Monday, October 8, 2012

The Simple Woman's Daybook ~ A Conference Moment~

For Today Monday, October 7th, 2012
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Outside my window... it is a beautiful fall day. The rays of the sun are flooding my bedroom. I love to be in the light.
I am thinking...that I am very tired of sitting in a chair with my leg propped up and a ice pack to my knee. I injured my right knee last Wednesday. I was doing something stupid. At first it didn't feel that bad; but as the day wore on I could hardly walk on my leg. The next day I did go to the urgent care and the NP thought I had a mild tear in the rt. calf muscle. Towards the end of the day I could barely walk. I found a cane that we have and am using it to get around. If I put too much pressure on that leg the pain is excruciating behind the knee.
I am thankful for…for my dear sweet husband. He has been going to and fro all day getting me things. I am walking OK with a cane but he doesn't want me to walk around very much. I think he is worried that I will do something dumb again. He is such a blessing in my life. 
From the learning room… I am learning that I am not a spring chicken anymore and that I need to think before I do something risky.
From the favorite cook will be cooking us dinner tonight. It will be yummy for sure.
I am wearing....a light green shirt with my favorite knee length jogging pants. It is mix and match day today. I have on red and white striped comfy socks. I am also wearing an attractive elastic bandage around my knee.
I am creating...this post. 
I am reading...The Book of Mormon; which is my all time favorite book of scriptures. I am studying it with the Institute manual. I am now reading the writings of Alma. I am almost finished with the Book; "Light and Truth - The Mormon Battalion". There is one other book in the series. I do not know how those 500 men traveled from Nebraska to San Diego, California on foot during the summer and fall. They had to travel much of the way through desert country. These early day Saints gave their all for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I have learned a lot about our stalwart Mormon men and women.
I am hoping...that when I go to the Orthopedic physician tomorrow that my knee injury will not be a bad one. I am sure I will be sitting in a chair with my leg up icing the area for a few days.
I am hearing...I am hearing the keys tapping, my watch touching the laptop computer and the cars going by. 
One of my favorite to cuddle up with my hubby and watch a good movie. We have Family Home Evening on Monday nights so we will probably discuss our feelings on our recent General Conference and then perhaps watch a movie.
Something new about my brother labeled me as a"jailbird" for a while. When I was a Sophomore in high school I went with my friends tubing up Lamb's canyon. There were three cars going up and on the way there was a fender bender accident with one of the cars. A police officer came over to the car and instructed us to go home. After we were allowed to leave we decided to go up tubing anyway. We had a lot of fun. It started to get late and I began to worry about the time. Finally, the friends we were with decided to head back home. We had left a car at the high school parking lot. When we arrived the same police officer came by and we were taken to jail for being out after curfew. It was around 1 am.   I am sure he was also upset with us for not going home when he told us too. They put us behind bars and then waited for a while to call our parents. I think they were trying to teach us a good lesson. We were so scared. Finally a call was made and our parents came to get us. I had to live with the title of "Jailbird" for quite a while. Where were cell phones it that day; it would have saved us and our parents a lot of worry.

Pet that I hate driving the freeways in Utah. People are so rude here. We have lived in several states and this is the worst area. Also, the stop lights are not synchronized very well. I learned recently that Salt Lake City's first stop light was invented in 1912; one hundred years ago.  You would think they would have it right by now.
One of my guilty dark chocolate Dove candy. As I was laying on the couch watching conference yesterday; I was thinking about making the effort to go into the kitchen to get a piece of this favorite morsel. My husband came into the room and handed me one. I think it is so awesome that he can read my mind. 
Here is picture for thought I am sharing...
 This is our youngest great granddaughter, Lilly Leann. We celebrated her 1st birthday yesterday.

Here is one of my very favorite conference messages - Take a moment to listen to this awesome story of Peter and the Savior taken from the New Testament. You will be happy you did. 



Denise said...

Enjoyed your daybook. Praying for your knee.

Marie said...

LeAnn, I hope that your knee/calf injury is not too serious. I did the same thing last year myself. Combined with my arthritis it was absolutely crippling. I loved your day book as always. Jeffrey R Holland is such a powerful speaker. He ALWAYS touches my heart in a very special way. When we were watching Conference I said to Todd, I wish that everyone's heart could be touched and softened enough to listen to these wonderful leaders and pay heed to their words.. The world would be a much different place. Hope your leg is better soon. Love and hugs to you today and always. xxoo

singing/granny said...

