Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Fall Moments - Cherished Experiences~

I love the Autumn time. The Utah mountains are abounding in the rich colors of fall. We have been enjoying what is often referred to as an Indian Summer. The months of September and October were very busy ones for us. We had some delightful days with family. 
We were so blessed to have our  daughter,Jenni and son in law Michael here during the month of August. They left the 2nd of September. Here are some photos of our goodbyes. They were moving from Texas to Arizona and we were happy to have some time with them before they settled in their new area. I was sad to see them leave. We had such a good time with them all.

Upper left - Irene Thomas, Michael's Mom, Michael, Alyssa, Roger and our Jenni
Lower Left - Jenni, Michael and Alyssa
Upper right - Irene and LeAnn
Lower right - Irene, Michael, Alyssa, Jenni and Roger~

Here are our adorable grandchildren - Left picture - Emma, Alyssa and Benjamin. 
Upper right - Emma, Benjamin and Alyssa
Lower right - Alyssa and Benjamin~

On September 5th and 6th we had our 50th High School Reunion. Here are pictures of our ladies luncheon that I attended. There was around 40 High school friends there. We had so much fun catching up with one another. We talked, laughed, and reminisced the afternoon hours away.

On Sunday, September 7th we attended the Blessing of our newest Great Granddaughter, Myah. Our son Sean gave sweet Myah a lovely blessing. Afterwards we enjoyed lunch with the families. 
 Top picture Jessica with baby Myah, Jed with great granddaughters, Jadyn and Lilly -
Middle left -Grandparents, Sean, Mary and baby Myah -
Lower left - Baby Myah - Middle right - Great Grandparents, Roger, LeAnn with baby Myah
Lower left - little Myah - Lower right - Aunt Gillian, Great Grandmother LeAnn, Jessica with Myah, Grandmother, Mary and Great Grandmother, Virginia

 Top Photo -Jed, Jessica's parents, Carolyn and Kelly Giles and Jessica
Middle left - Jessica and Myah, Jed with Jadyn and Lilly
Middle right - Jadyn,  Aunt Gillian with Myah and Lilly
Lower left - Myah's Great Great Grandpa Calvin Giles with Myah
Lower right Myah's Grandparents, Carolyn and Kelly~

Next we started  attending the games that our grandchildren play in during the fall. 
Joseph our grandson playing Football on September 18th. Joseph plays wide receiver and punt returner and defensive back. He is an excellent player and has made touch downs during this season~

We had a fabulous time at the Birthday party for our youngest Great Grandson, Sagan. He turned two years old. He is just so adorable and we really enjoy being with him.
 Upper photo - Jacob, Dana with Sagan~
Middle left - Sagan - Lower left - Roger and Sagan
Middle right - the family - Lower right, LeAnn and Sagan~
 Upper left - Jacob and Mary - 2nd row left - Dana making the cake
3rd row left - Sean, our son and Roger - Lower left the birthday cake
Upper right - family picture - Lower right Jacob and Sagan~
Here is our Grandson Jonathan playing Soccer on September 25th. We had a hard time finding this place and missed a bit of the game. Jonathan was playing forward and he has some great footwork.
Our grandson Joseph's football game on October 1st. He is number 30.
 He played a great game and we are so impressed with his skills ~

October brought us to Idaho Falls for a quick vacation week. We arrived late on Monday, October 6th and stayed through the week. Our main purpose was to be with family and attend the football games of our grandchildren living in Sugar City, Idaho and Idaho Falls. 

We stayed near the Idaho Falls LDS Temple. There is a beautiful riverfront there. We enjoyed swimming and bike riding. 
Idaho Falls Temple ~
Roger and I enjoying the falls~
Here is our grandson Ethan, number 82. We attended his game on October 8th. He is a linemen. Towards the end of this game he stripped the ball from a player and made a touchdown.
 It was an awesome moment. 
Our Grandson Austin was in this football game. He is number 55. 
We enjoyed this game on October 10th.
This was a fun game to watch. Austin plays lineman both offensive and defensive.
He is a very tough and an excellent player~

We went to a gun range and had a great time shooting various guns. Our son Travis has been in the Sheriff Department. He enjoys hunting with his sons and has worked hard to teach all of his children gun safety. We had great time with them all.
Here we are with Travis our son, Amanda, our daughter in law and their children.  

