Friday, April 30, 2010


Ok, I am so bored that I have been changing all of the blogs I have with new backgrounds and etc. I am so amazed how easy and fun it is to do. 
This week has been difficult for many reasons; but the main ones are that I am sick of being sick. I am even more sick of looking at gray clouds and snow on the ground. This is spring; this weather is pathetic. We should all be out walking in the sunshine enjoying nature. This however does not mean that I want to be out working in the yard since that is what I am blaming my pneumonia on. I am so anxious to hear the sweet songs of a birds as I wake up and see and feel the sunbeams as they spread across my bedroom. I would even like to hear the crickets singing their love songs at night.
Meanwhile, my dearest husband has worded home most of the week and taken excellent care of me. He should have been a nurse. He is forever kind and thoughtful; what a blessing he is in my life. 
I of course have spent much time in prayer over those of you who are having health issues. I can't believe how true it is that events come in three's; so I basically hope that is all we have for now. 
Ok, I haven't been on the computer all the time. I have been reading my scriptures and other good books which have lightened my load. I love to read uplifting and encouraging books. I greatly recommend the book: "On The Bright Side - Feeling Good When Things Seem Bad" by Ed J. Pinegar & Richard J. Allen. It was one of those hopeful books that I love to read to lift my soul. Perhaps I need to re-read it; that isn't something that I normally do so that means it is very good.
I have blubbered long enough so I will leave this thought - WHAT'S NEW WITH ALL OF YOU???


Blog Buddy said...

Good to meet you and thanks for visiting my blog! My family will be moving north in your area soon. I'm so excited to have so many temples surrounding our new area:)

Our Loved-up Family said...

Thanks for visiting my blog too, and for your comments! I know. I loved ready about how you met your husband, and your personal experiences - what a great record this will be for those who come after you. I'm hoping to see many more miracles happen for you:)
Sarah @

Marie said...

Leann, I am praying that you feel better soon. It's no fun being sick, oh and go for the chocolate. A little bit of what you crave is good medicine in my opinion!! xxoo

Barb said...

I'm so sorry you have been sick - you will definitely be in my prayers!

I have to agree, I am tired of this cold, wintry weather in May - something has to change! But, eventually, we will be complaining about the heat!

Aren't good husbands a blessing - I'm not surprised that you are being so well taken care of!

We had a great vacation - cold and all! But, it's always good to be home.

Take care, stay inside and get well soon - Love you


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