Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Simple Woman's Daybook - March 2011

FOR TODAY - March 10, 2011
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Outside my window...there is a bright blue sunny sky without any clouds floating by. I am enjoying the sun beams that are flitting about in my study room. I plan to take a moment and soak in the sun so I will get my vitamin D today. As a matter of fact the temperature is suppose to reach the  60's. Hard to believe that two days ago we had 3 inches of snow. 
I am thinking...of all the things I need to accomplish today. My oldest daughter and family are suppose to arrive tomorrow. I am so excited to see them all. They have four adorable daughters, ages 13,11,10,7 and then their one little boy who is 4. They drove from Missouri to St. George to visit Brandon's family. I guess homeschooling has it's perks; because they are free to take a trip anytime they choose.
I am thankful for...this beautiful day to enjoy the warmth of the sun. I am thankful that I have a lovely home to clean today. Perhaps, if I hurry I can have a few extra moments to enjoy reading a book that I am having a hard time putting down, maybe even outside in the sun.
From the learning rooms...I am actually concerned about my learning. I feel like I read a lot, but then forget most of what I have read. I am very frightened about having Alzheimer's disease; due to the fact my Father developed it in his 80's. Last night I told my husband that I need Long Term Care Insurance in case I need to be put in a lock down unit in a nursing home.
Here is the reason for my increased concern. My husband worked at home yesterday. We both have our own computer and study. As he left to go to his temple assignment; he was perplexed about leaving his work. He asked me to watch his computer for 5 minutes and see if his boss left a message for him and he would call me later and let me type in his reply. A short time later his computer went out of his work site. He calls me later while I am sitting at my computer and tried several times to tell me how to get back into his work site and bring up his emails. I kept telling him that the main screen is not showing his normal layout and there are no icons like he is describing.
Finally, he becomes frustrated with me and he says; "What computer are you on?" Oh my gosh, I am on my computer. Brain where have you gone??
Do I have a reason to be concerned????
From the kitchen...I just fixed my favorite Oatmeal cereal with toast for both my husband and I. This is my favorite comfort breakfast meal. Both of my dogs can hear me fixing the toast so they are following me into the study with hopes that I will share some of the toast. It is so cute. I am now in a state of blissfulness and comfort.
I am pants, black and white shirt, black socks and slippers.
This is my work clothes for the day.
I am a prioritized list of what I want to accomplish each day. We already know that I am sidetracked; so now I need to work on some timing issues and actually make a list and time for the things I hope to accomplish each day.
I am have to make a shopping list for food for the next few days that my daughter will be visiting. I can just go around the perimeter of the store because their family is very health oriented, as I should be. She believes in the raw vegetables, grains, and little meat menu. Also, she doesn't like to have the children have a lot of sugar, so my homemade cookies are out. Well, maybe not; I made a deal with her that when the children come they can have some homemade cookies from their grandmother. This is a grandmother thing! So I will make some kind of healthy cookies; if there is such a thing.
I am reading..."Snow Rising" by Matt Baldwin. I am really enjoying this book and it is hard to put down. It has a self discovery theme to it. He is an excellent and very descriptive writer. I am anxious to find out how the plot is going to develop.  
I am have a delightful weekend with my dear grandchildren.
I am hearing...the TV on with The View, which I detest, so I need to change the channel. I am also hearing my husband listening and responding to a conference call which is on speaker.
Around the house...I will be vacuuming, dusting and cleaning while I go.
One of my favorite going to the temple. Today is our Stake Temple day with a chapel meeting after the session this evening. I will truly have a joy filled night.
A few plans for the rest of the week:Thursday; cleaning house and temple -Friday, shopping for groceries, making cookies and preparing a meal for later - Saturday, temple assignment and enjoying our children and grandchildren - Sunday, it's our Stake Conference and enjoying the sabbath with our children -
Here is picture for thought I am sharing...Fun in the Sun with -

Our Workman kids -
Looking ahead I will be posting the visits we are having with our 4 grandsons that are receiving the priesthood over the next few months.


Sue said...

If you have a reason to be concerned, then so do I. I am doing lame things like this all the time these days. Can't believe how forgetful and at times downright addled I am. Aging is not for sissies. (Sometimes I worry, too, but I am reassured by how many of my friends complain of similar things...)

Enjoy your family visit. Nothin' better!


Just Ramblin' said...

How fun to have your family visiting you. I must agree with you that cookies are a "grandmother" thing. My married children just have to put up with that because we usually end up making cookies and a big mess. But, we have lots of fun. Isn't it wonderful to have the sunshine? It is 60F on my patio and I have been enjoying the sun streaming through the windows. I had to chuckle as I read about the computer experience. I don't think you are getting Alzheimer's...just distracted and have lots on your mind with the arrival of your family and all you want and need to accomplish. Hope you have a wonderful time with your daughter and her family. Nola

singing/granny said...

I worry about Alzheimer's too. But I guess the worrying doesn't help much:) Enjoy your family visit this weekend. It sounds wonderful!

Marie said...

Wonderful day book as always Leann! I also worry that I am getting Alzheimers sometimes as well. I don't seem to be able to concentrate on things like I used to, and my brain is just like a seive sometimes! Have a wonderful time with your visiting family!! xxoo

Linda said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and your lovely comments. Your family picture is beautiful. I love meeting people with 5 children, like I have.

Linda said...

I am sorry you have 6 children, even more experience than I have. Have a lovely day when it comes around.

Darlene said...

What a beautiful family picture. I love it! I also have five children and wish I could have ahd more.

It seems like almost everyone is worried about getting Alzheimers. We all seem to have our senior moments that minute we reach 50, and some before that. I will be 84 next month and I still do two cross word puzzles and a sudoko that are in our newspaper. I must admit that I do pretty well with them too.

I'll bet you are a good cookie maker,and making them for visiting grandchildren is just the best! Have a wonderful time, and I know you will.

Our temperatures are in the 80's. We just turned on the pool heater so that we can start doing our pool aerobics and then learned that it will be in the 60's by the weekend,with rain. So much for pool aerobics.


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