Upper left - Kason, Amanda with Haven, 
our youngest granddaughter and Karli
Lower left - Ryley
Upper right - my son Travis with LeAnn (me)
Lower right - my husband, Roger~

Upper left -  Ethan with Karli - Middle left - Amanda and Haven
Lower left - Austin - Upper right, Amanda - Lower right - Ethan with Layton~
Upper left - Roger - Middle left - LeAnn - 
Upper Right - Travis
Lower photo - Ethan~

We watched our Grandson, Christian play football on October 9th, Jr. Varsity game and and then again on Oct 10th, Varsity game. He plays offensive tackle. He is a really an excellent player in this position.
  We enjoyed both games. Christian is number 64~

We spent some enjoyable moments with James, our son and daughter in law, Amber with Christian, Taylor Jo and Averi - We took some camera pictures while with them. However, we recently got new I Phones and I forgot to get the pictures off my old phones. Therefore, I had to borrow a few from Amber's mother a good friend of mine with permission of course. So these are the most updated of them. 
Upper left - Averi, Taylor Jo and Amber - Middle left - Averi hanging out - Lower left - Taylor Jo.  -
 Upper right - Christian and our son James - Lower right - Christian~

Here is our grandson Ryley; number 82. He played a great game on Saturday, October 11th . He is a fourth grader and plays lineman. Their little team didn't win any games during the season. On this day they won and it was a great game to watch. They came together and played hard making passes and runs. The score was 40 - 18; just amazing. We were so excited for them all~ 
Our grandson Jeffery is playing in this Soccer game; first as a goalie and then a forward. 
He is an amazing player and very fun to watch.  He has made a number of goals this season. 
We attended this game on October 22nd. 

Next we celebrated our grandson Joshua's birthday on October 23rd. He turned 8 years old. In our faith turning eight is very significant. This is when they are baptized and confirmed a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He is excited to be turning 8. Here are pictures of this awesome celebration.
Upper left - part of the family at this event - Middle left Joshua blowing out his birthday candles with his mother, Mary and grandmother, Virginia - Upper right - our grandsons, Jeffery and Joshua - 
Middle right another family picture -
Bottom photo is the waiters singing Happy Birthday to Joshua~
Upper picture - Joshua opening presents with Jeffery assisting~
Middle left - Joshua and Jeffery reading a card sent from our grandson, Jackson who is serving a mission in Nebraska - Middle right our Great Grandson, Sagan with Grandpa, Roger
Lower left - Grandma, LeAnn with Sagan - Joshua opening up presents. This was his Cub Scout shirt
We all had a great dinner and precious moments at this one~

Next on Saturday, October 25th we attended Joshua's soccer game. 
He is good little player too. He is number 1 ~
Here is our final game of the season. We attended our Grandson, 
Jonathan's soccer game on Saturday, October 25th - 
Jonathan plays mostly goalie and he stopped some great kicks in this game. 

As you can see we had some marvelous and cherished moments with our family. 
Families are forever and we love every minute we can spend with them. 


Cheryl @ TFD said...

You have been busy! I enjoyed seeing the photos of you with your family and friends. Have a wonderful day!

Marsha said...

Looks like you have had some beautiful family time. Love the picture of the temple. I go to the Falls at least once-a-month but don't take the opportunity to get pictures of the temple.

Debbie said...

WoW leann, you will never know how much i enjoyed this post, packed with fun, family and love!! i really enjoy seeing all the children, playing, resting, being kids!!! i also adore the tight knit that holds your family together.

you autumn decorations are really beautiful. i like that you shared pictures with us!!!!

Christy Monson said...

I love everything about this post. I love your decorations. I love your sharing family experiences. (We love the Idaho Falls Temple as well.)I love that you cherish each moment. That is my lesson for today. You bless my life! Hugs

Denise said...

Love the pictures, and love you my friend.


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