their spirits are wearing in.
Rejoice and be exceeding glad, for great is the reward of those who embrace a second chance to influence a child by being...
                if not the perfect parent of one's least a "grand" parent.

I feel so blessed~

I recently wrote a post on "My Testimony My Greatest Treasure" It can be found on Mormon Women here:


Just Ramblin' said...

Loved your post. It truly is a joy to be a grandparent. I waited so long for this gift and I treasure every minute I get to spend with my grandchildren. I love the pictures you posted of everyone. How blessed they are to have you and your husband as grandparents and what a great example you have set for them. It is a special experience with grandchildren and seeing their potential. I think I was so focused on raising my children that I didn't always enjoy them as I should.
Thank you for sharing "A Grandparents Beatitudes". I have never read that before so I hope you don't mind if I copy it. Nola

singing/granny said...

Loved this post! Especially because the poem you used is written by a very good friend of mine!!! Grandchildren are a wonderful blessing! As are grandparents! Blessings and best wishes to you! Melody

Denise said...

You have such a lovely family.

Sue said...

You are lucky to have so many! I am a little big envious...

Great photos of them, too.


Darlene said...

You have such an amazing posterity, LeAnn. So many beautiful grandchildren and great grandchildren. We have a way to go to match yours. I wish some of my grandsons would get married and get started with their families. I have several that should be doing that. Why is it that young men are so much slower getting married these days? It is frustrating to this poor old grandma, I can tell you.

I enjoyed reading the Beatitudes. Thanks for posting that.

I LOVED the picture of you and Roger.

We are leaving in 19 more days, heading your way. We'll try to catch up with you after our reunion is over. My one niece from Dallas is planning to stay the whole week after the reunion, so will be spending quite a bit of time with her, but I'll try to call you so that we can at least meet, and maybe have lunch together. Why don't you email me your phone number.

Barb said...

Hi LeAnn!

I just love all the pictures of your beautiful grandchildren . . . . and some of mine... ;0)

I really think this is what life is all about! What wonderful examples you and Roger are to all those grandchildren, you are so blessed!

Hugs and Love,

joy said...

You are really very lucky having them, very lovely family. I love your poem " blessed are those.....mind if i borrow them?

Camille said...

You have a beautiful family!! I wish I had a big family, I do when I visit my in laws though. :)

Amy said...

Oh LeAnn, you have such a beautiful family! And I know they are so blessed to have you as their mother, grandmother, and friend. I thoroughly enjoyed your post. It made me miss my dear grandmothers even more. Thank you for sharing your heart and for linking up with NOBH. Smiles!

Kim-A Creative Spirit said...

Grandchildren are one of God's greatest blessings. You definitely have blessings overflowing... I always like seeing pictures of your family.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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