Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Our Merry Month of May & A Moment In June~

Of course, Mother's Day started the Month off with a sweet day of remembrance of mothers. 
This month has been s busy one for us. We have enjoyed our  Missionary District and Zone meetings, teaching moments, finding visits and etc. We received permission from our Mission Presidency to attend three of our grandson's graduations from High School.
 We attended the Baby Blessing of our 4th Great Granddaughter and 5th Great Grandchild.  Here are some photos of our activities. 
Our Grandson, Joseph graduated from Wasatch High School on May 24th. It is always fun to have your last name start with a W. This means you are one of the last to walk up to receive your diploma. Joseph was the 4th from the last. We enjoyed the graduation program. It was fairly short and inspiring. Joseph is the son of our oldest son, Sean and Mary. Top Right photo is Sean and Mary and some of their children; Jeffery, Joshua, Joseph,Jonathan and Gillian.
On Memorial Day we traveled up to Idaho Falls to be with two of our sons and their families. On Tuesday, we went with our daughter in law, Amber for a drive up to a Cemetery where my  husband's Great Great Grandparents and Great Grandparents were buried. We didn't even know where this Cemetery was; it was a sweet moment to visit their graves. We do have histories of all of these ancestors and have enjoyed reading their life experiences. 
In the evening we went to a barbecue party for our daughter in law's Father's birthday. They are our dear friends; it was fun to be with them all. The food was scrumptious. Her father made some delicious Barbecued Ribs. I loved being with my Grandchildren. Taylor Jo and I went out to visit the horses; which was a marvelous moment. Taylor Jo loves riding horses. She takes after me because I always wanted to be a Cowgirl and I loved riding horses. Of course, I love hugging my Grandson, Christian. He is one of the ones graduating tomorrow. The middle photo is my husband Roger with my son, James. 
On Tuesday night we drove to our son, Travis's home and had dinner with them and spent the evening visiting. We loved being with their family. There are three granddaughters and 5 grandsons. They have two of our youngest grandchildren so we always have fun playing with them. 
Here are 5 photos out of our 8 Grandchildren here~ 
Haven, Layton, Kason, Ryley and Karli -

On Wednesday both our Grandson's graduation ceremonies were at the very same time. We decided to split and each of us would go to one of them. Last minute my husband had an eye condition worsen so we decided he would stay home. We luckily did get some photos with our graduating Grandsons. 
Austin graduated from Sugar Salem High School. The photos above  are of our 2nd son Travis and Amanda's family. Amanda's parents traveled from Virginia for the graduation and we had a great visit with them. Top right photo is Travis and Amanda with their children; Austin, Justice,Ethan, little Haven, Layton, Kason and Ryley. 
Christian graduated from Bonneville High School. His program was short and sweet too. We again were able to be with James's family and Amber's parents. James is our 3rd son. Top right photo is us with Austin - 2nd right photo is Barbara and Bob with Austin - 3rd right photo; Barbara, James, Christian, Amber and Averi, Taylor Jo and Bob - Bottom Right is us with our family. They had a pizza party afterwards for Christian. We felt blessed to be able to spend these precious moments with our two families. 
On Sunday June 4th, we attended the baby blessing for our 4th Great Granddaughter; 5th Great Grandchild. Her name is Katalina Willow Rose. I love her name. As you can see she is adorable. The top right photo is our Grandson Jacob, Granddaughter in law, Dana and Sagan our Great Grandson. The 2nd right photo is our son Sean and daughter in law, Mary. The bottom 2nd left photo is my granddaughter, Gillian. This was a really sweet day and we enjoyed being with their family and friends.
 Blessing a baby is a special ordnance where they receive their name and a blessing which is then recorded on the records of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Our little Grandson, Sagan was blessed at their home and given his name and a blessing by his Grandfather, Sean. His name will now be recorded on the records of the church.  
This was a delightful Sabbath day for us and we enjoy each lovely moment.  


Tracy said...

So much to celebrate...and what JOY to share it here with you, LeAnn!! Such a BIG family you have, what a blessing. And how precious is your new great-granddaughter in all her finery for her blessing--and beautiful name chosen for her! God Bless you all!! :))) ((HUGS))

Marsha said...

A month full of family, friends, and the Lord......best of all blessings!

Diane said...

I love this post. You are so busy and always so involved with your family and your missionary work. I hope to be so busily about doing good when I'm at your age like you. You also seem to have a few grandchildren my daughter Kate's age. I bet they are getting ready for or already called on missions. It's just an exciting time.

Christy Monson said...

Thanks for sharing your sweet family memories. I LOVE finding the old graves. Visiting them brings me such peace. We have family in the out-lying Idaho Falls area also. Lots of love and Hugs, Christy

Debbie said...

i am so happy that you were able to enjoy these special events. mission work should not prevent you from experiencing these special moments with family!!

you are a giving, caring woman, surrounded by such a beautiful family - what a great example you are setting for the women coming after you!!!

Barb said...


Loved having you guys here . . . it was so much fun! And, thank you for posting the photos, I didn't have one of us with Christian...and now I can start my diet...my goodness, it's time!!

I loved all the photos of your graduates, how quickly they grow up!

I also love the Sutton Cemetery and I think it's just awesome that we have relatives buries in the same place!

Hugs and Love,

Galen Pearl said...

As always, I love seeing pictures of your family. What a wonderful description of so many happy times together.


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