Ooo....I really sympathize with your injury! Please take care! I had to laugh at the jailbird story! I guess all teenagers have some story like that! Although I didn't end up in jail....just in trouble with parents. Yes, a cell phone would have been a life saver in many instances! I hope your leg heals quickly. I recommend two Dove chocolates and lots of rest!!! Hugs to you! Melody

The Adventurer said...

OH sorry to hear you hurt your knee, praying the doctor gives you good news on it.

LOL on the jail bird story...I wouldn't have thought you were the type to be thrown in jail;) That is one I haven't done:)LOL

Christy Monson said...

Get well soon! Thanks for the Day Book. You are an inspiration us all of us! Love, Christy

Anonymous said...

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Sue said...

I hope that sore knee/calf is well soon. It's so hard to be laid up like that!

Glad you enjoyed conference. We were on a trip during it, and I didn't like listening to it on my iPhone nearly as well as being home in my living room.


Debbie said...

i enjoyed reading this, to get to know you a little better!!

and that sweetness you call lilly, too cute for words!!

i hope you feel better soon. no fun, if your not having fun!!

Mom Blogger said...

Stopping by as part of the Come To The Table hop.

Thanks for sharing - sorry to hear about your knee injury.

Susan M (blog: Loves 2 Read)

Nina Bille said...

I hope you get well soon! The picture of your granddaughter is lovely!

Darlene said...

I can so sympathize with you when it comes to your knee. I have a couple of bad ones that should be replaced, but I can't have any kind of operation unless it is life threatening so I just have to bear my pain and sometimes it gets so bad, I want to scream. I do hope yours improves and that the doctor was able to help. I will be very interested to hear what he said, so please do an update on your knee.

Isn't it wonderful to have such a helpful and loving husband? I can so relate to this too as I feel the same way about mine. He takes such good care of me when I can't take care of myself and the fact is, he is a great cook too. We do have that in common when it comes to wonderful husbands.

I had to really laugh about the jail story that you related. I can just imagine the whole thing and can understand why you were so scared. That is something you will NEVER forget.

It was interesting too that we share another thing.......the chocoholic one. I am truly an adict and when the wanting becomes to much for me, I head for my refrigerator in the garage where I have two whole drawers stocked with all my favorite kinds of chocolate. There is chocolate covered peanuts, chocolate bars, chunk chocolate etc. The only different there is that I have to have milk chocolate. At least the dark chocolate is a lot better for you, so you are lucky that you prefer it. I will eat the dark if that is the only thing available to me, but oh how I do prefer milk chocolate.

I was also VERY interested to learn that your youngest grandchild's name in Lilly. My youngest one is Lilly also!!! I was so fortunate to get three new grandchildren when my son married one of the loveliest women ever a year ago last August. Two boys, Trent and Troy and Lilly. All three are perfectly wonderful. They have taken Dick and me into their hearts and call us Grandpa and Grandma as if we had been theirs all their lives. There are pictures of them in my latest blog. Lilly is quite a dancer. She has taken lessons for two years and she is GOOD. Your little one year old is so darling!

I am so grateful that you posted that wonderful Conference talk by Elder Holland. He is my favorite apostle. This was a very emotional talk for me as it touched my heart so much that I cried all the way through it. Dick heard me from the living room and he came in to see why I was crying and ended up hearing about the last half. We also listened to Presidents Monson's talk and started to watch Elder Hales address, but realized that it was getting very late so we are saving it for tomorrow. I don't know how much you posted, but I'm grateful. We missed Conference as we were in Reno at the "Four Freshmen" convention and were tied up both Saturday and Sunday. Dick taped it so we had every intention of watching it when we got home Monday evening. We tried to get it and for some reason it didn't record. Dick is going to try to find it somewhere on the internet I hope he can do so as I love to listen to Conference and we really missed being able to.

Thanks again LeAnn for another inspirational post.

Grammy Staffy said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your knee. I hate to think of you in pain. I hope it is getting better by now. What did the doctor say? I wish I were there to give you dark chocolate...... Even past jail birds deserve treats. Get better....hugs, Lura

Anonymous said...

This article is presently what did you say? I need, thank you.

Renee said...

Love your jailbird story and that pic of your sweet great-grandbaby! How God has blessed you with a wonderful life. Thanks for sharing it with us, LeAnn!

Lynette said...

I found you. I use to participate a long time ago. I have always enjoyed this format. Thanks for hosting!

Lynette said...

Oops, meant previous comment to go on The Simple Woman's Daybook, will pop over there now. But am glad I find this one too!


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