Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Simple Woman's Daybook - I Received A Tender Mercy Today~

FOR TODAY - May 29, 2013

Outside my window...the sky is gray and we are expecting a rainstorm from 4:00 pm to 10:00 pm. We will be traveling this afternoon up to Heber City for our Grandson's High School Graduation. I am praying that we won't have to travel in a rainstorm. At least it isn't snowing, that's good.
I am thinking...that I may not be able to complete this Daybook entry before we have to leave for Heber City.  
I am thankful... for a good report today on my mammogram. Two weeks ago I went in to have my yearly mammogram screening. I received a letter a couple of days later that they saw a small area of concern on the mammogram and wanted me to come in and have another one. I was going out of town at that time so I scheduled it for today. I had tried not to worry about it; but the last couple of days my paranoid thoughts came flowing into my mind. I had a similar scare many years ago over some small tumors that were found on my chest x-ray. At that time I had a lymph node biopsy. While in the recovery room my physician visited with me and explained that I had either Hodgkin's Disease or Sarcoidosis. Being a nurse at that time I knew that Hodgkin's Disease wasn't a good diagnosis. That night I planned my funeral and worried about how my husband and our little son would do without me. Luckily, the report came back with a diagnosis of Sarcoidosis; which was more treatable. I received a priesthood blessing and I have never had a problem with it since then.
Through life experiences I have gained great faith in the knowledge that my Heavenly Father has a plan for me. I do have great faith in the Priesthood and it's power to heal.
This time instead of worrying about it too much, I decided to try not to think about it until I found out what it was.  Many of our fears in life are fears of the unknown. We can't help but be concerned when we have these kinds of experiences. Finally last night I decided that if I had a tumor I  would ask my family to fast and pray for me. I would then have a priesthood blessing given to me by my husband and my son, or sons. If it was God's will; I would be healed. I can say without reservation I have the faith to be healed. Our Heavenly Father has a plan for us all. Part of our life experiences is to follow His will for us.
So today I had the repeat mammogram and the area of concern was still there. The Radiologist wanted me to have an Ultrasound. I had to wait for about 1 1/2 hours due to a mix up on my record number. There were three different number. Meanwhile, my husband who was waiting for me was told that I had something show up on the mammogram and they were doing other tests. He was told that he would be invited back when the Radiologist had read the report on the ultrasound. He was finally invited back with me while they did the ultrasound. He was so upset and began to cry because he had been so worried about me.  After the Ultrasound was completed the technician told us that the Radiologist felt it is a cyst and I was told to come back in 6 months for another ultrasound to see if there were any  changes. I do have gratitude today for this good report.
Remember all of you wonderful women out there that it is important to have a yearly mammogram.
I am wearing...brown slacks, light green blouse and beige sandals.
I am my Grandson, Jackson's High School Graduation this afternoon.
I am wondering... how I should dress. In my day we dressed up when attending a graduation program. However, this generation is so casual that I probably won't have to wear a dress.
I am still  reading..."To The Rescue". This book is so inspiring. I haven't been able to find a minute to read lately. If I could read this marvelous book for a couple of hours I could finish it. I have such a strong testimony that President Thomas S. Monson is a true Prophet for our day. This book has increased that testimony of him. His sweet wife, Frances Monson passed away recently and my husband and I watched her funeral rebroadcast on Sunday. It was so touching. She was a wonderful woman and I am so sad for him. The pictures of our dear prophet at the funeral were heartbreaking. He looks so sad and she will be missed greatly by him. They had been married for 65 years.
I have started to read the Book # 5 in a series entitled; "Light and Truth" by Darryl Harris. Again, I haven't been able to read this book either.
The only book that I read on a daily basis is "The Book of Mormon" and I am very close to finishing it. As I have stated before; once I finish this book I will start reading it again.This book of history is of a people who fled from Jerusalem in 600 BC and came to this promised land. This book is so compelling that every time I read it I learn new things. I also receive at times revelation for my own life within it's pages. It is a book very relevant for our day. I would say it is the best self-help book and is diffidently a wonderful child rearing manual.
I am hoping....that our drive to Heber will not be in the rain. I hate driving up the canyon to Heber in bad weather. There are a lot of curves that make me nervous.
I am looking forward attending the graduation and being with the family.
I am learning....more patience. I am learning to pace myself more and not think I can do 10 things when in realism I can only do 5 of the things listed on my schedule each day. 
One of my guilty pleasures... is to take a nap once in a while. I haven't done that for a very long time.
Around the house....yesterday was a busy one. We had to get our home in shape for a appraisal and inspection. We are trying to decide if we are going to stay in this home or downsize. Basically, I can't even imagine moving again. We have moved a total of 21 times in the last 45 years. When I look at a moving box I get nauseated. Yes, not a good reaction.
I am pondering....on how to do my daily journaling. Right now I am writing in a journal.I have several volumes of journals both hand written and typed. I think I should read them all because I have forgotten so many things over the years. I need to refresh my memory.
A favorite quote for today....


