Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Our Family Reunion 2012 -" No Empty Chairs"~

We held our every 2 year Family Reunion on July 18 through July 21st. This year was a: "No Empty Chair"one. Everyone came this year. On Saturday the 21st we had our entire posterity here at our home. There was 46 total; 6 children and spouses, 31 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren and one step great grandchild.  For three days we enjoyed one another while playing games, basking in the sunshine and mud at the East Canyon Reservoir and we topped it off with a brunch on Saturday morning. Pictures can tell a thousand words and here they are:
Families starting to arrive - My daughter Christina, Brandon and Children

Amber and Christina - Daughters
Our Averi
Layton, Amanda and Ryley, and Levi
Gathering at the Bowery for fun, food, and games ~
Grandma with some of her boys~

Team Instructions~
The Team with the most  Cheetos stuck on face with shaving cream - Wins!
This game required one to stick a marshmallow on their nose which had Vaseline on it.
They had to run back to the table and shake it off on a plate~
This game required the team member to put a nylon sock over their head with a tennis ball in the toe and
 then swing it around trying to knock over 5 paper cups filled with water~
Lunch Break!
 This game required that the team members put
an Oreo on their head and maneuver it into their mouths~
This game required that you tie a tissue box to your back and then try to shake out ping pong balls.
This game was a race to fill up the bottle with water~
The Water fight begins ~
Baby Layton starts it off~
In the evening we had our grandsons, age 8 and up stay at our home where we had games, food and a movie. There was a total of nine boys~

This game the boys were blindfolded and then they took off their shoes and we scattered them about in the middle and the winner had to find his shoes and put them on. This one was a little stinky~

 Family Fun at the Lake - Fun in the sun with mud and water.
Good food and conversation was enjoyed by all~
Lunch time
In the Evening we had our 8 year old and up granddaughters for the night.
 There were 12 of them. 
 With my two oldest Granddaughters, Gillian and Justice
 we gave  pedicures and manicures to the girls.
We had dinner and watched a movie.
We had a total of 10; it was a wonderful evening~
Our Averi~

Our Closing Celebration
Front row - Jonathan, Joshua, Mary, Sean; our oldest son, Jeffery and Jadyn
Back row - Joseph, Gillian, Jackson, Dana and Jacob, Jed, Jessica and baby Lilly~
Our oldest grandson's famly~
Baby Lilly, Jessica, Jed, Jadyn~
Our second grandson Jacob and Dana
Jacob and Dana ~
Front row - Karli, Ryley and Kason
2nd Row - Austin, Justice and Layton,and Ethan
Back row - Amanda and Travis; our second son~
Front row - Christian, Averi and Taylor
Back row - Amber and James; our third son~
Front row - Faith, Sariah and Brondi the dog, Abby and April
Back row - Levi, Brandon and Christian; our oldest daughter~ 
Alyssa, Michael, Jenni; our second daughter and Benjamin, and Emma~
Front row - Sarah, Michael and Williams and Kaitlyn
Back row - Dave and Tiffani; our youngest daughter~

Here's my awesome grandchildren~

This reunion was so much fun. There were many prayers sent, family names on the Temple Prayer Roll, and moments in the temple. We wanted our family to be protected from harm and satan's influence and that guardian angels would surround us all. I know beyond doubt that our prayers were answered.


Kelly Scott said...

What a wonderful legacy you have in your spouse, children, grandchildren and great grandchildren! God has richly blessed you with godly treasures. Every blessing, Kelly

Darlene said...

Oh my goodness!! You mean to tell me that all this fun was had in just three short days? I can't tell you how much I enjoyed seeing all the pictures!! I cannot even begin to imagine that you could find someone to take all of these pictures, or did you take turns? I can never get my family members to take pictures, except for out pro photographer who is married to my oldest grandson. The problem is, unless you hire her to take them, she only seems to take pictures of her children whenever they go anywhere that I am in attendance.

I am sure a wonderful time was had by all. You had everything so well organized. I haven't been able to get my family all together in one place since my 80th birthday and I don't think the whole tribe were there even for that. We have 39 members in all, 41 if you include the two of us and most of us are adults. I don't suppose we ever will have them all together as we don't even do formal family reunions. Sue has the closest we come to that. They all go to Newport Beach for a week at the end of July and as many other members as can join them for a day or two at a time, but they don't all ever come.

The only formal one we have is my mom's family and I am the only one left of all my siblings, so it is mostly a cousins reunion and no children ever come to those. We will be going to that on Sept l. After our three days of reunion, I hope to be able to get in touch with you and we can try to get together. I'll let you know when we can come by sending you an email. Then you can give me your phone number or I will give you ours, so that we can make contact by phone to make plans.

Again, thanks for so many great pictures!!

Williams Crew said...

Fun pictures!! We had a good time!!! Love, Amanda

Sue said...

I have that "No Empty Chairs" sign on my fridge!

What a great family you have. And what looks to be an amazing reunion.


The Adventurer said...

Wonderful pictures and so much fun. My family in the states is having a reunion this year but we can't attend. They just started doing reunions recently so I hope they will do another one in 2 or 3 years. I haven't seen some relatives in well over 10 years:(

Genevieve said...

How lovely! I am the only member of my family that lives far away from my family and I wish we had family reunions! I remember my last couple of reunions with my aunts and uncles and they created memories that have lasted my lifetime. I think I might have to plan one for my family!!

Denise said...

Such precious family time, bless you.

singing/granny said...

What fun! And so well planned. Thanks for all of the wonderful ideas for family games! We will have to try them all!!! Love and blessings! Melody

Barb said...

Hi LeAnn!

I loved seeing all of those precious children of yours - I can't believe how much they have all grown up and changed! Of course, all of the grands and great-grands are just adorable! Christian and Taylor Jo told me that they had so much fun at the reunion, they especially liked the night that they got to spend with just the girls and the boys. Taylor was showing off her toes all week - she even took a picture of them . . . so I posted it on my blog!!

You truly are blessed, and I know that many prayers were indeed answered to get everyone there at the same time, that is truly a hard thing to do, even in my small family!!

Miss you, and hope that we will be able to see you some time before the snow flies!

Hugs and Love sweet sis!

The WIlloughby Family said...

Looks like SOOOO much fun!! I was impressed with all of the fun things you did, you are amazing!!

Diane said...

What a beautiful family! Everything looked like so much fun. I hope to be a fun Grandma like you someday.

Just Ramblin' said...

What a great family reunion and I loved your theme of "no empty chairs".
You have a very lovely family and it looked like you all had so much fun making memories. I'm so glad your prayers were answered. It is so important that we keep our families close.
I am making notes of some of the games you played so I can do them with my family. We need some new ideas and I think they'd have a ball doing these.
What a wonderful influence you and your husband are to your grandchildren. They will always remember the good time they had at your home.

Kim-A Creative Spirit said...

What a beautiful family and a blessing to have all of you together. My family is just a tiny one compared to yours but I pray that no matter where life takes us we will always plan the time together.

Mom of 12 said...

That is so awesome! Your family is beautiful and there is nothing better than having them all together.

Diane said...

What a perfect, wonderful family! What a perfect, wonderful reunion! I'm still giggling from the shaving cream/Cheetos competition. How very, very blessed you are!Thank you for sharing with everyone at NOBH!


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