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Happy Mother's Day Thoughts To My Daughters All My Dearest Friends and Loved Ones~


Jenni - Marie
Happy Mother's Day To All My Daughters, Granddaughters and all of you wonderful Mothers out there that are Aunts, Cousins, Sisters and Friends.
Whether you have children or not; women are born to be mothers that nurture and care for children within the span of their influence.
I have six wonderful daughters; three of my own and three that I inherited through marriage to my sons. Each of these lovely young women are fantastic mothers and wives. I have 31 grandchildren that have been born amongst these 6 women. I love them very much and feel so blessed that they follow the Savior and walk with him. 
Dana ( Granddaughter In Law)

Jessica ( Granddaughter In Law
I have also been blessed with two wonderful granddaughters that are married to my grandsons.I have thus added 2 more great grandchildren and three through marriage. I can say that my life has been greatly blessed by my growing posterity. I see my grandchildren as future mothers and fathers. As a Grandmother and Great Grandmother my love for them is overflowing.  
If I were to write a letter to my posterity; I would include many lovely thoughts about each of them and the reasons that I love them. Perhaps, I would take a moment to tell them a few thoughts on life challenges and experiences. Here is my short version of counsel.
First, love your Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ with every fiber of your being. Share your testimony of them often. Share your spiritual experiences that have helped to build your love for them.
Second, love your spouse with all of your heart; in doing so you will teach silently that you  are unified in your parenting. They will also know and feel the love that you have for each other and will want to emulate that love in their own eternal union.
Third, love each of your children and show it frequently by listening to them, loving them, and being patient with them.  
Fourth, hug your children often and tell them that you love them vocally everyday.
Fifth, believe in your children, support them, encourage them, and allow them to make choices so that they might exercise their agency.
Sixth, trust your children and as you do they will generally not betray that trust. I often tell my grandchildren that if they are obedient to their parents; they will have their parent's trust which equals more freedom. Sometimes, this can be a learning process that doesn't always work perfectly. Just be patient as they learn lessons from the consequences of their choices.
Seventh, love and live the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As you serve in the church give your children opportunities to provide service to others. As you serve others in love; your children will learn to be charitable and kind to one another and others. Support your children in the programs of the church. Let them know how important the church is to you and your family.
Eighth, read and study the scriptures, especially the Book of Mormon. I wish that while raising my children, I would have scoured this Book of Mormon for it has all  the answers you would ever, ever need to parent in the Lord's way.
Ninth, pray always because you will need the Lord's help to raise your children especially in these turbulent times.
Tenth, follow the Prophet and Apostles in all they counsel you to do. Always attend or watch General Conference so that your children will see and hear the general authorities. Help them to know what a privilege it is to have a Prophet and twelve Apostles on the earth today.
Eleventh, teach your children the Plan of Happiness. and the help them understand the importance of  partaking of the Sacrament each week in remembrance of our Savior's Atonement. Teach them the principles of repentance and forgiveness.
Twelve, attend the temple often so that your children will know how precious and important your temple covenants are. There is a power in temple attendance that will save your families. Teach them that your Family Is Forever.
I left the most important counsel for last because it is vital.  Find ways to help your children know how to feel, know and recognize the Spirit of the Holy Ghost in their lives. Bare testimony of moments when you have felt the guidance of the spirit. Help them to reach out for the Savior in  times of need. Guide them in this process. Pray for them to be blessed with the spirit in their lives, everyday. The Spirit of the Holy Ghost is the one thing that will help them choose Good over Evil. In the struggling times of today; they will need that guidance. Prayer is the key to open communication to our Heavenly Father, Savior and the Holy Ghost.
I know that we were not perfect in all of these areas as parents. I know that we have learned through the years many life lessons in child rearing. We have learned these lessons line upon line and precept upon precept. Children are a text book of learning for parents. I do know that we tried very hard to be good parents. Being a mother is not easy and we all fall short of our expectation.  However with the wisdom of age, I  know that parenting is  part of the Eternal  plan of our Heavenly Father. Our families are the training ground for greater things to come.In the home environment all of the qualities we want for our children can be developed

May all my daughters know that we love them very much. You are always in our prayers.
On this Mother's Day I wish you to have breakfast in bed, pampering all day and of course feel loved during the Mother's Day Program at church.  Enjoy your plant, card or chocolate that will be given out in Sacrament meeting and other sentiments given to you by your children. I have kept every sweet little homemade gift that has been given to me by my children. They are cherished treasures.  Have a joy filled day to remember.
I am wishing a Happy Mother's Day to my dear mother. Thanks you mother for all you did for me. I always knew you loved me with all your heart. I miss you so much and wish I could have had more moments with you . Thanks for being the wonderful example of service and love to others that you were. Thanks you for your strong and true testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Thanks you for loving the temple and going often. I wish I had appreciated all of your wonderful qualities more
 Take A Moment to Enjoy this beautiful song " She Put the Music In Me by Calee Reed~ This is so sweet!!

Love to you all!
Mom, (Grandma,Great Grandma, Sister and Friend.


Denise said...

Such a beautiful, precious post. Happy Mother's Day.

Cheryl @ The Farmer's Daughter said...

Have a wonderful Mother's Day!!

thomas family said...

Thanks Mom. That was sweet. We love you so much and we wish we could be there to celebrate with you today. You are THE BEST. Love, Jenni

Court said...

Lovely. What a great tribute to your girls!

Mom of 12 said...

Hope you had an awesome Mother's Day!

Sue said...

Wonderful counsel to your beautiful family!


Grammy Staffy said...

Beautiful post....great are a lovely mother. I hope that you had a wonderful day yesterday. Hugs, Lura

The Adventurer said...

So great you included your daughter in laws as well as your very own daughters. I am sure you are a complete blessing to them as you love them unconditionally

Happy Mother's day to you and I pray it was a wonderful one.

Tracy said...

Such a beautiful, heartfelt post! You have been blessed and you are a blessing to your family as well! The video song was so touching too! Happy Belated Mother's Day and thanks for stopping in at my blog posts! :)

Christy Monson said...

I love this post. What a great tribute. You are a special lady. I'm so glad we've gotten to know each other. Some day I'll meet you in person and give you a hug! Christy

Darlene said...

What a wonderful family you have LeAnn. Don't you feel sorry for those women who have never married or have children? We have one lady like that in our ward and I just know that Mother's Day is so hard for her. I know she must hate it when people ask her why she never married. I did, and her answer was the same as Sheri Dew's......"because no one ever asked me." I just can't imagine how that would feel, because I, like you have a pretty large family and each on is so precious. I'm so glad you had such a nice day.

Kelly Scott said...

What a great post for Mothers' Day. Thank you for sharing it at NOBH!

Kim-A Creative Spirit said...

What a wonderful post for all the mom's in your life. Thanks for your thoughts over on my blog for my mom's day post. It is sad that our mom's are no longer with us, but I know they are still with us in our hearts and always will be.


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