Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love Is In The Air~

Can you feel it? Can you breath it in?
Yes, love is in the air today.
 I can feel it. I can breath it in.
Love comes in many shades of color. Love can be white; in it's purity. Love can be red, in it's passion. Love can be yellow; cheerful and fun.
Love can be warm as the sun. Love can be bright as the moon. Love can twinkle like a stars. Yes, love is all around us; can you feel it?
  Here Are My 15 Loves~ 
 There Are Plenty More!
I love my Heavenly Father and I know that I am His daughter.
 I know that My Heavenly Father loves me.
I love my Savior Jesus Christ and I know He loves me.

I love my husband with a profound tender and passionate affection.
I know he loves me. He is my Eternal Love~

I love my children and  grandchildren and great grandchildren
with the kind of love that only a parent and grandparent can feel~
I love our parents and miss them so~
My Parents~Leone and Millan

My husband's parents LaMar and Nyal

I Love Our Brothers and Sisters~
My Husband's family
My Brothers and Sister in laws
My Brother and Sister in law ~ Mac and Amparo
My Brother and Sister in law ~ Gloria and John
I Love my two Aunts~

My Aunts ~ Della, age 99 and Alene, age 93

I love my Sammy and he brings joy to me~
 I love my friends of whom I have a deep warm, personal love for each of them~
There are those from my past, and those that are near,
and those that I blog with that are so dear~
I love our beloved Prophet, President Thomas S. Monson~
I love the Temple and love to serve there with my eternal companion~
I love the scriptures and they feed my soul with comfort, peace and love~
I Love Music; it stirs my soul~
I love the United States of America and the freedoms we enjoy~

Most of all I love this man~

All of these Loves are loved in a unique and different way
Can you feel love in the air today?
I can!
To All~


Cheryl @ TFD said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you, LeAnn!

Just Ramblin' said...

I love your post of 15 loves. The gospel and family are what it is all about. How blessed we are to have both. There is nothing that moves me more than good, uplifting music. How blessed we are to live in this the United States of America. I pray we never take our freedom for granted. This post has made me reflect on my "loves" and I believe I will record them in my journal this night. Thanks for sharing and have a Happy Valentine's Day. Nola

Debbie said...

you are blessed times 1000, i LOVE the picture of you and the hubby in red!!

red is a GREAT color for both of you!! happy "sweetness" day, & lots of hugs and kisses!!

Christy Monson said...

What a sweet pictorial essay on love. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Lots of love, Christy

Sue said...

I DO feel love in the air...and even more so in your post.

You are greatly blessed with your wonderful family.


Denise said...

Precious post, love you.

Eve | Inchworm Chronicles said...

I can feel the love that comes through this sweet blog post! Love expands and encompasses, truly.


The Adventurer said...

What a fantastic list of Loves and your hubby is on there twice:) Always a pleasure to see your family pics

Grammy Staffy said...

Yes I can feel love in the air. I love many of the same things that you do. We are both blessed to be members of the church, temple workers, have loving families and dear husbands to share our lives with. I also am blessed with sweet friends and blog friends that add joy to my life. Have a great week dear. Hugs, Lura

Mom of 12 said...

Love this one, LeAnn. Thanks for all the fun pics.

Galen Pearl said...

What a sweet sweet post. Loved the photos and the list of your loves.

singing/granny said...

I like the idea of 15 loves! Good post! Thanks! Melody


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