Saturday, April 29, 2017

April Brings Family Fun And Missionary Moments~

Here is our beloved dog Sammy, my hubby and I on Easter and a favorite of my dear one holding our precious new little Great Granddaughter. 
The Month of April has rolled in and out with a lot of activities. We have enjoyed  many fun missionary and family times. 
 At the first of the month we had an activity in our mission entitled, March Madness. All the younger missionaries participated. Each of the companion ships were put into brackets for role play competition. The Goal was for the missionaries to participate and observe so that they might become master teachers. Each Companionship had to role play a lesson to a pretend investigator. Each set of Elders and or Sisters were then judged as they taught and then they moved onto the next round or were eliminated. The top photo was for the last round of competition on April 17th. Our entire mission attended this one. It was a really great missionary event.  We all learned a alot about teaching. 
 We had a great month of District Meetings. Here are just a few photos from a couple of the meetings. Right now there are one set of Elders, two sets of Sister Missionaries and five Senior missionary couples. Our poor District leader has to deal with all of us older missionaries. He is really good at keeping us in control. I am happy he has a good sense of humor.
 We have had a great month of teaching with the Sister Missionaries. The family in this photo are so awesome. They are progressing and have made some amazing commitments. We are planning a baptism soon. We felt bad that Sister Gunia had to leave to go home for surgery. We have had such a good time with both her and Sister Hinchcliff. 
The third photo on the bottom is our new Sister Casinas with Sister Hinchcliff. 
We felt so blessed to have our Son Travis, Amanda and their children here for Easter. The night before we also had our son Sean, Mary and their two boys; Jeffery and Joshua. We had to say good-by to our Grandson, Jackson who had stayed with us for a few days. We  had our  our Grandson Jake, Dana and their two little ones here with us too. I felt sad that I didn't get more photos of everyone. 
 Here are some precious update photos of our new little Great Granddaughter; she just turned a month old. This is such a lovely family. Our sweet Granddaughter in law, Dana had a rough time after having this little one. She hemorrhaged three times over about a 10 day period. We are so thankful for Prayers, Priesthood blessings and great medical care. She finally had an procedure done that stopped the bleeding and she is slowly getting her strength back. We love them all so much!
 Our home Ward had a Potato Derby and asked us to be the judges with our good friend, Jane. We had a great time. The potatoes were so creative. Everyone had fun during the races. The three cute photos of the children in the middle of the collage are the winners. 
I felt so blessed to be able to attend a luncheon with my High School Friends. We have been friends for over 50 years. It is so much fun to catch up and just enjoy a great gab fest. I had some good missionary moments too. 

We continue to enjoy our missionary endeavors. We have met and worked with so many wonderful individuals and families. We started out working in one building with three wards and now we have a Stake and 9 wards. We have been praying to have more MLS couples desire to serve here. 
We love working in the wards with all the ward leadership and members. We have made  many great friends. 

I thought I would share in closing our Missionary Purpose which is: 
"Invite others to come unto Christ by helping them receive the restored gospel through faith in Jesus Christ and His Atonement, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end." ( Preach My Gospel: A Guide To Missionary Service)


Marsha said...

What a fun blog with missionaries and families. In the photos of your family, I also see a bunch of future missionaries.

Debbie said...

you keep so busy leann, your path is filled with many blessing. you have such a big and beautiful family, i enjoyed reading a little bit about your missionary work!!

and 50 years of friendship says a lot about the kind of friend you are. beautiful images and how wonderful to share those special moments together!!!

Christy Monson said...

Missions are so much fun! It's great to be with the young people! They are so righteous and inspirational!

Tracy said...

Oh, it was wonderful to see all these photos, LeAnn--and sooo good to see you, and your big family!! :))) Your new great-grand babe is adorable! So glad your Dana is doing better now. Enjoying hearing about your mission work with your church and all that you do in your walk of faith. That Potato Derby looked like a lot of fun! A lot of little Missionaries in the making! How wonderful that you have kept close touch with your high school friends. I've lost touch with all my school friends, and living far away doesn't help that much either... Most of my friends are online, through blogging now! BEAUTIFUL words on Missionary Service. Inviting other to meet, get to know and experience Jesus--it's one of the best things we can do. :) With Love, In Christ--Tracy ((HUGS))

Galen Pearl said...

Pretty adorable baby!! Loved seeing all your photos and reading your news.

Barb said...

Hi, LeAnn!

What a beaitiful post! You and Roger really so have amazing missionary experiences! I can see that its not all work...lots of fun and fellowshiping as well!

As always, I love seeing pictures of your family. We've had a couple of fun conversations with Travis, when we bought our car. He is a truly wonderful man, we sure do love him and his family.

I'm so glad that everything is good with Dana and their sweet baby girl...what a cutie!

I hope to see you sometime this summer. We sure do love you guys!!

Hugs and love,


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