Friday, March 4, 2016

Joyful Moments~ February 2016

Joy moment One~ We celebrated my husband's Birthday on January 29th together and then on January 31st; we were able to celebrate his birthday with our son and some of his family. We had fun with them all! It was my husband's 70th birthday; so that is a milestone for him. We are now the same age; yeah! He had a great day and enjoyed  talking on the phone with his other children and grandchildren.
Joy moment two~ One of our joys is our sweet dog Sammy. He is so fun and we love him so much. Sammy is very smart and has us wrapped around his little paw. He really loves my husband and is always so happy when "Daddy" comes home. They love playing with Sammy's toys. He likes to mainly play tug of war and he seldom lets go of his toy. He is a great stress reliever. Sammy likes to get on a chair in our study and look out the window. He especially likes watching the ducks that are across the street. Sammy loves to sit by us and he loves being cuddled. He is our precious little fur baby. 
Joy moment three ~We had two other couples join us on our MLS mission in January; Elder and Sister Foutz and Elder and Sister Goodrich. Each of the couples serve in two other buildings in our Stake; each building has three wards in it. This is one of our planning meetings with our full time Elders; Elder Araujo and Elder Dutton.  We always enjoy these young men and women that serve so faithfully. We are excited to serve with these two couples. We are very intent on hastening the work of our Savior Jesus Christ. 

To all you treasured friends and family out there! We are very busy with our mission endeavors. I will be slowing down a bit on social media moments. I am struggling with not being able to read your blog and Facebook posts as often as I would like. Just know that I am thinking about you and will visit as often as I can. 
Sending love and hugs your way!


Barb said...

Hi LeAnn!

I can't believe how fast February flew by! I love all your pictures, I like how you put them in a collage, it's so fun! I love the cute pictures of Sammy, those little -- or big -- fur babies sure do make our hearts happy . . . :0)

I love hearing about your mission. The Bishop keeps talking to us about serving a mission. I'm not sure we are quite ready for it, I love the idea of staying in our own home, like you and Roger, and we have been seriously thinking about that. You two are awesome and such good examples for us, we love you!

I know what you mean about social media. I don't even do Facebook anymore, only on very rare occasions. And blogging seems to get less and less popular, with all everything else out there. I keep it only for a journal, but always love the comments!

Stay safe sweet friend!

Hugs and Love,

Anonymous said...

You are on the Lord's errand LeAnn and nothing on earth is more important than that! God bless you and Roger! Happy Belated Birthday wishes to Roger! xoxo

Galen Pearl said...

Hey, LeAnn, I stumbled across this blog post while looking for stuff about kintsugi. Thought of you! (I wanted to email this to you, but couldn't find your email address--will you email me your email address? Anyway, here is the link

Christy Monson said...

You are such ahoy in my life. Have a wonderful week. Lots of love

Marsha said...

Looks like your husband had a wonderful birthday.
Your little fur ball is so cute....I love dogs....I need to get another one.
Look like your mission is serving you both very well. What a joy to serve the Lord, together.
Take Care, My Friend...

Susan Anderson said...

Looks like a fun birthday, and Sammy is darling!


Debbie said...

Looks like another wonderful birthday. I LOVE facebook, it is the glue that keep me close to my great nieces and nephews, that is so important to me!! And my sons too but I mostly hear from the girls on fb!!

Denise said...

enjoyed the pictures.

Mom of 12 said...

Such a great month! Fun pictures.


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