Thursday, January 22, 2015

Just Trust In The Lord & Peace Will Come ~

When life throws a curve ball I have found that the above scripture has helped me so many times. I memorized it many years ago during a difficult time and it has helped me through the years. We received many tender mercies from the Lord during following experience we had this past week. 
Last Thursday, I was enjoying a productive day of getting my study organized. It was a good day. My dear husband was out of town on a business trip to Pittsburgh. He was scheduled to be home on Friday. Around 4:20 pm. My world came tumbling down when I received a text from him say: "I am having a heart attack". Of course, I almost had one myself right there. I immediately called him and he was having difficulty breathing and heaviness in the chest. He had called the manager of the hotel and they had called 911. I had him stay on the phone with me. I reminded him that he had a priesthood blessing on Sunday due to being very stressed over this trip. I just kept talking to him and tried to reassure him that all would be well. He was promised in that blessing many encouraging thoughts.  
Soon I could hear the paramedics in the background as they came in. I heard his blood pressure which wasn't too bad; but his pulse was rapid and irregular. I could hear them say Atrial Fibrillation. I knew this was very serious. Soon one of the paramedics came on the line and told me they were transporting him to St. Margaret's Hospital due to his rapid pulse and other vital signs. I said good-by and told my dearest love to keep the phone with him. 
Of course, as soon as we hung up; I dropped to my knees and prayed and cried. I was totally overcome. Then came the most incredible peace. It was just there. I didn't have the usual gut wrenching discomfort and inner worried feelings. Deep down inside of me; I knew he would be OK. I just knew. This was the kind of peace that only comes from a loving Heavenly Father.  
Over the next 5 hours I received most of my information from my husband per cell phone. I tried to contact the ER but couldn't find out anything because of patient privacy. This was so weird to me; I am his wife; I needed to know what was happening. 
I knew that I needed to get there to be with him as rapidly as possible. I sent a group text out to all of my children. My daughter Jenni and her husband Michael  called to see what they could do for me. They started researching plane tickets. They also started looking for a Bishop from our church for that area; so my husband could receive a priesthood blessing.
Meanwhile, I received phone calls and texts back and forth from my dear children. My sweet daughter Jenni's mother in law Irene showed up at my doorstep; what a gift she was to me. She was there to calm me as I tried to figure out what to do next. She also volunteered to house sit and take care of our little dog Sammy. All of these things were such a blessing to me. 
Most of the communication with my sweet husband were through texts and short calls.He would let me know his B/P, Pulse, and 02 levels and what ever else they would tell him or he could overhear. His pulse continued to be in Atrial Fibrillation; ranging from 140-180 beats per minute .They had started an IV medication to try and get the pulse back down. 
They did an x-ray and C-scan. Finally, results came back that he pulmonary emboli. One larger blood clot in the left  main pulmonary artery and multiple small clots in both lungs. There was evidence of right heart strain.This was a concern to them since he had a heart attack in 1991 followed by a double by-pass. At this point he was started on a heparin drip a blood thinner protocol for blood clots.
Meanwhile, my son in law Michael talked with a Bishop in an adjoining area and he gave him the number for a Bishop in the area around the hospital. This Bishop ended up being a physician at St. Margaret's Hospital. He immediately called and talked with the ER Physician. Their heart and lung specialists had decided to have dear husband taken by life flight to University Pittsburgh Medical Center. This Bishop said he would arrange for some Elders to come to that hospital to give him a blessings after he arrived.
During this period of time my daughter Jenni found some flight tickets and Irene helped me to get them over the internet. Then Irene had to leave for work. I then had about an hour and a half to pack and leave to be to the airport for a 12:30 am. flight to Pittsburgh. 
Before leaving my Bishop came over and gave me a really comforting Priesthood blessing where I was reassured that all would be well. Again, that precious loving spirit enveloped me. 
My dear nephew, Chance text me that he would be a happy to take me to the airport. At first I planned to drive but realized it would be best to have him take me. 
At the airport I received the word from my husband that he had arrived to UPMC per helicopter. About 10 minutes before he left his Atrial Fibrillation converted over to normal rhythm and he started to feel better. Once settled into the ICU he was taken for an Echo cardiogram. They also did a Doppler test on his legs and no clots were found,  which was a huge relief. At this point the medical team was trying to determine if they should be more aggressive with doing a more invasive procedure to break up the clots. 
My air flights went well and I arrived in Pittsburgh at 9:30 am. and took a taxi to the hospital. I found my husband in the Medical ICU and our reunion was so sweet. Elder and Sister Butler from the Pittsburgh mission along with two Elder missionaries came to give my husband a Priesthood blessing. Elder Butler gave the blessing and the spirit was so strong and the words were said; my husband would be healed. From that moment on everything just seemed to just get better and better. His vital signs were normal and he was taken off of O2. Due to his stable physical state it was decided not to do the more invasive procedure.
I was able to take a cab to his hotel  and pack his suitcase and get his rental car taken care of which he had been worried about. 
I was so fortunate to find a place to stay in McKee Family housing. There was a shuttle that took me too and from this place to the hospital. 
Early on Saturday morning my husband was moved out of the ICU on to a step down unit and he continued to do well. He was miraculously released on Sunday evening and we were able to fly home,Tuesday. 
During this experience many friends and loved ones prayed for him, our family fasted and his name was put on temple rolls. Our prayers were heard and answered. 
Trust in the Lord and Faith preceded this Miracle; I know that to be totally true. I felt the peace that can only be found through the Savior. 
There were many tender mercies from the Lord through all of these days such as: 
Irene showing up on my doorstep-
A ticket for a quick airplane flight -
Irene volunteering to house sit and be with our cherished pet, Sammy.
A blessing by my Bishop -
My nephew volunteering to take me to the airport -
Finding a Bishop that was a Physician at St. Margaret's Hospital; who proceeded to give assistance -
Being able to easily take care of Roger's luggage at his hotel and the rental car -
Having the missionaries in that area come and give my husband a priesthood blessing and then visited us again. Plus they took me to church on Sunday where I met the first Bishop that was called.
Roger's condition changing quickly so he could be discharged for home - 
Given permission to fly home with this kind of diagnosis. Usually, they don't allow one to fly home for at least a week to two weeks. Since he had no clots in his legs; he was found able to fly. 
Elder and Sister Butler taking me to church on Sunday and taking us to the hotel after discharge -
Most important of all were the prayers and faith of others in our behalf. We truly felt the power of those prayers - Thank you to all that prayed for us; we feel so blessed.  
Here is a link for wining a ticket to the Roots Tech event. There are some great speakers. Just thought I would add this on.


