Sunday, December 24, 2017

Mele kailkimaka from Hawaii~

Mele Kalikimaka from Hawaii to all our wonderful friends and family.
I am on my I-pad so my photos won't post; I will just add them later. Hugs for all!
We have been enjoying the sometimes sunny skies of Hawaii. We have been creating some precious memories while here with our daughter Christina, Brandon and their children. We were very busy preparing to come here and are now enjoying a few activities on the beautiful island of Oahu.

Today I have been thinking a lot about what the Christmas Season really means to me. Because of His divine birth, life, example, His Atonement and His ultimate resurrection; I know that my Savior Jesus Christ lives. I want to be a follower of Jesus Christ, obey His commandments, keep my life in Harmony with His teachings and endure to the end that I might return to live with Him, my Eternal Companion, family and my Heavenly Parents.

As we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ during this Christmas Season remember that only through Him can we obtain Eternal Life which is God's greatest gift to us.

Through the years our family has had many Christmas Traditions but my favorite one is our Nativity Program each year. We have always had our children, then our grandchildren and now our great-grandchildren put on a program of the nativity. They dress the parts and we read the scriptural story of the Birth of our Savior Jesus Christ with music, songs and other performances.

Here is a photo of one of our programs with the two of our families in 2009. One of them is the family we are celebrating Christmas with here in Hawaii.
Here is one of my favorite Children's Christmas songs that our children and grandchildren have sung through the years.

Picture a stable in Judea.

1. Picture a stable in Judea.
Picture a sacred, silent night.
And can you hear
The angels near
And see the star so bright?
Picture the little baby Jesus.
Think of his life and words so dear.
Sing praise to him;
Remember him,
As you picture Christmas this year.
2. Picture the kind and gentle Joseph.
Picture the mother, Mary, fair.
And can you see
So rev’rently
The shepherds kneeling there?
Picture the little baby Jesus.
Think of his life and words so dear.
Sing praise to him;
Remember him,
As you picture Christmas this year.
Words and music: Patricia Kelsey Graham, b. 1940. © 1983 IRI
Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas Celebration. May the light of our Savior's love shine brightly in your homes and hearts this Christmas season. Sending our loving Christmas thoughts your way!


Christy Monson said...

Lots of love. Sending warm greetings for your sunny stay in paradise. Enjoy. Have a great holiday.Hugs.

Marsha said...

Dear LeAnn,

I love your family nativity photos. What a treasure! And that primary song, Picture a Stable in Judea really says it all. I too have always loved that song.

I'm glad you were able to go to Hawaii and spend some quality family time.

Take Care, My Friend - Marsha

Debbie said...

i am so happy to see an update from you today!!

what a great picture of you and your husband - you are beautiful when you smile!! also the children look wonderful - a great christmas tradition!!

belated christmas wishes and wishing you a very happy new year!!


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