Something new about me...I love the color blue. I would love someday to have a light blue and white country kitchen.
A pet waiting for a physician or test appointment. My impatience is very apparent  when I have to wait.
A few plans for the rest of the week: Jackson's graduation, working on Family History, working in the Temple on Saturday and going to church on Sunday.
A peek into my day.... Here is a peek into my trip last week to Prescott, Arizona to see my daughter Jenni and Michael and our grandchildren. I will be doing update post of family activities for May.
Unique Rock formations~
A beautiful sunset~
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Denise said...

Enjoyed your daybook. Praising God for your mammogram results sweet friend.

Debbie said...

you have a beautiful, rich life leann!! these entries must take a lot of time but i think it's great that you document life's wonderful events!!

those last two images are gorgeous....i don't think you will need a dress for graduation.....and fingers crossed on the mammo, it's so important to keep up with those!!

you always leave me the kindest comments, thank you for that!!

Just Ramblin' said...

Great daybook. I remember going in for my mamogram a year ago. My oncologist and I had been watching a little bump and he strongly felt it was a cyst. We had watched it for sometime. Then I went in for my mamogram and I was told it was not a cyst and they would be doing a biopsy. The scheduler I met with said, "at least you've had five good years." That just about did me in. I had myself dead and buried. My sons gave me a blessing and my daughter and I spent some time in the temple. Needless to say, after much stress, it was a cyst. The doctor refused to believe it could be a cyst and was very adamant about it. Anyway, I'm glad everything came out ok for you. You are a very strong woman and I admire you faith. I enjoyed watching your grandson on FB and am amazed at his talent. I can only imagine your feelings as you think about the possibility of moving again. Take care and thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures. Nola

Anonymous said...

Wow LeeAnn! that is so scary. So happy to hear you are okay.
Love you Tammy

Grammy Staffy said...

I'm thankful for your news . Hugs from Alaska

Christy Monson said...

Love this post. It gives so much insight into you the person. What a wonderful legacy for your children. Love and hugs, Christy

The Adventurer said...

so glad your health is fine and sorry you had such a scare:(. Moving 21 times, I can't even imagine as we are in the throes of moving right now and it is so stressful and chaotic. Enjoy your grandsons graduation and visits with your daughter:) Blessing my blog friend

Heidi Allen Garvin said...

Beautiful entry. Thanks for sharing so that I can add you to my prayers. This life is so precious, isn't it? It's at times of trial when we often refocus, reevaluate, and ponder on things.

I'm grateful for your faithful outlook and the way in which you share sacred and personal things.

All the best to you - dear friend! (can I say that?) :) I feel like we've almost met. :)


Mom of 12 said...

I would love to have a day like that! It seems like we are always running around like crazy...a good kind of crazy, but still.

Sue said...

Enjoyed reading this, as I always do.

I had the exact same experience a couple of years ago with my mammogram. I went back after the six months for a second ultrasound, and it was gone.

It was a worry, but like you, I just tried not to obsess abut it. After all, you are right. The Lord does have a plan for each of us, so letting go makes sense, right?

Having said that, glad all was well!



singing/granny said...

I am so glad all turned out well. And I hope the graduation went well too. It is a busy time of life in some ways, and it is good to see you are using your time well. I am working on it! You are an inspiration! Melody


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