Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Simple Woman's Daybook~

                                                Saturday - August 18th, 2012
Outside my window...It's a nice medium hot summer day. There is smoke in the air from a fire in a near by area. I have allergies; so my typical allergy cough is back. No headache so far so that is good.
I am thinking...that I should go take a nap. We worked at the temple this morning and I am tired. However, I find if I take a long nap I will just wake up groggy. But, a short nap may work.
I am thankful...for so many things. I do have such a grateful heart for so many blessings in my life. I feel that my husband and I have been deeply blessed and we do recognize our Heavenly Father's hand in our lives.

In the kitchen...there probably won't be much cooking today. We had lunch in the cafeteria at the temple. I had prime rib and so that is the main meal for the day. Dinner will be simple tonight.
I am wearing...Dark blue jogging pants with light green and white stripes down the side and a light green summer shirt. Plus I have on some white flip flops. This outfit is one of my favorites because it is so comfortable.
I am creating...a new Grandchildren blog site entitled: "Grandpa and Grandma's Twitterings"~ This blog will be just for our grandchildren. We hope that we can get closer and have more contact with them since the majority of our grandchildren do not live in the area.
I am going...nowhere today. Perhaps a nap if I am lucky.
I am to go about organizing my life more. I need to look at my priorities and my time involvement.  I love to post and read other's blogs but I also want to get into family history work; so I just need to come up with some ideas on how to handle my time better. I can get sidetracked easily.  I think I may have addressed this issue before. 
Any suggestions on how you manage your time effectively so you can fit in all that you desire to do?
I am reading... "Light and Truth; the Mormon Battalion" by Darryl Harris. I am having such a hard time finishing this book for some reason. It is a very interesting read. I am so amazed that 500 hardy pioneers would leave their families to fight for the United States against Mexico. Part of the reason was they could use their money for clothes to send back to their families who were stranded in Iowa for the winter. It's a great story.

Part of the reason I haven't finished the above book is because I am reading a book entitled: Finding Peace, Happiness by Richard G. Scott.

I have loved this book . I have marked it up and turned the corner of the pages to go back for my favorite stories and quotes. I only have one more chapter to finish it. Perhaps, today if I can stay awake.
I am hoping..that sometime this summer or early fall my sweet dear husband will take a few days off to relax. I would love to go up by a lake or river and just take a chair and a good book and take a couple of hikes and moon light strolls. I would like to leave all of technology home. However, his job is very stressful and when he takes time off he pays for it by having to do more work and longer hours. He doesn't think that it is a good trade off. However, he did offer to send me off for a couple of days of relaxation. However, I only want to go so he will relax. I guess good luck to me on this one.
I am looking forward to...cooler days. I enjoy early fall a lot. I love going to football games when we can and we also enjoy going to our grand children's soccer and football games. There's just a nostalgic feeling when there is fall in the air.
I am learning... to do more things with blogs. The other day I added the reply to my comments on the grandchildren's blog. I was working with the HTML and figured it out and it worked. I ran in to tell my husband that maybe I wasn't in early stages of dementia.
Around the house...I need to mop my kitchen and bathroom floors. They need a good cleaning. With just the two of us; I tend to let it go too long. However, my back always hurts when I do it; so I keep putting it off. I actually think I am going to hire someone to come in and do a really good cleaning job on the tile. But before they come I need to at least mop it once; I don't want to be judged as not being clean.
I am I can be more effective with the families that we are working with in the Inner City Project. There is just so much need and it is sometimes hard to know how much to help them. They also need to learn how to be more self - reliant. Teaching them is difficult because they don't know how to improve their lives. Most of them have been raised in poverty. They can't see or relate to a better life. Sometimes their stories are just so sad; that I just want to find a way to show them a better life.
A favorite quote for today..."I promise you if yo do all that you can, God will magnify your strength and your wisdom. He will season you...those you set an example for will praise your name...." by President Henry B. Eyring
One of my favorite going to a movie with my husband. That is if we can find any good ones. Now days there is so much violence, swearing and etc. in the movies that we don't go as often. We don't trust Hollywood!
A few plans for the rest of the week: Read more in my novel and finish my other book - Start a new book - Complete the work on my grandchildren's blog - Have a quiet Saturday evening with my hubby. - Enjoy our sabbath day activities - A Family Home Evening activity with one of our families in the Inner City on Monday.
One of my guilty pleasure.. is to get a Blizzard from Arctic Circle, a fast food place. Oh, they are so good.  My favorite is German Chocolate cake, of course.
 A Pet Peeve.... is that my children never read or comment on our family blog. I am sure they are too busy; but it is a message from their Mom. Probably they just say "oh. another one of Mom's posts". I wonder if they will read the one that cuts them out of our will.
Something new about me.....I love to play basketball. My husband bought me a basketball hoop several years ago. My childern and grandhildren are amazed at how good I am at lay ups. There is a some Tom Boy in me. Is that bragging?
A peek into my would be a picture of me on the computer; I will have to have one taken sometime.
Here is a picture to share: These are gueese who frequent our driveway and live in a river behind a grasses area across the street. The other day there were 20 of them. Of course they leave droppings on the drive way; so that isn't fun. They are so cute!
Be sure and drop by other Simple Day Book Entries here. Enjoy and perhaps join the fun!


