Friday, May 13, 2011

The Simple Woman's Daybook - May 2011

FOR TODAY- May 13th 2011
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Outside my window… there is sunshine in my soul today! Sun is shining, sunbeams are flitting about and it is a very beautiful spring day.
I am thinking... It has been a while since I have done a Daybook Entry. I always enjoy reading other Daybook entries.
I am thankful for...that my daughter is out of surgery and should go home this afternoon. I am flying up on Sunday to Spokane to stay a few days and help her with my adorable grandchildren. The following week I will be going to Idaho to take care of three more of my sweet grandchildren; it's a busy month. 
 I am looking forward this weekend to being instructed on what we will be doing as newly called Part-time Inner City Missionaries. We have waited for this call for about 3 months. Our papers got lost; but then found so off we go on a new experience. There have been a couple of Tender Mercies on this experience.
From the learning rooms...I need to finish reading in the Book of Mormon: Mosiah 1-6 before our training starts tomorrow. This is the wonderful writings about King Benjamin’s message to his people.
From the kitchen…I have no plans for dinner. I think it might be pick up a pizza night at Papa Murphy’s. I love their light Artichoke Chicken Pizza.
I am wearing...a light green bathroom and white slippers. The room is very warm so I need to get dressed for the day.
I am creating...a notebook to take to our meetings tomorrow and I am going to work on a new method of studying my scriptures. I may need to get some new scriptures soon; my present ones have been over used and I need to start anew.
I am be in prayer mode most of the day. My dearest husband has had over 3 months worth of work stress. He is working at home today and he has some deadlines to meet and he is struggling with finding some answers that he needs in about an hour. The people who can answer his questions have all gone to lunch. I mentioned to him that he needed to open his mind to the spirit while on the conference call. He replied that he hoped his guardian angel today was a Business Analyst; he is concerned it might be a repairman.
I am reading...”Divine Signatures” by Gerald Lund. I highly recommend this one. The book is basically about looking into your life and finding the moments when you know that the Lord has answered your prayers and you have received a tender Mercy. I have a post on the subject of Tender Mercies of The Lord.
I am also reading “Messiah” by Toni Sorenson. It is a novel about the Savior’s visit to the America’s as recorded in the Book of Mormon.
I am to catch up on my journal and perhaps work on my Aunt Della’s history. She broke her hip several weeks ago and is now recovering at a rehab center. She has lost a lot of weight so I am worried about her. She is 97 years old and I want to complete her history before she passes. She is like a second mother to me so I am having a hard time thinking about losing her.
I am going by and birds chirping outside and my husband busy typing away on his computer and of course I am doing that too.
Around the house...I am anxious to get our patio furniture out so I can sit outside and read a good book and watch our dogs chase each other around.
One of my favorite to curl up in a chair and read my novel and now I can do that outside. Yeah!!
A few plans for the rest of the week: I won’t be working in the temple on Saturday’s for the next too week; so that is sad. This weekend will basically be learning about our new calling and packing for my trip to Spokane.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

Our Precious Great Granddaughter - Jadyn


Kim-A Creative Spirit said...

What a wonderful glimpse into your life.

Darlene said...

It sounds like it may FINALLY warming up around your neck of the woods. It's about time. My daughter is waiting for the day that she can plant her garden. Up until now, she has been afraid that if she did, everything would freeze. It's good to know that it may be warm enough for you to be able to actually read outside and watch your dogs. You are such a busy lady, I like to think of you relaxing for a few moments in the sunshine.

Your great granddaughter is adorable. I like her name too.

Patty Ann said...

What a great way to share! Love it.

The Adventurer said...

Enjoy your time with your grandchildren and I hope your daughter fully recovers from her surgery,I will say a prayer for her. Enjoy your patio furniture outdoors it is a favorite place for me to read too, while listening to the birds and the slight breeze on my face.:)

Shawnie said...

What a fun idea, capturing yourself in the moment. Moments like these are precious. They make you precious. Not sure how to wrap words around that thought better.

singing/granny said...

Sounds like you are doing good things! I like the idea of sitting outside to read! I hope we get some more sunny days. The thunderstorms are pretty major here today. Have a wonderful day! Melody

Diane said...

I like you daybook posts. i hope you have a nice time visiting with your children and grandchildren.


Bridget said...

Thanks for your comment on the Particles of Faith blog - it is so great to find other bloggers out there!

Laura said...

What a neat way to "get to know you!" I may just have to participate myself!

I've subscribed to your RSS, LeAnn. :)

Grammy Staffy said...

Dear LeAnn,
I am so glad that you found me in blogland. I love reading your blog and being inspired by you. I am glad your daughter's surgery went well. I wish you good luck with your travels and lots of energy to do the compassionate service that awaits you.

Do you usually work at the temple on Sat.? That is such an act of love. Our temple president asked all of us if we would be willing to just work on one or two Sat. a year. It seems that our Saturday workers have a very hard time getting subs because everyone is busy with family and grandkid's events on Sat and don't want to sub. We work at the temple on the Thurs shift... however, we did get in one Sat. just before we left for Utah and had our accident... I am glad that we did since I am not able to do so now. I will be so glad when I am healed enough to start back working again. I really miss the blessings of serving in that Holy House each week.

Have a great trip.... I mean trips... and send us lots of pictures. Hugs, Lura

Cheryl @ The Farmer's Daughter said...

Sounds like you have a busy month planned! Hope all went well for your husband and also that your daughter heals quickly from her surgery. Sitting outside to read sounds so good, but we need warmer weather here. It's turned chilly after a few very hot days. At least the clouds are gone and the sun is shining today! Have a great week.


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