Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Simple Woman's Daybook

For Today January 19th 2011

Outside my window... it has been raining off and on so no sunshine for today. It is one of those days when I would like to just curl up by fire and read a good book. This is wishful thinking on my part.

I am thinking...I wish it was the weekend; but then on the other side I still have three more days to work on my endless list of things I need or want to do. One thing about being in the winter of my life; I can choose almost everyday what I want to do with that day. I have been praying that I can learn to prioritize my time better so I can choose to do the more valuable items on my list. 

I am thankful…that I completed the course I have been taking to earn CE for my nursing license. I passed; so I am very happy. It was a long day yesterday because I am not able to whiz through tests like I could do when I was younger. My over supplied mind cannot hold as much new information any more. I am also grateful that my husband is feeling better. He had a short bout with stomach flu; so he stayed home yesterday and of course continued to work from home all day.
From the learning room…today in a book I have been reading; I read a chapter entitled; "The Healing Power". It was a powerful discourse on repenting of sins and forgiving others. As I read it I was overwhelmed with the main thought that the Savior will heal us as we take part in the repentance and forgiveness process. Sometimes when one has been hurt deeply by someone; it is so hard to truly forgive them with all of our heart. We are required to forgive everyone regardless of whether they repent or even care about what they did and how it affected us. I know that I have felt inside that I had forgiven a person in my life that has caused deep wounds; but as I read this I feel that I am still in the process of healing and that the Savior knows how I feel and is assisting me in that process. My soul was lifted by the beautiful thought of the "Savior will heal us".  
From the kitchen... I just went in for another piece of Chocolate. I have been diminishing our chocolate supply. Last night I finished off a big part of it. My plan is that on Thursday I am going off chocolate for one week. I know that is not a long time; but I feel I will be exercising a small amount of self control. Last night I read from a sweet blog post that her and her husband had decided to just have chocolate on Sunday each week. If I past this test; I plan to do just that. Prayers may be needed.

I am wearing....a light green bathrobe and white slippers. I have my hair and make-up on but haven't gotten dressed yet. I probably won't answer my door it someone comes since I am not dressed; but I must say I am very comfortable. I figure if dressed like this, I could still take a nap.

I am creating...I hope a Christ-centered home. One of the Daybook blogs I follow has that for a thought and I feel that I am trying to do this everyday. 

I am reading...still the book, "Silence of God". I am continuing to learn a lot about the history of Russia in the early 1900's Right now the 1st World War has started and the families in the novel are being part of the beginning of this event. I lost my grandfather in the 1st World War; so I have a deeper connection to this war. He was killed in France and one of the first killed in the war from Utah. My grandmother had died from Kidney disease 9 months before and my father was left as an orphan to be raised by his Grandmother and Grandfather after his father was killed.
I am hoping...I am hoping to have some time to work on a little genealogy. Right now I am coping off the ancestral lines that I can and then starting the research. I already found and completed some names for sealing s and I have one ancestor that needs all of his work completed. I try to do a little of this each day although that doesn't always happen. I am so fascinated by finding our ancestral pedigree lines. I also have a few histories from my ancestors that are a joy to read. I am continuing to work on my Aunt Della's history. I visited her this week and she is such a joy in my life. I have a feeling that she is not doing as well; so I want to complete this history so she can have me read it too her before I won't be able too. 

I am portable heater, my husband on a conference call in his study and the TV is on also. Way to much noise for me. Off goes the TV.

One of my favorite is that I am going to work at the temple this afternoon for another sister. I loved to be there and be involved in the work. I normally work on the early morning shift on Saturday's but I sub every once in a while. I love Saturdays because of being privileged to do this work. 
Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

This is where I will be this afternoon. Of course there won't be this many flowers for a little while; but I like the thought of the Temple and of Spring. 
"And they pitched their tents round about the temple, every man having his tent with the door thereof towards the temple, that thereby they might remain in their tents and hear the words which king Benjamin should speak unto them."
  —Mosiah 2:6
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Sue said...

I've been trying to finish up our chocolate supply, too! (Although I don't have a redeeming reason for doing so, I'm afraid.)


PS. Enjoy your day at the temple!

Barb said...

Hi LeAnn!

I love reading your daybook! You always inspire me to do better...:0)

Chocolate is not my culprit - just food in general! Maybe if I only eat on Sunday, I would do better?! Isn't it funny the things that get us down? Good luck - I will pray for you if needed.

Remind me to tell you sometimes about an older cousin, who is gone now, but whose parents came from Russia, and the hardships that they had during the time they were here and before - it is a fascinating story. I love the story about your grandfather, I remember your post about it, it was heartbreaking. I also need to get busy on my genealogy. Christian called me the other night with some really simple questions for a pedigree chart he was doing. I had a hard time answering them and had to look some of the dates up on the computer! I should have know the year my own father passed away for goodness sake!! I was embarrassed, to say the least!

The temple is so beautiful! Have a wonderful time there - soak in it's goodness and pass it on!

I would love to shop and cook for you - how fun would that be!! Please move closer so we could at least do it more often!

Hugs and love,

Darlene said...

My, such a busy morning you had, all that thinking and reading, and then going to the Temple in the afternoon. I am impressed. And, I'm proud of you for deciding to go off chocolate for a week. Trust me, it isn't so bad when you can look forward to eating it on Sunday. We don't just have a nibble either. Actually, we eat quite a lot of chocolate on Sundays, at least three times a day! So far, it hasn't put on weight or anything. You'll have to keep me informed if it works for you.


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