Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Wonderful Family Moments~

We took a trip to Sugar City, Idaho to support
our son Travis in his write in race of the Madison County Sheriff on November 6th ~
We had a great time.
Even though he lost the race he inspired many.
Our Granddaughter, Justice and her friend helping with the campaign~
Our Son, Travis~
 Our dog, Sammy hanging out!
 The children helping with dinner prep.
Ethan, Ryley and Karli~
Kason hanging out with Sammy~ 
Amanda, Kason and Ethan working on dinner~ 
Ryley and Kason looking at the Children's song book~ 
Smiling Ryley~ 
Family fun time~
Just a moment of reflection~

Karli, Hanging out with Sammy~
Layton our youngest grandson~ 
 We enjoyed some time outdoosr by the Idaho Falls Temple~
My number one guy, Roger~ 
Just lovely creations~
We also spent some moments with our son James and his family; but no pictures. I don't know what happened there because according to my children I am always taking pictures.
 The Beginning of the day of celebration  - I turned 67 on November 20th~
Today we also received an invitation to a dinner
 sponsored by the youth for the Elderly in the ward.
 I must say we laughed about this one.
Of course, we don't consider ourselves elderly.
A Birthday surprise from my dear husband, Roger - A Jewelery Chest~ 
Opening the Presents~ 
 A beautiful Chocolate Cake made and
decorated by my dear husband~
He also fixed a wonderful dinner~
Blowing out the candles~
Our very Happy Thanksgiving Moments~
We had our oldest son's family and our youngest daughter's family~ 
 We had a total of 23 members of our family here~
Our granddaughter Dana, baby Sagan and our Grandson Jacob~ 
 Our adorable great grandson, Sagan~
 Our great granddaughter Jadyn, our grandson, Jed & Jessica with
our great granddaughter, Lilly~
Our oldest son, Sean disobeying the no technology day rule~ 
Our youngest daughter, Tiffani with our granddaughter, Gillian~ 
Front row - Kaitlyn, Sarah, Williams and Michael our grandchildren -
Tiffani and David, our children~ 
Jonathan, our grandson, Sean and Mary,
Joseph, Jeffery, and Jackson with Joshua in front; our grandchildren~
We took Dave, Tiffani and family to a new store named Scheels~
It was really fun. There was a Ferris wheel in the center; but the line was too long. There were other things to do like shooting air guns, bowling, golfing, and etc. The had the following scenes to take pictures~
 William, Sarah, Michael and Kaitlyn~
 Sarah, Kaitlyn and Michael~
 William in the tire~

 Sarah, bear with a gun getting ready to fire away~
 Kaitlyn ready too~
Tough William~
Michael firing away~
Then there is Tiffani, as Annie Oakley~
A Moment with Abraham Lincoln - Kaitlyn and Sarah~
Getting ready for prayer before they leave to go back to Spokane~
Sweet Kaitlyn wanted to stay~
As you can see we had a wonderful November month and especially our Thanksgiving Celebration was filled with sweet moments of togetherness and love. We have so much to be grateful for and we are most thankful for
 our testimonies of Jesus Christ and for our eternal family~

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singing/granny said...

Looks like you had a great birthday too! How fun that we share the same birthday month...and week!! It was fun to see all of your family pictures. Thanks for sharing! Hugs to you! Melody

Denise said...

Bless your son for his wonderful effort. Glad your family enjoyed a nice thanksgiving. Honored to share my birthday with you.

Christy Monson said...

Looks like you had a great trip and a Happy Birthday. I'm looking forward to meeting you. I send lots of love, Christy

Debbie said...

what a beautiful group of family photo's!!

happy birthday and many thanks for all the kind comments you leave for me!!

My name is Nicole Nolley said...

beautiful photos of a lovely family..your new follower via GFC....Nicole

The Adventurer said...

Happy Belated Birthday LeAnn:0 YOu have a beautiful large family. Love seeing all the pictures. That sunset picture is stunning:)

Sue said...

Glad you had a happy birthday with lots of family around!

Travis seems like a great guy. We need more like him to run for office.


Wendy said...

Happy Birthday to you! Such fun to have your kids around. They were always some of my favorite people.

Eve | Inchworm Chronicles said...

The sunset photo was so beautiful! It is fun to see so many of your lovely family members and the good times you have together. Have a Merry Christmas!!

Galen Pearl said...

Sorry about the election, but look at all the wonderful family time you had and a great birthday!

Anne Payne said...

Wow! What an awesome family!!! So many blessings from the Lord :) I can see you had a very happy birthday, too. That chocolate cake looks like it was delicious!

Darlene said...

What a great looking son Travis is!! He looks so good in his uniform. Too darned bad he didn't win, but there is always a next time.

I so enjoyed all the wonderful pictures of your family. The ones of you and Roger were especiailly interesting to me. I would so love to see you guys in person. Maybe it will happen next summer. I hope I will be able to travel then. I'm sure not much good at it now.

It was wonderful that your daughter and her family could spend so much time with you. Honestly, I am so envious. My kids hardly ever visit. I have to go see them. The only exception is Sue's family. They ALL come for about five days at the end of May for what they used to call their "golf week." It has slipped to five days and I hope it doesn't slip any more than that. The guys all go golfing every day at a different golf course, and we surely do have a lot of them to choose from, but somehow they end going to the same ones each year.

What a great celebration you had for your 67th birthday!! Roger makes a pretty mean looking cake. I am impressed. I thought I was the only one who's husband cooked. Dick does a lot of baking, but he has never made me a cake!! What fun you all had. It is so neat to have family with us, isn't it? My whole family came for my 80th birthday, but that is the last time they were here at one time. Maybe if I make 90, they will all come again. That's certainly something I could look forward to.

Take care, LeAnn..........love ya


Renee said...

Love these pics! And I didn't see any elderly people in sight. You look great, LeAnn :) Blessings!


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