Thursday, September 11, 2014

Precious Family Moments~

Enjoy All The Precious Moments Of Your Life ~  | #livingwatersbyleann, #eternalfamilies
Quote and Photo by LeAnn

Here is the celebration of our Grandson, Jonathan's 13th Birthday - 
Oh dear, another teenager~
Upper picture; Mary, our daughter in law, our Grandson's Jonathan, Joshua and Jeffery
Lower left; Jonathan opening presents.
Right middle picture; Our Great Granddaughter Lilly, LeAnn (me) and Great Granddaughter, baby Myah;  Our Granddaughter,
Gillian with arms around our Granddaughter in law, Jessica
Right lower picture; a group of family. 
My dear husband's family reunion with his siblings - Upper picture: His brother Steve and Laddy; on the bench, Toni, our Niece. In the background; sister in law, Kaylene. 
Left lower picture; Toni with her daughter and LeAnn (me)
We took a trip to Ogden Utah for a Tour of the new Ogden Temple.
Left middle picture;  Michael our son in law with our daughter Jenni. 

Lower left picture; our grandchildren, Emma, Benjamin and Alyssa. 
Upper right picture; all of us. 
Another Happy Birthday moment for our Grandson, Jeffery. Upper left picture; my husband, Roger; on the couch my son
Sean and Daughter in law, Mary.
Upper right picture, Jeffery opening presents.Lower picture; Mary and our Grandson's; Joshua, Jeffery and Jonathan.

Here is Sammy, he had to stay home during most of these events. 
He is never happy to be left. He loves to go for rides and he is such a fun little pet.
 He is really a big part of our family~
We went on a family event to Temple Square in Salt lake City, Utah.
We had such a good time walking through the beautiful temple grounds. At the top is our Grandchildren; Emma, Benjamin and Alyssa - 

This picture was taken the top of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building.
Left middle picture; Jenni, Alyssa, Emma, Benjamin and Michael.
Left Lower picture; Alyssa, LeAnn and Benjamin, Roger and Emma. 
Right middle picture; the Salt Lake Temple.
Right Lower Picture; our Grandchildren; Emma, Alyssa and Benjamin
 It was a lovely day and the weather was perfect. 

While at temple square our oldest son Sean, his wife Mary with her mother Virginia,
 plus their four boys came for part of the time. 
Upper left corner picture; a group of us. Left middle picture is Virginia. 
Right upper picture; Sean and Mary. 
Right middle picture;Joseph, Jonathan, Joshua and Jeffery. 
These boys are sometimes difficult to take a picture of. 
Lower picture; Sean, Mary with Virginia. Back ground Jeffery 
and foreground Joshua and Jonathan
On This day 12 years ago minus a day; our daughter Jenni was married for Time and All Eternity to Michael in the Salt Lake Temple. At that time Michael and Jenni had wedding pictures taken on the steps of the temple. 12 years later we are back with the addition of
Benjamin, Emma and Alyssa! A sweet precious moment~

After touring the temple grounds we returned home to celebrate Virginia's 79th Birthday. 
Two more families came to the celebration. 
Upper Left corner; Jacob, our grandson, his wife Dana, Virginia and Mary on the couch.
Left Middle picture; our Great Granddaughter, Lilly; Granddaughter, Alyssa, Great Granddaughter, Jadyn; Grandson, Benjamin and Granddaughter, Emma.
Upper Right picture; Grandson, Joshua; Granddaughter, Alyssa and Grandson, Jeffery.
Right Middle picture; Granddaughter in law, Dana; background; Granddaughter in law, Jessica with new Great Granddaughter, Myah. 
Mary, our daughter in law with our Great Grandson, Sagan.
Lower picture; LeAnn, Jacob and Jed our Grandson's in the background; 
and Virginia, Dana with Sagan. 

We had such a delightful time with part of our #family during the month of August. We truly enjoyed every precious moment with these families. 


Marsha said...

Love Emma's hair. I have red hair and I have two siblings with red hair and we had red-headed children and our children are having red-headed children. So blessed it was a dominate red hair.

Patricia Pitterle said...

Love all your wonderful pictures! What a beautiful family. It looks like a great month too!

Christy Monson said...

What a wonderful post. One can tell your focus is family and the temple. That is a Celestial focus, as far as I'm concerned. Something we all strive for. Hugs and lots of love.

Just Ramblin' said...

You have certainly had a wonderful month with your family! I love all the pictures you posted. So glad you made it to the Ogden Temple Open House. It is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing! Nola

Debbie said...

Your collage and quote are beautiful!! You have a very special family LeAnn, the family photos are lovely!!

Barb said...

Hi LeAnn!

Love those precious family moments! So good to see pictures of your sweet family - I can't believe how Shawn and Mary's kids are growing, and even more strange to think that they are grandparents!! Jenni and Mike's kids are so cute and growing so fast . . . life marches on!!

Take care sweet sister - hopefully I will get to see you before the snow flies! I am going to see if Amber would drive to Utah with me one day and have lunch with you and Nola - doesn't that sound fun?!

Hugs and Love,

Susan Anderson said...

What a wonderful family and so many happy events.
Thanks for sharing them.



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