Debbie said...

Your faith is so strong, it brought you through. Your recounting of the events is amazing to me, how you kept your calm and comforted your husband until the paramedics arrived. I think your faith gives you that strength!!

I wish you both well, you still have a long way to go, together!!

Just Ramblin' said...

A beautiful testimony of the tender mercies of a loving heavenly Father. You truly were blessed and watched
over by some very wonderful angels. How grateful we are to have the gospel, good family and friends. The scripture you shared is one of my favorites. Years ago I asked my mother to design and cross stitch it for me so I could always have before me. So happy all is well. Nola

Susan Anderson said...

Wow, this was even more serious than I had realized. I'm glad you were so richly blessed and that your husband is on the mend.

And so many tender mercies along the way! Thanks for sharing this faith-promoting experience. I will keep both of you in my prayers.


Christy Monson said...

I'm so sorry for these troubles. What an ordeal you've been through. Sending lots of prayers to both of you. I do love the Trust in the Lord scripture. I use it often to calm myself. Lots of love, Christy

singing/granny said...

That is also my favorite scripture! I am so glad things are calm now. I am sorry for all of the worry and I am so glad your Roger is doing well. I send my warmest wishes for a speedy recovery! Melody

The Adventurer said...

This had to be the most frightening experience for you and your husband. I saw the Facebook post and prayed right away for you and your husband. I am so glad to know he is back home and recovering and that you are both together! Keeping you both in my prayers


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