Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Celebrating Family Moments~

We were so blessed to have two of our families from Idaho come down for a visit. We love them all so much and had great moments with them. I would call that "Celebrating The Family Moments"~

On July 30th through August 2nd our daughter in law Amber and her two daughters Taylor Jo and Averi came for a visit. My husband was able to take one of the days off; which was awesome. We had a great adventure with them. During this time our son, James and his son Christian were on a scouting trip so thus Amber decided to spend some time with us.
Here are a few pictures of this fun moment in time.

We visited LDS Church's Temple Square - This is the Christos Statue that it in the Visitor's
Averi and Taylor Jo ~ 
LeAnn (me) and my grandson, Jackson who is living with us right now.
Here are some pictures of the prophets through the years from the Old Testament, New Testament and The Book of Mormon, Another Testament Of Jesus Christ~

This picture represents some of The many languages that the Book of Mormon is printed in.
This is the famous Tabernacle where the Mormon Tabernacle Choir records and performs.
Look here for the history of the Tabernacle; you will enjoy reading about it.

Inside the Tabernacle is the famous wood carved pipes of the organ.
Our sweet Granddaughter Averi, who is blind loved the Tabernacle. The acoustics are so good that there is an echo that sounds when you are talking loud or clapping; she loved it.
Also, if you dropped a pin in front of the tabernacle you could hear it in the back of the tabernacle. Here is a great history on this building ~
LeAnn And Roger in front of the statue of the Mormon Pioneers pulling a hand cart.
Here you can find the history of the Mormon Handcart pioneers.
This picture represents our life span of experiences. It is a beautiful painting.
Here is a replica of the inside of the Salt Lake Temple; it is very impressive.

Here are pictures of the temple grounds that we took. You can see the temple and the tall white structure is the LDS Church office building.

Roger and Jackson
Taylor Jo, Averi and Amber~

Here we are at the top of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building -
Pictures taken are looking down at the Temple Square.

This is a water pond that is in front of the temple.
There is the reflection of the temple in the pond.
Yes, this was a very happy day!

We were blessed to have Travis and Amanda's children here for 4 days. We had some fun activities with them. I missed taking my camera on the one outing; but here are some awesome pictures of my grandchildren and my sweet daughter in law, Amanda. She was blessed to be able to fly to San Francisco for 4 days to be with her husband, Travis our son. He has been working in Sacramento for the summer. They had a great time there while we enjoyed their children here.
Just a short thought on their arrival. My dear daughter in law told me as she brought the children into the house that Ethan had the stomach flu but was getting better and Ryley had a cut on the bottom of his foot and she didn't think it needed stitches. She was exhausted from getting them ready to come and I told her that these kinds of incidents happen all the time when you are trying to travel. Luckily no one else got the stomach flu and Ryley did not need stitches.
 Layton, age three, Jackson , 18 with Sammy, Kason 6, Justice 17, Ryley 8, Austin 14, Karli 10 and Ethan 12. There is never a dull moment when these precious children are around.
Amanda, the sweet mother of all these children~
Random pictures of playing on our swing set ~
We had a couple of outings with the children. First, Layton age 3 saw a red car on the shelf of the bookcase in our study. When my husband disappeared for a few moments he slid the chair over and tried to stand on a very slim arm of a chair and my husband caught him in the act and saved him from a fall. He also took the gate we have at the top of the stairs; which isn't attached and threw it down the stairs; thus creating a hole in the wall. Now in raising kids we had several of these holes through the years caused usually from a door slammed against the wall. These holes have been nicked named "Mormon holes". I am sure they are not just isolated to a religion but several of my friends had them too.
I took all of the children to a water pad park where we were having a great time until a very strong wind came up suddenly and we had to leave quickly.  
What a treasure our grandchildren are to us and we did have some wonderful times with them during July and August.


Denise said...

there is nothing more precious than family. really enjoyed this post, love you.

Sue said...

What a wonderful trip, and you got some good photos, too.

Glad Layton didn't fall!


Just Ramblin' said...

So glad you could spend time with your family. It looks like you really had a great time. Nola

Mom of 12 said...

Those collage pics are so cool! I want to get down to the Church History display on Scouting. We are still trying to find a time that will work for everyone. Life is just so crazy around here! Love seeing all the pictures.

Christy Monson said...

How much fun was this. I do love your photography expertise. I love how you blend the pictures together. I need some lessons. The collages are great! Hugs and love, Christy

singing/granny said...

I loved reading this! I love how experience has helped you to greet the small catastrophes with calm. It is a wonderful lesson and one I have experienced too. I marvel at how our lives seem to follow a similar path. I had an older grandson here too...who may return. It is challenging and fun to be a grandma! Many good wishes and happy thoughts from me to you!!! Melody


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