Monday, March 7, 2011


The  L.D.S. Temple for me is my favorite place to be, my favorite date, and my favorite family event. As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints we believe that as spirit children of our Heavenly Father that we lived with him in a pre-existence. There we prepared for our sojourn on earth. We come to earth to gain a body and to prove ourselves through the  exercise of our agency to choose good verses evil. One of our main goals while here is to embrace the gospel of Jesus Christ. The core of our belief is faith in Jesus Christ and his atonement. 
We believe all of Heavenly Father's spirit children that have been born on the earth will have an opportunity to except or reject the gospel of Jesus Christ. This is why we do temple work, first for ourselves and then for our ancestors. The Temple is a sacred place and here we have sacred experiences. In the temple we learn further about the Plan of Salvation. We provide for the dead ordinances such as baptism and etc. that will bring each person who has ever lived the blessings of the temple. After this life; we believe that those who did not have the gospel while on the earth; will be taught in the spirit world and will have the opportunity to accept or reject these saving ordinances. We believe in being married and sealed not for just earth life; but for eternity. We believe in eternal families.

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Sue said...

Good explanation.

Eternal families are a great blessing, aren't they?



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