Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Our Joy-Filled Family Moments - December 2012~

December 2012

Our December moments started with decorating our trees~
               Sweet little sparrows just outside our window~
Celebration of our Granddaughter Justice's 17th birthday on December 22nd ~
Ethan, Justice and Austin ~
Austin, Karli and Ryley~
Amanda our Daughter In Law and Our Granddaughter, Gillian~

Justice, my son Travis, Austin and Karli ~
Kason and Layton playing the piano, kind of~

Our Sweet Family from Missouri arrived to spend a few days before Christmas ~
Back row - Roger, LeAnn, Chrissy, Brandon
Front row - Abbey, Faith, April and Levi and Sariah~
Our Family Christmas Party~
 Enjoying our  Family Christmas dinner~
Right - Mary our daughter in law, Jed and Jessica our grandchildren
A table full of loved ones~
 Left - Levi, Jadyn, Joshua and Lilly ~
 Sariah playing the piano  and April~ April plays the Violin but didn't bring it~
 Preparing for our Nativity Program~
 Our Nativity Cast ~
Jonathan, a Wiseman; Levi, a Shepherd; Faith, a Angel; Lilly, a Angel; Jadyn and Sagan, Mary and baby Jesus; Joshua, Joseph and Jeffery, A Shepherd

 Sagan, Jadyn and Joshua; a very tired Joseph~
 Our granddaughters Gillian and Jessica ~
The Audience
 Jackson, our Grandson and Grandpa~
 Jed and Jessica our Grandson and Granddaughter~
 Dana, Sagan and Jacob our grandchildren and great grandson~
My son Sean and Me ~ My oldest son
Our daughter, Christina, (Chrissy Bug's) birthday celebration~
  The end of a perfect Christmas Eve - Snow gently falling~
 Our Christmas Morning Celebration - Just me and my dear husband and Sammy~
 Sammy loved his present from Santa~
 My dearest husband, Roger ~
Checking out a new skirt I received~
Sammy enjoying his Santa Toy~
We had a wonderful Christmas Celebration  and enjoyed all of our sweet moments with Family and Friends~


Marie said...

What a lovely Christmas you had LeAnn. I enjoyed all of the photos. You are so blessed. xxoo

The Adventurer said...

What great family photos of your Christmas. I love the snow picture of your house outside. Happy New Year may it bring you great joy.

Christy Monson said...

What a fun picture journal of your holiday. It looks like it was great fun. There is nothing better than having family around. All our kids are coming this month to see my mother. It's so great to have them all. I send lots of love, Christy

Sue said...

Thanks for posting so many pics of the family. Looks like a wonderful time for all of you. And what a great nativity group you guys mustered up!


singing/granny said...

What lovely photos! I think you must have had a wonderful time together! I really enjoyed seeing all of your family celebrating! Melody

Just Ramblin' said...

You have a lovely family and what cherished memories you are making with them. It looks like you really had a great time together. Thanks for sharing. Nola

Denise said...

Thanks for sharing, such lovely pictures.

Cheryl @ TFD said...

Such a lovely family you have! It looks like you had a most wonderful Christmas. Many cherished moments that you will never forget and you have captured many of those moments in your photos. Blessings to you and your family in this New Year!

Galen Pearl said...

Oh what fun. It was like a vicarious Christmas. You have a lovely family. I so enjoyed all the photos.

Debbie said...

WoW leann, you are blessed!! gorgeous home, beautiful family, traditions....everyone is together and happy!!

and you rockin' that skirt!!


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