Debbie said...

organizing one's time takes a lot of discipline.

i work from home, enjoy crafting, blogging, baking and gardening. i schedule my time & really stick to it. i limit my fun computer time and my t.v. watching. my t.v. is never on if it's light out. just a little deal i made with myself.

i think i have been following the wrong blog ;))

Denise said...

Enjoyed your daybook.

Marie said...

LeAnn, I loved reading your daybook. I love the idea of a blog just for the grands! What a fabulous idea. My family never reads mine either, or if they do, they never say that they do. I have given up trying to communicate with them in any meaningful way now. It is all so disheartening. They have very busy lives and just don't have the time. I remember those days myself, when my kiddos were young and I never had a minute to myself. Hopefully I will still be around when they get older and have more time to spend!! Cat naps. They're pretty good. I could never have an actual "nap" nap . . . if I did I'd never sleep at night! Hope you have a lovely Sunday. Love and hugs flying your way from the UK! xxoo

Cheryl @ The Farmer's Daughter said...

I'm going to have to start limiting my computer time, because I'm not getting things done that need to get done. I wish I had knew how some manage to visit and comment on so many blogs and yet seem to accomplish so much, too. They must be so much better organized than I am! I've enjoyed reading your daybook. Have a wonderful day!

Christy Monson said...

What an elect lady you are! Lots of love, Christy

Kim said...

What a great view into your day. I felt like I was there sharing coffee with you. Love the idea of your new blog for your grands. Grandparents are so important to their grandkids!

You had asked about organizing. I have a post up today about getting a handle on our overwhelming lives. I didn't go into detail about two tools I am using.

Evernote is fabulous and free. The more I use it, the more I love it. It's a searchable repository for every idea I have, especially for blog posts, stories, gift possibilities, etc. The other I use in conjunction with it is Nozbe. There is a small free version and a paid subscription. It feels great to be more organized and not to feel like I am constantly dropping the ball!

Mama Rachel said...

I love this! Thanks for the inspiration! :-)

Sue said...

Love your idea of a blog just for the grandkids. I think I may follow suit!


Mom of 12 said...

Love learning about your day! Sounds like a fun new blog for the grandkids.

Stephanie Cozzens said...

This might be my favorite post of yours ever. You wonder if the kids will read the post that cuts them out of your will - very funny.

Thanks for the chuckle!

singing/granny said...

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this today. It really brightened up my day. I love that you have started a grandparents/grandkids blog. That is a wonderful idea. I know what you mean about kids not reading your posts. I wish mine were more consistent. But I am glad they read it occasionally. But like you, they would not know if I cut them out of the will:)
I love that you would have to clean for the cleaners:) I am the same! I don't want anyone else to see the mess I can make. Sigh!
And I love Fall weather too. Won't it be nice? And hopefully the air will be clear again!!!! Hugs to you!!! Melody

The Adventurer said...

I hope you got that nap:) and you get to go to the lake very soon with your Hubby, sounds wonderful.

I bet your children do read your blog just don't comment. I started my blog for my parents and they never comment on it but when I talk to them on the phone they discuss everything they have read from it. Commenting is not always something people do.

Alecia said...

I enjoyed reading your daybook as well. Your pet peeve made me laugh out loud :)
Time mngt is hard for all of us, if you find any good tips, please share!!


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