Tuesday, November 11, 2014

My Grandpa, My Hero - "Somewhere In France"~ In Honor of Veterans' Day


My Grandfather  Herbert F. Gledhill was killed in the trenches of France during World War I.  I grew up not having a grandfather on either my Mother or Father's side. I did have a sweet step-grandfather that eased that need for one. 

Here are some thoughts written by my grandfather's aunt shortly after his death. It is written for all those out there that have given their lives for the cause of Freedom and also all that have served so valiantly for us. I have kept true to her original script. 

By Pearl Ivie~
July 1st, 1918

To Those Who Give Their Life In Freedom's Cause

Evening approached, the evening of life;
Soldiers of ranks in the midst of the fight.
In the midst of the shot and shell;
Looked westward at evening glow,
At the close of another day. 

Soldiers, these were, from all lands

Who were fighting for justice and truth,
Daily paying the price, the price of their blood on the surf.
Not wasted, they gloriously fought
Giving their life and their all
For the sake of freedom and right. 

In the golden clouds of the west;

In the luminous smoke o'er them cast,
Came visions of Mother and Home; 
Of Mother, in glorious light,
Smiling, saying, "Fight on My Boy,
T'is  you who will help win the fight;
T'is you who will do all you can
To bring us Democracy.
So bring about the great plan;
New life and new hope, to mankind".

And the answer, a prayer in their hearts, 
A prayer, that God will protect;
A blessing for Mother and Father
Brothers and Sisters and loved ones.
But a prayer, that is strongest of all -
Perhaps their own little children
Will live, sharing the glory,
For which their life has been given.

And the answer, a new field of action;
A new field that tests their brave colors,
That bids them night's darkness to enter
And pay the price if it need be:
Suppressing the world's greatest evils;
Bringing union and peace to all people. 

And the dawn, the bright dawn of morning, 
As the light spread over the heavens;
Disclosing the night's compensation;
Disclosing the scenes of the battles
Where the breath of life had been given.
The spirit of life had departed, 
Returned again to the Maker,
In sweet reunion with loved ones

In time that has passed on before them;
There in new life to continue;
T'ill the morn of the sweet resurrection 
T'ill the time of the dawn of Millennium,

Disclosing sons of the nations;
Noblest and truest and foremost, 
That have died in the battles seclusion.
Bravest deeds unknown and unspoken,
Passed on with these heroes of action;
Gone, life has gone with them
Valiant, noble, heroic.

Mortal life's but a passing existence

Leading to life that's beyond
we all go sooner or later
Following each in our turn.

Sons that have passed on before us,
Giving for liberty's cause
May we be as worthy in living
In that for which you have died. 

You can find his story here as written in the Richfield Reaper June of 1918.


Marie Rayner said...

What a bautiful post LeAnn! I did not know either of my Grandfathers because they both died when I was fairly young and we lived quite far away. You are blessed to know what you do about yours and also to have had a Step Granddad to fill the breach. Love you much. xxoo

Debbie said...

such a touching entry leann, heart warming to say the least!! it must be wonderful to share this writing and story with us. how proud you must be!!!

Christy Monson said...

Love this memory. What great heroes we can be grateful for! Hugs

singing/granny said...

I enjoyed reading this. I was blessed to be very close to both of my grandpas who also fought in this terrible conflict. We owe so much to them for their bravery! And for the freedoms we enjoy because of their sacrifices. Thanks LeAnn!!! Melody


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